Best Air Filter for ATV to Enhance the Performance of Engine

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Whether you love to ride on ATV on off-road trailing, tracking on different locations, or drive ATVs attaching a trailer to your backyard, there are frequent accessories you need to extend the acceleration and horsepower performance of your ATVs engine.  

Best Air Filter for ATV


This filter is designed for enhanced protection for the internal parts with better damage resistance. 


This ATV air filter ensures long-term durability and reliability with premium mesh/paper protection.


Fits perfectly on the 39mm vehicles offering excellent performance with high-end durability.


Its quality mesh filter provides better exhaustion and combustion to your engine.

Best Air Filter for ATV

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5 Best Air Filter for ATV

Air filter for ATV is a crucial accessory that you require to maintain the enhanced and effective performance of the engine. An air filter prevents air contaminants from reaching your ATV’s engine. As a result, you get better engine performance for an extended period.

The best ATV air filters keep all the dirt, dust, and debris away from the ATV engine, ensuring it does not get clogged up on frequent. Though most of the ATVs come with built-in air filters, with time and for the enhanced engine powering boost, you will need to replace your older one. 

1. Baitaihem Pack of 2 Motorcycle POD Air Filter

Baitaihem Pack Air Filter is one of the best ATV air filters available. It allows improved contaminants prevention in reaching the engine ensuring superb acceleration and Horsepower suitable for off-road ATV riding. 

Unlike other air filters, it does not come with aftermarket quality. Its filtration covers a large area that works just like the built-in filters you get in the vehicles. It is designed with a ribbed pod rubber mount that allows better internal mounting to the carb.

The filter pods are designed with 39mm wide internal diameter with an overall length and width of the filter is consequently 85mm & 75mm for better filtration coverage feature. 

It provides outstanding compatibility, ensuring incredible fit. This filter is designed for enhanced protection for the internal parts with better damage resistance. 

It includes two pieces of filters in the package, which is more like buy one & get one offer where you don’t have to buy another air filter for your ATV engines for a long time.

Baitaihem Pack of 2 Motorcycle POD Air Filter Dirt Pocket Bike ATV Pit Bike 35 38 39 40 42 46 48 50 52 54mm (35mm)
  • Pod rubber mount is ribbed internally for secure mounting to carb
  • Internal diameter of filter pods:39mm
  • Overall length of filters is 85mm
  • Overall width of filters is 75mm
  • Package Including:2 pcs of Air Filter



bottom line

This filter is designed for enhanced protection for the internal parts with better damage resistance. 

2. Factory Spec ATV Air Filter Fits

Factory spec air filters are designed for specific vehicles for a perfect and precise fit. It comes with high-grade premium quality filtration ensuring better resistance from obstacles like debris, dust, dirt, etc., from reaching the engine. 

It is developed with mesh construction quality material for providing better filtration, ensuring enhanced protection to your engines. 

It is developed as a great aftermarket replacement air filter offering a great capacity, performance for an extended period. This ATV air filter ensures long-term durability and reliability with premium mesh/paper protection.

The best part of this air filter is it is specially developed for different models of ATVs. It ensures a better fit and enhanced filtration keeping the engine and internal elements of the vehicles safe and secure. 

Though this air filter comes with a one-year warranty, it would be best to keep your ATV air filter in check for every three months of use.

But you have to be careful about your ATV requirements if you want a precise and accurate fit. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of money.

Factory Spec ATV Air Filter Fits - Polaris Magnum 425 Scrambler 400 Magnum 425 Big Boss 500 Sport 400 Sport 400L (FS-904)
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Package Dimensions: 17.78 L x 9.652 H x 14.732 W (centimeters)
  • Made in China
  • Package Weight : 1.0 pounds



bottom line

This ATV air filter ensures long-term durability and reliability with premium mesh/paper protection.

3. Poweka 00084 Blue New 39mm Air Filter

It is built with attractive blue color in a small shape perfect for the vehicles.

It is designed with stainless steel lens for better corrosion resistance. Its internal diameter is 39m wide for better filtration from dust particles. It offers better protection to the engine eliminating any clogging issues.

It fits perfectly on the 39mm vehicles offering excellent performance with high-end durability and reliability. But make sure you have measured your vehicles’ requirements properly before buying this and the port specification. Without proper clearance and a specific sized port, it won’t fit well.

39mm Air Filter for Gy6 Moped Scooter ATV Dirt Bike Motorcycle 50cc 110cc 125cc 150cc 200cc
  • Inside diameter is 39m
  • Stainless steel lens, blue color
  • Fitment :39mm air filter for 50cc 110cc 125cc 150cc 200cc gy6 moped scooter atv dirt bike torcycle.
  • This motorcycle air filter boost engine horse power significantly, increase engine power and torque outpout.
  • Package includes 1 pc



bottom line

Fits perfectly on the 39mm vehicles offering excellent performance with high-end durability.

4. K&N Engine Air Filter

KN Engine air filters are designed for improved performance of Horsepower and engines of your ATVs. They provide extensively outstanding quality air filtration from the finest particles to protect your engine.

These High flow filters are suited for multiple models of vehicles for a great fit, ensuring excellent air filtration for all the models. It is designed with pleated media for extensive coverage filtration with improved protection.

It is very easy to install. And its quality mesh filter provides better exhaustion and combustion to your engine.

It ensures high-quality capacity and performance, providing 50% increased airflow. Usually, the other paper or mesh filters require frequent disposing of. But K&N High Flow performance filters are engineered for enhanced durability and reliability for long-term performance. These filters come with super easy and quick reusable, and washable features offering high-end filtration performance.

Their innovative non-disposal filter feature is useful and, at the same time, environment friendly. You don’t have to dispose of the filter on frequent duration.

K&N filters allow you to experience high-end quality performance and service for so many models of ATVs and vehicles suitable for off-roading trailing, tracking, etc. For a perfect and precise fit, check the manufacturer list of the measurement for vehicles and the filter.

K&N Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Powersport Air Filter: Fits 1999-2015 HARLEY DAVIDSON (Heritage, Softail, Fat Boy, Breakout, Rocker, Fat Bob, Night...
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration
  • Can be cleaned and used again
  • High air flow with exceptional filtration
  • Lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions



bottom line

Its quality mesh filter provides better exhaustion and combustion to your engine.

5. Can-Am ATV New OEM Outlander Renegade Air Filter Cartridge 707800371

This BRP filter is developed with factory quality grade with sturdy and high-capacity material ensuring outstanding air filtration for an extended period. For clearing the confusion of different sets of measurements for different models of vehicles, it is designed with a universal fit, perfect for all kinds of off-roading, trailing, tracking, etc.

It is one of the best quality air filters that protect your ATV engine, eliminating airborne exhaustion. It comes with the super grade premium quality internal component protection features eliminating wear-offs, tear off.

The package includes a genuine Cam-Am filter kit for easy and quick installation. The filters are reusable and washable that provides excellent compatible performance ensuring durability and reliability.

It ensures you get the perfect and precise fit for your vehicle eliminating the finest particles of dust, dirt, etc., from your engine. 

You don’t have to manage fuel modification for enhancing performance additionally. It is layered with multiple cotton weaver layers for improved filtration for enhanced capacity and performance for an extended period.

Can-Am New OEM Premium Air Filter 707800371
  • The best filter on the market, it prevents airborne contaminants from reaching your engine
  • Protects internal components against premature wear
  • Genuine BRP air filters ensure absolute compatibility and a perfect fit
  • Compatibility: G2, G2L, G2S
  • This is a factory original equipment item, not aftermarket



bottom line

It ensures you get the perfect and precise fit for your vehicle eliminating the finest particles of dust, dirt, etc., from your engine.

Buying Guide

What To Look For Buying the top quality air filter?

As you already know, how ATV air filters protect your ATV’s engine from dirt, debris, dust and ensuring improved and better performance of the engine for a long time. 

Changing an engine will cost you a lot and much hassle compared to replacing the air filters for ATVs.

Though ATV air filters are cheap, it is better to check for the following details before choosing one for your ATV engine.

  • If the air filter comes with SAE test certification and approval or not.
  • How efficiently it eliminates the air contaminants, including dirt, dust, debris, and finest particles, is crucial while choosing the best air filter for ATV. Usually, it is measured by a rating referred to as contaminant removal rating. It should be 98% or higher than that.
  • The Micron rating should be lower.
  • The mileage measuring rating should be higher. The air filter you choose should be compatible with your ATV and its specification. It should provide better and enhanced airflow for better engine performance.
  • Some of the manufacturers design their air filters with the features, specifications just like the built-in modification. In contrast, some are only intended as replacement air filters or aftermarket quality. The ones with factory-made modification features allow better performance in air filtration quality, improving the engine’s performance and acceleration.
  • The engine’s performance and acceleration functioning do not depend on air filter qualities only, but also a clean and better AIT air filter will definitely bring some changes.
  • Better protection and prevention of dusty particles.
  • The quality of the material is very crucial for the air ATV air filter. At the same time, some will provide better protection against small to finest particles; some won’t. Usually, the materials used in the filters are pleated paper, woven cotton, filters, etc. Some are also designed with ribbed rubber pods for better placement locking.
  • For the sake of environmental convenience, many of the air filters are available with a reusable and washable feature that you can just easily keep using with little maintenance and cleaning without replacing frequently.

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Why do you need the best air filter?

There are no particular best ATV filters that will work fine for a lifetime. Eventually, you will have to replace your older ones with newer ones. 

But the efficient one will definitely allow you a better air filtration performance ensuring durability and longevity. Enhanced airflow of the ATV air filters boosts the ATV’s performance to a great extent. 

So while on rough terrain, mountain trailing, tracking with ATVs, your engine doesn’t get clogged up with stones, debris, dust, dirt, etc. So, you can get improved acceleration and engine performance on rough terrains.

The ATV air filters are specially designed for ATV engines matching their shape, including rectangular or cylindrical. They ensure a perfect and precise fit so that it provides better airflow.

Usually, the material of the ATV air filters is paper, mesh, or cardboard material for easy disposal. The best ATV air filter allows reusable and washable features that are more convenient for the environment.

In this way, the filter disposal amount gets reused, and you can easily reuse efficiently without compromising your ATV’s performance. 

Some of the air filters come with ribbed rubber material quality that allows better protection from even the finest particles securing the filters more efficiently. 

Why to Change

Why do you need to change your air filters?

Depending on your type of rides, locations, you will notice the difference in the performance of your ATV’s engine. The best air filter for ATV will ensure preventing all kinds of particles to engines. But eventually, it will tend to get clogged up with dirt, dust, debris, and all. 

So it is very crucial that you keep changing it at the right time. Otherwise, more and more dirt will clog up in the filter, reduce the amount of airflow. As a result, your ATV engine’s performance will start decreasing as well.

Usually, while replacing or changing your old air filter, you will see the manufacturer’s instructions about replacing the filters. As I already have mentioned, you can easily wash and reuse the filter with some of it.

A dirty ATV air filter may cause significant damage to your ATV more than you can think, including:

  • Reduced engine power.
  • Decrease acceleration.
  • Impact on Horsepower.
  • Increased RPM
  • Harsh effect on the engine.

As the air filters get dirty, it will keep affecting your ATV’s engine, which will increase more damage for you to operate it efficiently. You might end up with engine failure in mid of your ATV adventure if the air filter replacing is unattended for long.

That is why it is best to keep a check on the ATV air filters and change them at the right intervals for better and improved engine performance of your ATV.

When to Change

When to change the air filter?

As I already have mentioned, it depends on a lot of factors, including:

  • The condition, environment of your driving location, 
  • The frequency of your riding ATVs that 
  • How many times you are going on ATV adventures.

 If you go on frequent mountain trailing & tracking to your ATVs, it will put more effect and pressure on the ATVs for preventing all the debris and dirt away from the engine. You will require to check the condition of the air filter more often than compared to the one who rides on their ATVs rarely.

However, it also depends on the quality of your ATV’s models, its engine quality, and its performance, including the air filter’s quality.

Usually, it is ideal for changing the air filter at least once in six months. The number can vary depending on the factors stated above. 

The best ATV air filter allows an easy and quick installation process ensuring improved air filtration for an extended period.

The process of changing the ATV air filter is not complicated at all. Many people think it is a hassle to look for a professional to get this work done frequently.

But if you go through the manual and manufacturer instructions of air filters, you will see it is pretty easy and does not take that long to replace the air filters.

The processing may vary depending on the models you choose. But the processes are almost the same, which takes forty minutes at best depending on the type of vehicles and the air filters, etc.

Go through the reviews and guide properly for better understanding. You can also check video tutorials for a clearer understanding.

Final Verdict


In conclusion, all I can say is although an ATV air filter is a small and cheap gear, it is a very crucial one for keeping your ATV engine running with enhanced acceleration and Horsepower. Don’t settle for an affordable quality one. I would suggest you go for the factory quality ones that will provide better performance and air filtration for a long time. 


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