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No matter how much you love riding your ATV, keeping it in good condition is essential. The best way to do that is by investing in the best ATV cleaner on the market for your muddy ATV. Many cleaners are available for purchase, but not all will give your machine the treatment it deserves. You need to select a specifically designed cleaner for your off-road machine. It would be best if you did your research before purchasing to know which cleaner is the best fit for your machine.

To help you find the right product, we have compiled all the information you need to select your off-road starter bundle to meet the cleaning needs of your ATV. Check it out!

best ATV cleaner

To wash your automobile safely, Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo is ideal. After drying, it leaves no marks on the paint.

The Mothers Wheel Brush cleans wheels and rims. Aluminum, chrome, and steel wheels are safe with this brush.

The Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer is a great choice for those who need a powerful machine to clean their car.

The Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt is a great choice for auto cleaning.

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5 Best ATV Cleaner Products Recommendation and Reviews

Here we review the top 5 ATV cleaners in the market based on comfort, durability, budget, and quality. Check out our details product features and other information which will help you to decide the suitable one.

1. Adam's Car Wash Shampoo (Gallon) - pH Best Car Wash Soap

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo is a pH-balanced car wash soap that is safe to use in a snow foam cannon. This shampoo is biodegradable and contains no harsh detergents that can damage your paint or clear coat. Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo will safely remove dirt, dust, and grime from your vehicle without scratching the finish. State-of-the-art chemical technology allows you to wash your vehicle in full sunlight & suspend all harmful mineral content in your water. This new car wash soap formulation creates a slick feel, lubricating all of your paint surfaces to safely lift dirt away, & reduce the chance of ever-inducing damage to your clear coat.

Adam's Car Wash Shampoo (Gallon) - pH Car Wash Soap for Snow Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, Pressure Washer | Powerful Spot Free Liquid Auto Detergent | Safe On Car Wax...
  • ✅ ADAM’S CAR WASH SHAMPOO: SAFE, EFFECTIVE, & SLICK - Our pH neutral wash soap safely lifts dirt away from your car's paint, without damaging your clear coat. Plus, it creates a slick feel, lubricating all of your paint surfaces for a scratch-free wash experience.
  • ✅ SAFE FOR ALL VEHICLE SURFACES - Our advanced cleaners and polymers make Adam’s Car Shampoo gentle enough to not dry out your trim or plastic components. It's effective, yet safe for all surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, windows & plastics.
  • ✅ ENHANCE YOUR AUTO DETAILING ARSENAL - Adam’s Car Shampoo gives you a thick layer of suds that lubricates your vehicle paint to eliminate dirt, grime, & other environmental contaminants. It works great in a wash bucket, foam gun or foam cannon, and has a pleasant wild berry fragrance.
  • ✅ THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR CAR WASH KIT - Adam’s Car Shampoo is spot free, rinses clean & won’t strip existing waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings. Use it in sunlight, before cleansing your paint with a clay bar, waxing protection, or paint polishing.
  • ✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - At Adam’s, we bring the BEST car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, and more to the car care industry. If you're not satisfied, we'll do everything we can to make it right.



bottom line

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo is a great choice for those who want to be safe while washing their car. It creates a thick layer of foam and if it dries, it will not leave any marks on the paint.

2. Mothers Wheel Brush with Long Handle and Soft Bristles

The Mothers Wheel Brush with Long Handle and Soft Bristles is a professional quality wheel brush that’s ideal for cleaning wheels, fenders, and bumpers. This innovative design features a protective rubberized bumper to protect your vehicle from scratches while providing superior control during use. The soft, gentle bristles reach tight spots and are gentle enough to clean delicate wheel finishes without scratching or damaging the surface of the wheel. The extra-long handle gives you more leverage when cleaning hard-to-reach places like rims, spokes, and fenders.

Mothers 155800 Long Handled Brush
  • Non-slip comfort grip
  • Protective rubberized bumper
  • Soft, gentle bristles reach tight spots
  • Ideal for cleaning wheels, fenders, and bumpers
  • Extra long handle



bottom line

The Mothers Wheel Brush is a long-handled brush with soft bristles that are designed to clean wheels and alloy rims. This brush can also be used to clean other areas of your vehicle, such as the grille and under the car. The Mothers Wheel Brush is safe to use on all types of wheels, including aluminum, chrome, and steel.

3. Stanley SHP2150-BNDTNZL, Includes SHP 2150 Electric Pressure Washer

The Stanley SHP2150-BNDTNZL electric pressure washer is perfect for tough dirt and grime. For difficult, stuck-on grime or any exact cleaning area, the Stanley SHP2150-BNDTNZL electric pressure washer bundle is the best option available. The integrated 14-inch Fast Connect Turbo Nozzle delivers a high quantity of water pressure to effectively remove any difficult muck or filth that may have accumulated on the surface. Aside from that, the STANLEY SHP2150 electric pressure washer, which is our most powerful, is included in this bundle. Cleaning power is provided by a standard engine and tri-axial power washer pump, which delivers 2,150 PSI of customizable cleaning force that may be used to swiftly blast away dirt and debris.

Stanley SHP2150-BNDTNZL, Includes SHP 2150 Electric Pressure Washer with Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle. 2150 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Precise Spray Pattern, Trigger Gun, 25'...
  • Bundle Includes: Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle
  • The Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle Is Perfect For Precise Cleaning Areas, and Any Tough Dirt And Grime
  • HIGH PRESSURE FOAMER INCLUDED: The specially designed detergent bottle doubles as a high pressure foamer to get tough stuff loose or remove deep-down stains.
  • POWERFUL CLEANING FORCE: Perfect for siding, decks, cement, pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, garbage cans, animal cages and more.
  • LEAKPROOF CONNECTIONS: Professional grade brass garden hose connector and 22mm connections. The connection of choice for professional level accessories.



bottom line

The Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer is a great choice for those who need a powerful machine to clean their car. The detergent bottle doubles as a high-pressure foamer to get tough stuff loose or remove deep-down stains. The included Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle is perfect for precise cleaning areas. The 25-foot hose length and extra-large detergent bottle make it easy to clean large areas.

4. Chemical Guys Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt

A vehicle wash with the Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt will be a joyful and safe experience since it is exceptionally soft and fluffy and contains a lot of foam. In addition to being particularly soft and absorbent, microfiber is also a good choice for vehicle cleaning since it helps to keep your paint from becoming scratched. The wash mitt’s large chenille threads collect dirt and dust deep within the microfiber, decreasing the likelihood of harming your paintwork throughout the cleaning process. With its silky texture, the cloth slides well over the surface without leaving any marks or scratches.

Chemical Guys MIC493 Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt, Lime Green, 9.6" x 2.3" x 7"
  • GENTLE ON PAINT, TOUGH ON DIRT - The Chenille Car Wash Mitt is made with premium 70/30 blended microfiber for extra-soft scratch-less cleaning and wiping; Every fiber acts like a piece of velcro hook and loop material, trapping and holding abrasive dirt and filth deep within the pile.
  • EXTRA PLUSH - The Chenille Car Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of clean water and soap to drench any car in thick foaming suds for the ultimate scratch and swirl free washing experience
  • TONS OF SUDS - Wash entire sides of cars, trucks, and SUVs with just one trip to the wash bucket; the large and dense wash mitt sucks up tons of water, soap, and slick suds to lubricate dirt and debris so it won't scratch any sensitive paintwork, clear plastic, polished metals, or glass.
  • REDUCE SCRATCHES - Every strand of the miraculous cloth has immense surface area and every fiber acts like a piece of velcro hook and loop material; trapping and holding abrasive dirt and filth deep within the pile of the premium wash mitt.
  • DURABLE FOR YEARS - Throw the Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt in the washing machine with the microfiber towels to maintain a clean, soft, and fluffy feel for years of scratch-less car washing and detailing!



bottom line

The Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt is a great choice for those who are looking for a soft washcloth to clean their car. This cloth is made of high-quality microfiber that is plush and absorptive. The large chenille threads help to collect dirt and dust, preventing it from harming the paintwork.

5. MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

MR.SIGA microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for tackling any cleaning job, big or small. Made of ultra-soft and highly absorbent microfiber, these cloths are lint-free and great for cleaning windows, kitchenware, cars, and other delicate surfaces. With 85% Polyester and 15% Nylon construction, they are absorbent and durable, lasting hundreds of washings. Lightweight and super absorbent, MR.SIGA microfiber cloths dry quickly and make everyday cleaning a breeze.

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth,Pack of 12,Size:12.6" x 12.6"
  • ULTRA SOFT MATERIAL & SCRATCH FREE - Ultra soft and highly absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths, great for cleaning windows, kitchenware, car or other delicate surfaces.
  • ABSORBENT & LINT FREE - Made of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon. These non-abrasive cleaning rags can soak up water from the countertop and tables instantly and without lint or streaks left behind. Clean with or without water, from worktops, appliances to kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors etc, they will make your house sparkling.
  • TACKLE VERSATILE CLEANING JOBS - These premium microfiber towels are also perfect dish rags which don't smell, removes grease and particles from microwave oven, plates, pots or pans effortlessly. Not only that, you will be amazed they are also terrific duster that removes fingertips from silverware and glasses easily and leaves your kitchen spotless.
  • REUSABLE & LONG LASTING - These microfiber towels feature high quality stitching with reinforced edges, they are durable and made to last hundreds of washings. They are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly, use them everyday to enjoy your cleaning.
  • MR.SIGA's mission: Make your housework easier, and make the world cleaner. Should you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for support and advice!



bottom line

The MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a great choice for those who are looking for an absorbent and lint-free cloth to clean their windows, kitchenware, cars, and other delicate surfaces. Made of ultra-soft and highly absorbent microfiber, these cloths will make cleaning any surface a breeze.

best ATV plastic cleaner


Buying Guide

  • Features:

ATV cleaners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Before making your purchase, you need to determine how much money is available for the cleaner and what features are important to you. These include:

  • Size

The size of the cleaner will determine how much you can clean at once. If you have a large machine, it is advisable to purchase a larger product to clean your off-road trucks. It takes less time and energy. In addition, you need to make sure the cleaner will fit in your shed or garage. It is better to purchase a big size that you can use for the next wash instead of a small size that you will have to replace shortly.

  • Purpose

There are different types of cleaners available for purchase, including tires, wheel, and all-purpose cleaners. Ask yourself what you want to clean in your ATV. That way, you can select a product tailored to your specific purpose. The purpose of the cleaner will also determine what ingredients are used in the product. You may need it for cleaning mud, removing grease and oil. The cleaner for removing mud will be different from the one removing grease. You will need a cleaner with the right ingredients to clean varying parts of your ATV the way you want.

  • Ingredients

When selecting a cleaner, it is essential to consider the ingredients in the product. Companies like Chemical Guys make soaps with key elements for cleaning vehicles. Some cleaners use harsh chemicals which can damage your ATV if not used properly. Others use natural ingredients which can be less harmful to your machine. Be sure to read the labels of each cleaner before making your purchase to know which one is the best for your vehicle.

  • Specifications:

It is best to check the specifications of the ATV cleaner before purchasing it. It helps you determine the price range of the product and how it works. You need to select an effective cleaner to reduce cleaning time. Consider a small cleaner that you can easily store if you have limited space.

  • Product Value:

The product’s value includes price, quality, and quantity. It is best to look at all three before making your purchase. It would help to determine what you are willing to spend on an ATV cleaner so that you can select one within your budget range. It may be worth spending extra money if the cleaner has high-quality ingredients that will not damage your machine. However, if you are looking for an affordable cleaner, be sure to research before purchasing. Quantity is also vital in determining how often you can use the product and its duration.

  • Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews are opinions from real people who have purchased and used the product. The information is valuable because it helps determine if the product is worth your time and money. If most reviews are negative, then there may be something wrong with the product that you should consider before making your purchase. However, if most reviews are positive, you can be confident that the product is worth your money. They are honest opinions from people who have bought and used the product, so they can provide valuable information about their experience.

  • Product Quality:

The quality of the product will determine how long it lasts and if you get your money’s worth. Some ATV cleaners work for a short period, so they may not be as effective as other products on the market. If you want to purchase an ATV cleaner that works well and is environmentally friendly, then research before making your purchase because there are many high-quality cleaners available. It is best to purchase your cleaners from reputable brands because they produce high-quality products. They also have years of experience in serving ATV owners. A low-quality product is not effective and does not last long. If you want to purchase a product that will give your machine the treatment it deserves, I recommend investing in one that is durable and made with high-quality ingredients.

  • Product reliability:

A reliable product works well and assures you of quality service if you use it. It is essential to research the product before making your purchase. You can check for a product’s reliability in the customer reviews because they are honest opinions from people who have used the product. In addition, you can also confirm reliability through the brand’s website. If the company is reputable, you can be sure that its products are reliable. An excellent product will offer you value for your money.

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What Are the Essentials for Cleaning Your ATV?

Different cleaners are manufactured for various parts of off-road vehicles. A perfect wash kit makes your cleaning job easier and faster. The best cleaner for ATV prevents damage that may occur when cleaning your machine. Here are some of the essentials that you need to clean your ATV.

  • Soap for ATVs

Soaps are the most common cleaners for ATVs. They clean different parts, including the frame, wheels, and tires. You need to purchase a mild soap that will not damage or corrode your components when you mix it with water. The best sops for cleaning your ATV have a degreaser and a PH neutralizer. A degreaser helps dissolve the dirt, grease, and oil caked on your machine. A PH neutralizer helps restore the surface of your ATV to its original condition. Using soap to clean washes away sand and dust, leaving it clean, fresh, and with a shine.

However, failing to use quality soap may cause your ATV to corrode and rust. I recommend sticking to a soap formulated with high-quality ingredients from reputable manufacturers.

  • Mallet made of rubber

A mallet is a must-have cleaning product when cleaning your ATV. It removes the mud, dirt, and dust from different parts of your machine, including the tires. A mallet made of rubber is ideal for this job because it will not cause any damage to your components. In addition, it helps to reduce the noise that is usually associated with using a metal mallet. You can also use a mallet to remove the stones and other debris from your ATV tires. It is the best cleaner for ATV plastic that helps to prevent damage on metal mallets that cause scratches.

You can purchase a mallet at any hardware store. However, I recommend that you only use mallets made of rubber to prevent any damage to your ATV.

  • Upholstery cleaner

The upholstery on the seats of your machine collects dirt and dust, so it needs proper cleaning, especially after a long period of use. You can choose an upholstery cleaner with natural ingredients because they are safe for humans, animals, and the environment. The elements include water, organic soap, and essential oils. These have no harmful effects when mixed with water.

The best upholstery cleaners also leave a fresh scent on your seats after cleaning them, making it more inviting to sit down. Failure to use it can cause the upholstery to wear and tear. You can purchase an upholstery cleaner at a supermarket or online store.

  • A Washing Mitt

Wash mitt is a cleaning product that helps you clean up faster. It is made of a soft material that does not scratch or damage your components. You can use it side by side soap to remove dirt and mud from your machine during its wash time. It reduces mud and is easy to clean because you can rinse it in the water while cleaning other parts until all the components are free from dirt and dust.

The best thing about a wash mitt is that it prevents scratches on different parts of your machine, unlike when using a sponge or rag, which can cause damage if not used properly. However, it also has a disadvantage. It does not fit in tight spaces, so you need to use it with a sponge or rag.

  • Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning and Drying

It is best to have microfiber cloths for cleaning and drying your ATV. They absorb the water well, making them perfect for this job. You can use them on different machine components to remove dust and grime quickly without causing damage. It has more penetrating power than ordinary rags, making it ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, you can clean other items in the house with a microfiber cloth, for example, your house windows. You can use it dry or damp, depending on the task at hand. It is essential to note that while microfiber cloths are suitable for absorbing water, they might damage components if you don’t use them properly. For example, using a microfiber cloth on the lens of your ride can scratch it.

  • A scraper made of plastic

A scraper is the best ATV plastic cleaner that you can use to clean your muddy ATV. The one made of plastic is an essential tool for cleaning your ATV. It removes heavy dirt on the entire vehicle while preventing damage to components like rubber, paint, or paintwork. A scrapper made of plastic is different from others due to the material used to manufacture it. It is more durable than metal scrapers and you can clean it after use.

However, you need to use the plastic scraper carefully because it can scratch other components if you do not handle it properly. Also, I recommend using a scraper with a wooden handle to prevent it from slipping out of your hands.

  • A Brush with Round Bristles

Cleaning your ATV using a scrub brush with round bristles is an excellent way to remove dirt and dust from different parts of your machine. You can use it on rubber, paintwork, or plastic components without causing any damage. In addition, the round bristles are comfortable when you use them for cleaning. They do not hurt your hands when in contact for a long time. The best brush has an aluminum handle which is lightweight, making it easy to handle. It is also solid and does not bend when in contact with your tires, mudguards, or fenders.

However, using it on paintwork is a bad idea because it can scratch different parts if misused. It can also be difficult to clean large areas. The bristles tend to trap dirt on the vehicle’s bearings, and removing the sticking dirt is challenging.

  • Leaf Blower or Air Compressor

You cannot underestimate the cleaning power of a leaf blower or an air compressor. A leaf blower is a machine you use to move leaves and other debris from the ground. On the other hand, an air compressor compresses air to increase its pressure. When washing your ATV, you can use either of these machines to remove dirt and dust quickly. I recommend selecting a leaf blower with a nozzle that has two speeds. The high speed moves the leaves to a place where you can clean them quickly while the low speed cleans your machine. If you prefer to use an air compressor, you should consider one with a high-pressure rating.

The disadvantage of using a leaf blower or air compressor is that they can damage your ATV if you mishandle them. For example, the high speed of a leaf blower can cause paintwork to peel off, while the high pressure of an air compressor can dent plastic or metal parts.

  • Pressure washer or garden hose

A pressure washer or garden hose is essential when cleaning your ATV. Pressure washers are machines that use water to produce high-pressure jets. The jets remove dirt and dried mud from your vehicle. When using a pressure washer, you should select one with an adjustable nozzle so that you can adjust the speed depending on where you are applying it. I recommend choosing one with at least 3000 psi for removing stubborn stains like grease or oil. A garden hose is another option if you don’t want to invest in a pressure washer. However, it doesn’t produce high-pressure jets and does not remove stubborn stains like grease or oil.

The main disadvantage of using a pressure washer is that you cannot use it when it is wet because water can enter your ATV through its openings, such as air filters. The hose can also be a challenge to use because it is not as flexible as the pressure washer. In addition, you need to keep in mind that water from either of these machines can damage your ATV, so they should only be applied at low speeds and pressures.

  • Chemical Protectants

Chemical protectants from organic or inorganic compounds protect surfaces from deterioration. When cleaning your dirt bikes, you can use non-corrosive wash products to protect the paintwork, plastic components, and rubber seals from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They help in protecting the machine from dirt, dust, and other debris. In addition, they keep the paintwork looking new by forming a protective barrier that prevents it from fading or scratching.

I recommend using chemical protectants regularly if you want to keep your ATV looking new. I usually apply them every six months, but the frequency of application will depend on how often you use your machine. The main disadvantage of using chemical protectants is that they can be expensive if you have a lot of devices to protect. They may also leave behind a greasy film that attracts dirt.

best cleaner for ATV plastic


Why is it necessary to clean your ATV after each ride?

It is best to clean your ATV after each ride because it is susceptible to dirt and dust. If you fail to clean the machine, the debris can be difficult to clean over time. Cleaning your ATV helps remove dirt and debris such as leaves, mud, dust, and sand. These materials can scratch your machine’s paintwork or plastic components if they are not removed completely. ATVs are prone to collecting grease and oil because of their engines and moving parts. If you do not clear these substances, they can damage the engine or cause corrosion. When you clean your ATV after each ride, it reduces the risk of damage. Sticking dirt and debris can strip lubrication, scratch, or harm metal components such as sprockets, chains, brakes discs, brake pads, and suspension arms. It also gives you a chance to check the performance of your machine, especially if you have been experiencing problems with its engine.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I pressure wash my ATV?

You can use a pressure washer to clean your ATV. But, you need to be careful not to apply too much pressure or water. Too much pressure when washing causes the water to penetrate the surface and reach the machine’s internal parts, which can damage it. In addition, water from a pressure washer can also damage paintwork, painted surfaces, and rubber seals. I recommend using a pressure washer and foam cannon when cleaning specific parts of the ATV, including the brake discs, body, and suspension arms. However, it is best to avoid using it on the engine and other delicate parts.

The best way to clean the ATV’s engine is by using a brush and a degreaser to make the clean-up process easy. First, remove the spark plug and soak it in a degreaser. Then, use a brush to scrub the engine. If there is a lot of dirt, you can use a pressure washer, but you should be careful not to damage any components. Finally, re-attach the spark plug and start the machine for a few seconds to allow the degreaser to evaporate. It is the safest way to clean your ATV’s engine.

2) What is the best way to clean ATV plastic?

The best way to clean ATV plastic is by using a degreaser and water. I recommend soaking the part in a bucket of hot soapy water, which contains a degreaser. Then use a brush to scrub off stuck dirt or mud followed by hose down with plain water. You can also improve results by adding a pressure washer to remove stubborn stains before rinsing with water.

3) How do I get my faded ATV plastic back?

You can get your faded ATV plastic back by using a restorer. I recommend using a UV-resistant restorer that will help to keep the plastic-looking new for longer. In addition, you should avoid cleaning ATVs with harsh chemicals or solvents as they can damage the plastic permanently.

4) What to spray on an ATV before mudding?

Several sprays are available in the market that you can use on ATVs before mudding. I recommend using a product that will help to protect the paintwork and other plastic components from scratches and corrosion. In addition, it is essential to choose Slick products that are safe for use on rubber seals and do not contain any harmful chemicals.



ATV cleaner allows you to keep your vehicle looking and running like new. You should invest in the best ATV cleaners to give your machine a long lifespan and protect it from damages. It is essential to choose the best cleaners for specific components such as engines, plastic parts, or rubber seals. The best ones are affordable and come in different sizes depending on your requirements. However, you should avoid aggressive solvents that can damage plastic or rubber.


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