13 Measures of Anti Theft for ATV and Secure Your Vehicle

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Cases of people stealing ATVs are rising every day. Thus, it is vital to take measures that will deter thieves from getting away with it.

But, some ATV owners do not give security the attention it deserves. Instead, some of them perceive security measures as being too expensive. Also, others think it is time-consuming and hence, a waste of time and resources.

But, ensuring your vehicle is safe from theft is essential. It will prevent you from incurring a loss when someone steals your bike. It will also enable you to have peace of mind knowing that no one will take your ATV away from you.

So, why do people steal ATVs?

Reasons Why People Steal ATVs

Due to their high worth, ATVs are a target item among thieves. They steal the vehicles so that they can sell their parts as spare parts. Also, other people steal them so that they can change their VPN and own the bikes.

The vehicles are an easy target because a thief can steal them in a few minutes. If you leave it unattended, it is easy for a thief to get away with it.

Also, there are places where you cannot register an ATV. It is because you cannot drive the vehicle on common roads. Without registration, it is easy for someone to steal and get away with the vehicle.

Which People Often Steal ATVs

Knowing who is most likely to rob you of your ATV enables you to use the appropriate measures. Since ATVs are inexpensive, they are a target of common thieves. The common thieves grab the bike intending to make quick money. They see an opportunity and get away with the machine in the shortest time possible.

Many of the thieves do not usually prepare to steal a specific bike. They get off with one when you leave it without any security measure. But, sometimes, someone may target to rob you of your bike. In this case, stopping them is difficult. They come with tools and equipment to break through the security measures you have put in place.

The chances of someone targeting to steal a particular ATV are low. Thus, it is vital to put in place measures to deter a majority of thefts for ATVs. It is better to take precautions than regret not doing so when a thief gets away with your ATV.

The measures in this content will not stop thieves from trying to rob you of your vehicle. It will prevent them from getting an opportunity to take it away. The measures make it difficult to get away with your truck. Hence, prompting them to try more accessible options.

Here are the 13 Measures of Anti Theft for ATV You Can Follow –

  • Always Park and Remove the ATV Keys from Your Vehicle

Whenever you pack your vehicle, removing your keys is vital. Many ATV owners continue to lose their bikes by leaving the keys on their bikes when they park. It becomes an easy target for someone who can turn the vehicle on and get away. Your key is all they need to start the bike and get it moving.

The best solution to this problem is always to remove your keys and keep them in your pocket. It will cost you nothing, yet it will ensure your vehicle is safe.

Avoid storing the keys in a place where the thieves can locate them. For example, it is best not to leave them hidden where you have parked the vehicle. Such sites are the first that a thief will look at while attempting to take off.

  • Lock the ATV in an Enclosed Area

A garage keeps your vehicle from the sight of people who may want it for themselves. Enclosing it leads to deterring a thief from identifying where you store the vehicle. It prevents them from starting the planning process of stealing the ATV.

Also, it would help if you secured your garage after you park the bike inside. If you opt for a shed, it is best to construct it from sturdy and durable material to prevent break-ins. Additionally, it would be best if you lock the storage area to deter easy access.

Locking your machine in an enclosed area is vital. It makes it difficult for intruders to determine its value. Since their interest is always to make quick money, they are likely to steal one with a high value.

  • Install Digital Keys.

Manufacturers have begun making ATVs that have digital keys. The keys have a unique code that matches the bike. The thief needs access to the key to be successful in stealing the vehicle. Thus, making it difficult to get away.

You can now keep the VIN with the vehicle’s electronics. When you report it as stolen, a dealer can read it if a thief brings it in for repair or service.

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  • Block the ATVs Way When You Park It.

In the garage, when you park the vehicle, consider blocking its way. Blocking the ATVs way prevents someone from grabbing and driving away with it.

You can secure it using your trailer or another vehicle more enormous than the ATV. Ensure you park the bike close to the wall and park the other car behind the bike to block its path.

When hurrying to get away, the thief will have an obstruction that will need him to clear the path to drive through. This method is simple yet effective. But, it would help if you had a garage and an enormous vehicle. They assist you in blocking the ATVs’ path.

  • Use a Steering Wheel Lock.

You can use different types of ATV locks. But having a steering wheel lock for your ATV keeps you a step ahead. Some ATVs come with steering wheel locks while others don’t. Thus, you can only use it if you have it.

The lock turns the wheels in one direction, making it difficult to drive off. Even though some thieves can break through the lock, it will take time.

Thus, the steering wheel lock makes it difficult. Yet, the thieves want to steal within a short period.

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  • Use a GPS Tracker.

If someone steals your ATV, a GPS tracker could help you locate it. Thanks to modern technology, current GPS systems are not all that expensive.

The tracker is a small device that you can attach to your vehicle. It will send signals to your mobile phone or computer at intervals. Hence, giving its location without the thief realizing it. Using different technologies like GPS, VHF, and GSM makes it even better. For example, if a thief tries to overrun the system.

But, this measure will not prevent a thief from stealing your vehicle. It only enables you to track and locate your ATVs location is if it gets stolen.

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  • Use a Padlock that has an Alarm.

Some ATVs come with disk brakes. If yours does, you have access to the best steel padlock to lock on the brake holes. It makes it impossible for the wheels to turn.

Alternatively, you can use a caliper lock to secure the ATV. But, ensure that whichever you choose comes with a reminder on the lock. The lock reminder ensures you secure the bike before you leave it without forgetting.

Also, to enhance security, get a padlock with a siren that alerts you if it detects movements. It deters thieves from stealing your bike due to the attention it attracts. It also prevents people from sitting idle around your bike without your permission. The siren will send an alert then go off if it detects motion around the bike.

  • Use an Anchor.

Anchoring makes it difficult for anyone to roll or lift the vehicle away. It would be best to install a wall or ground anchoring to secure your ATV while in the garage. You can have the anchor on the wall or floor of the place you park your vehicle.

Also, anchoring the vehicle to a tree is the best option when you are outdoors. All you need are a high-quality chain that is long enough. It would be best to have a lock and key that cannot be break quicker if you lock it.

For indoors, you need to fix a place to anchor the vehicle on the floor or wall. Then, use a high-quality chain to connect your vehicle to the anchor and lock it. Only use the best chain for this purpose to enforce its security, preventing a cut or break.

The best chain is one that has steel rings on the end to loop and lock. It enhances the security of the vehicle. The chain is also more affordable, sturdy, and long-lasting. A chain that has a circle is more strong and reliable than one without.

Ensure that you construct or install an anchor point where you can flip up. Being able to flip it makes driving from the anchoring point safe for the tires.

  • Using the Handlebar to Secure the ATV

A handlebar is another excellent option for securing your ATV. It works by preventing the wheels of your vehicle from rotating when you lock it.

When you install the handlebar lock, it locks your brake lever by pressurizing it. The pressure is what prevents the wheels from moving.

But, this method requires you to use another measure to ensure the best security. For example, a thief can disconnect the ATV brake lines and release the pressure. When one does this, the wheels will move. Thus, it makes it easy for someone to get away with your vehicle.

anti theft for atv

  • Install Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps work by preventing the thief from driving the bike away. But, you need to use two clamps each time you store the ATV, which is tiring. It is also important to note that clamps are costly and difficult to carry around while on trips.

  • Deflating ATV Tires

Removing valve systems deflates the tires of your ATV. When you deflate them, it makes it impossible for the thieves to drive away with your vehicle. A compressor will help you to inflate them wherever you need to ride the machine again.

Ensure you store the compressor at a different place from the ATV. It may allow the thieves to fill the tires and get away with the vehicle.

But, this is not a method to use daily. It is more practical for people who intend to leave their ATVs in the garage for a long time.

  • Invest in an Excellent Garage Security System

Locking your garage doors may not be enough. Consider getting a sound alarm system. These are available in many varieties allowing you different choices. You can opt for a method that requires you to hire a security firm that you pay monthly. Also, you can opt for a design that you pay for once during the sale.

Modern alarm systems are an excellent choice that you use without difficulty. Besides, they are not difficult to install on your own. The following are tips to select a sound alarm system :

  • It has good quality cameras. They ensure it can withstand harsh conditions like cold weather when outside.
  • Ability to use GSM-module.The module will enable the system to share a picture or message. Thus you get a notification to a phone/computer linked to it. You can connect with friends and family’s devices too.
  • It can record any movement.
  • The device can alert you if there is an intruder by using loud sirens.
  • It is wireless to prevent intruders from cutting connections.
  • Does not raise a false alarm

ATV Garage Security

  • Preventing ATV Theft on the Trailer

It is also easy for someone to get away with your vehicle. Thus, when installing it in your trailer, you should be cautious. Thus, it would be best if you had measures that would protect your vehicle from such theft.

The following are some excellent anti-theft measures. You can take them to secure your machine while transporting it on the trailer.

Anchor the ATV on the trailer floor. Anchoring and locking the chains makes it difficult for a thief.

Lock the ATV with a hitch pin lock to prevent someone from getting away with your vehicle. The lock takes time to unlock, making it easy to identify the intruder. Invest in a high-quality lock to make this measure successful.

Some trailers have a ramp that you should fold backward. If yours has it, park the vehicle to ensure it is difficult to open. It prevents thieves from being able to access the ATV.

Placing a pin that locks on a hitch ball is another measure of securing your ATV. It is easy for a thief to remove any other pin driving away with your vehicle. But, a pin that comes with a locking section makes it an excellent security measure.

Final Thoughts

Taking measures to prevent someone from stealing your machine is an excellent idea. Given the many cases of ATV theft, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe. The measures will help you prevent theft and trace your vehicle if it gets stolen. I wish you the best of luck as you secure your ATV.


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