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ATV is also called as a quad or a 4-wheeler tractor if it is solely used for farming. So your ATV can be of great use if you plan to do a little gardening on your backyard or need to plow a good amount of land. All you need to do is to attach an ATV disc harrow over your vehicle and go for the run.

Best ATV Disc


It allows you to rotate it in a forward and backward direction with a total motion range of 60 degrees.


It is suitable for food plot, landscaping, gardening, and also for farm tasks.


This great product can provide excellent performance on hard and dry ground. 


It serves better for tasks like grooming dirt, garden tiling, setting up food plot, and planting. 

Best ATV Disc

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6 Best ATV Disc for the Money

The ATV disc harrows are basically standard choice to plow hard and tough grounds. They provide good soil penetration while being dragged by an ATV. They are a great choice in loosening and breaking hard clumps of clay. The best ATV disc will give you the satisfaction of ideal gardening or farming.

You need to choose the right type of ATV disc harrow for the kind of land you will be cultivating. Different type and different amount of land ask for different types of ATV discs. Each feature offers specific utilities and you will be amazed at how easily you can get your work done with an ATV disc harrow.

You must analyze your requirements before going to buy an ATV harrow. The best choice disc harrow for you would be the one that is compatible with your ATV and also is suitable for the type of land you will be plowing.

1. Bad Dawg Groundhog Max Disc Plow

The Groundhog Max Disc Plow by the Bad Dawg comes with a compact design for your sheer comfort in installing, removing, and storing. The manufacturer provides a receiver kit with the purchase. You can easily mount the disc plow under your vehicle with that 2 inches hitch receiver.

You can use different hardware for a different configuration. The disc plow offers 21 inches cutting width. This amount of width goes really well with the compact design as the plow can cut two times faster. The height control system can be adjusted by one inch. 

The Groundhog Max disc plow offers excellent performance if you plow on hard soil or break it aggressively. With this plow, the weight of your ATV and the operator can force the blades hard on the ground. 

There is another issue that adds to your comfort. You will receive the disc plow pre-assembled from the manufacturer. So you do not have to worry much about critical assembly or doing it wrong. However, you should be careful about not damaging the hitch system. 

Groundhog Max is a useful disc plow with outstanding performance. It serves better for tasks like grooming dirt, garden tiling, setting up food plot, firebreak, and planting.

Bad Dawg Groundhog Max Disc Plow with Receiver Kit 088-9050-00
  • Groundhog Max With Kit
  • Plow is pre-assembled
  • Has "transport mode"
  • Perfect for your UTV or ATV



bottom line

It serves better for tasks like grooming dirt, garden tiling, setting up food plot, and planting. 

2. Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator

Clay soil is harder to work with before loosening it. But the Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator comes as a powerhouse to get the work done. This great product can provide excellent performance on hard and dry ground. 

Aside from being a versatile tool, this Agri-Fab disc harrow comes with an ergonomic design. And with the design comes efficient, functional, fast, and economical operation. You will need a sleeve hitch to make it work, though. A sleeve hitch compatible with this disc harrow is available, but it is sold separately. But an investment on sleeve hitch will be of great use and you can easily attach it at the back of your ATV.

This disc harrow features 8 disc blades which are 11 inches in diameter. This helps you to cut deep into the ground. The working width can be set between 30 inches to 38 inches. This particular feature allows you to adjust according to your preference. The disc angle adjusts from 10-20 degrees.  

You may need additional weight for hard and tough grounds to push the blades harder onto the soil. The Agri-Fab disc harrow comes with this feature that you can add up to 100 lbs for better soil penetration. 

The product is steel-made and comes with rust and corrosion resistance treatment. It is an extremely durable and sturdy product to serve you for many years. Because of being lightweight, you can move and maneuver it with ease. And the three-year limited warranty that comes with the Agri-Fab disc harrow is undoubtedly going to add some more comfort to your mind.

Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator 45-0266 Black, Large
  • Requires sleeve hitch for operation; consult tractor manufacturer for sleeve hitch
  • Adjustable working width 30"- 38"
  • Eight durable 11" discs, powder-coated for durability
  • Disc angle adjustments from 10 - 20 degrees for a well-groomed look
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty



bottom line

It is suitable for food plot, landscaping, gardening, and also for farm tasks.

3. Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc

Black Boar Disk harrow is made with premium quality heavy-duty material with a universally implement the design. It is very light in weight and easy to install. Because it durable steel quality and lightweight, it offers an easy operating process.

It comes with eight discs that you can easily rotate according to your preference. The quality of the discs offers incredible tough ground strength.

You can easily adjust the rod holder from two sides up to 15 to 30-degree angles. It allows you to rotate it in a forward and backward direction with a total motion range of 60 degrees. You don’t have to move any pins or maneuver the hitch manually to change the motion.

It allows you to adjust the settings according to your preference. You can switch direction and angle by selecting U bolts and angle selector. 

Black Boar Camco ATV/UTV Disc Harrow Implement | Specifically Designed to Thoroughly Break up Tough Ground | (66001)
  • Breaks Up Soil: Camco’s Black Boar ATV Disc Harrow is our toughest implement that breaks up clods of hard soil from your ATV. Eight rotating discs are specifically designed for thoroughly breaking up tough ground
  • Compatibility: Works with the Black Boar Motorized Implement Lift (Camco #66000—sold separately)
  • Independently Adjustable Sides: Each side adjusts 0 to 15, or 30-degrees (both forward and backward); Superior Range of Motion: Offers a 60-degree range of total motion; Superior range in motion is provided without having to move pins or manually drop the hitch
  • Parallel Linkage Design: Maintains the correct angle as the implement is lowered
  • Durable Construction: Made of durable powder-coated steel for rugged, durable use that is simultaneously lightweight and manageable for simple one person installation



bottom line

It allows you to rotate it in a forward and backward direction with a total motion range of 60 degrees.

4. Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow

It is built with quality materials for ensuring great durability and strength. Its heavy discs ensure it cuts fast and right wherever you take your ATV to. It provides great longevity and reliability ensuring great service and performance. 

It is very efficient in getting tough jobs done quickly and swiftly. It is suitable for food plot, landscaping, gardening, and also for farm tasks. These discs are designed to plow and cut deeper and faster and great for fire defense and weed control in remote places as well.

The ATVs weight, including the operator, makes it go through the ground properly, making deeper cuts and plowing without any additional weight requirements. It is very easy to store as it does not need much space in the storage.

This ATV disc features a compact 21 in. cutting width. It cuts half in width but operates at great speed up to 5-7 mph. You can easily operate it without any additional requirements. Unlike other ATV discs, it does not have any ratchets, eliminating the chances of rust, flat tires, etc.

The GroundHog MAX GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow
  • Product Type: Kick Scooter
  • Package Dimensions: 30.48 L X 30.48 W X 55.88 H (Centimeters)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Package Weight: 20.57 Kilograms



bottom line

It is suitable for food plot, landscaping, gardening, and also for farm tasks.

5. Brinly DD-55BH Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow Behind Disc Harrow, 39 by 40-Inch

Brinly Disc Harrows are designed for tough jobs for effortless rough plowing on hard grounds. These discs are designed with heavy-duty steel for incredible durability. The diameter of the discs is 11” with break clod specifications.

It comes with multiple angle adjustability for better user convenience in different situations. It provides ideal force depending on the clod’s size and soil conditions. For standard use, it is recommended to use the 15-degree angle, where a 10-degree angle is suitable for less aggressive cuts, and a 20-degree angling for extra aggressive discing.

For better ground marking and deeper penetration, you can add extra weight to these discs in case of hard soil conditions. You can also install different units for maximizing the efficiency and performance of the disc. 

Brinly DD-551BH Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow Behind Disc Harrow, 39 by 40-Inch
  • Get Plant-Ready Soil: 8 heavy-duty steel discs measuring 11" in diameter break up clods and effortlessly turn rough, plowed ground into uniform soil ready for planting.
  • Fits Various Garden Sizes: Adjustable working width from 29" to 39" accommodates gardens both large and small.
  • Three Angle Adjustments: Steel discs can be adjusted to deliver the proper force based on size of clods and soil conditions. A 15° angle is recommended for general use, 10° for less aggressive discing, and 20° for more aggressive discing.
  • Add Weight for Tougher Discing: Extra weight can be added to the tray to break up larger, hard clods of soil.
  • Sleeve Hitch Required: Blade easily hooks up to any sleeve hitch. Sleeve hitch is not included, but can be purchased through your tractor manufacturer.



bottom line

It is recommended to use the 15-degree angle, where a 10-degree angle is suitable for less aggressive cuts, and a 20-degree angling for extra aggressive discing.

6. Battle Armor Designs ATV/UTV Universal 6-Disk Big Buck Food Plot Plow

The Big Buck Food Plot plow, designed and produced by the Battle Armor, is a universal product that comes with six discs, suitable for any ATV or UTV. This disc plow can be easily mounted to your ATV with a 2-inch receiver hitch using only a hitch pin. This procedure offers excellent sturdiness while at work. If required, you can get the eight-disc version for more variation. 

The tough and sharp blades of the disc plow are effective for all types of soil. With a 28 inches disc cutting width, the discs show effectiveness and efficiency in performance. The aggressive discs and the sharp turning radius allow you to plow effortlessly. Depending on the condition of the soil, you can plow a land of half an acre within just one hour with this beauty. 

The Big Buck food plot offers sublime maneuverability with its transport position and disc position feature. You can lock on the transport position and then travel to distant places without the disc plow having any contact with the ground. When you reach your desired location, simply lock to the disc position and start plowing. With this value-for-money product, you can reach any secluded area without a big tractor. 

This product from Battle Armor features an integrated clean-out system. The system keeps the unit free from any build-up of debris.

Battle Armor Designs Big Buck 28" Cut Width ATV/UTV Disc Plow Harrow with Universal 2" Receiver Mount, Cultivates 1 to 2 Acres
  • Universal 2 inch towing receiver hitch offers cultivating solutions using your own ATV or UTV
  • Aggressive disc blades engineered for superior range of motion and a tighter turning radius
  • Integrated clean-out system allows you to break up soil with less maintenance
  • Locks in transport position for optimal lift range when moving to and from project sites



bottom line

Depending on the condition of the soil, you can plow a land of half an acre within just one hour with this beauty.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide for an ATV Disc

You cannot usually inspect individual ATV discs as the ATV disc harrow comes as a whole item. To own the best ATV disc, you must check its overall quality. Different models vary in terms of material, size, thickness, and quality. Only the high-quality discs offer durability and sturdiness. 

It is essential for you to buy the best ATV disc for food plots or any land you have. So it would be best if you learned about few key factors, which make an ATV disc the best for business.

Disc Style 

When talking about styles, ATV discs feature two types. There smooth ATV discs, and then there are notched ones. 

The notched discs have spikes or teeth along the circumference. The spikes usually face the same direction for greater plowing efficiency. The more teeth there are, the more effective it gets, as you can get more strokes per rotation on the ground. But the drawback with the notched discs is that they can quickly get clogged. 

The smooth discs have a smooth circumference. But it is sharp. This disc-style is ideal for relatively light surfaces like sandy soil or any other soil that is not so tough. They also tend to clog less.


A very important feature of the best ATV discs is the angling function. If the soil is tough, angular adjustments by the disc harrow will allow you to stroke deeper. It will only make you work more if there are only upward and downward strokes. If your ATV disc harrow offers flexible adjustments, then it is an ideal one.

What task you want to get done determines the type of disc you will need. The job may not even demand any angular adjustments. Usually, manufacturers provide disc harrows that offer flexible adjustments ranging 0 degrees, 15 degrees, and 30 degrees. With 0 degrees, there will be light strokes. But you can break the hardest soil with 30-degree angular adjustment. The astonishing thing is that you can make the angling work in both directions.

ATV Disc Diameter   

When plowing, your tools need to be as efficient as they can get. ATV disc harrow basically breaks the soil after plowing. The disc harrow can break the soil faster if the turnaround time is less. What makes your work easier is the diameter of these discs. 

You can achieve the best performance if the diameter of the discs is bigger. The bigger the diameter, the less the turnaround time. Hence it is suggested to go for large discs. It is recommended that you choose the discs with a diameter of 350 mm or more for greater productivity.   

Disc Cutting Width

The cutting width of ATV discs is as crucial as the diameter of the discs when it comes down to efficient plowing. Disc cutting width indicates how fast the tool can work and break the soil. Disc harrows with greater cutting width are preferable if you are planning to plow a bigger area of land.

If you are planning to plow a land of one acre, then choose the discs with at least 50 inches of cutting width. It will surely make your work done within an hour. You can also have the desired result with discs that have 40 inches cutting width. They can be really sharp and breakthrough tough soil. 

But better discs may not provide you with the optimum result if the overall quality of the tool is low. 

Integrated Weight Platform

ATV Disc harrows are effective tools in plowing a field. The discs cut deep through the ground and then break the soil. Depending on the toughness of the soil, the device requires some additional weight that can push the blades harder. For this reason, many manufacturers provide an integrated weight platform. 

The weight platform is basically a tray that can carry removable weights. It is attached above the disc blades. You can put bricks or sacks of sands that can provide excess weight to press the blades harder to the ground. This mechanism works excellent when the soil is tough to break. 

For caution, you must follow the weight limit. For most products, the capacity of the platform is not more than 150 kilograms. The limit has been set to minimize any damage to the disc blades. 

Adjustable Height

Height adjustment, or in other words, working depth adjustment, is an all-important feature of the ATV disc harrows. With adjustable height, the harrows can perform shallow penetration or deep penetration as per requirement. 

The quality and the type of soil usually vary, and you may have to work with different kinds. Depending on the toughness of the soil, you need to adjust the working depth of the ATV disc harrow. You will need to lower the discs close to the ground if the soil is hard. It will allow the discs to reach deeper into the ground for more effectiveness. 

Another great point of this feature is that you can lift the harrow when it is towed to the vehicle. In this manner, the blades will not be able to damage themselves by ripping up the ground. 

Disc Tooth

You already know by now that ATV discs either have a spiked or smooth circumference. The smooth discs are usually sharp and are effective on mostly less hard soil. On the other hand, if the discs have spikes, they can ease your work by a lot on harder grounds.

The spikes are basically called disc teeth, and the disc tooth arrangement is spiked per disc for a disc harrow. A good quality ATV disc harrow offers multiple teeth in one position. A particular positioning is that you will find 8-10 tooth discs in front and 8-10 tooth discs in the rear.     

Frame Structure

The frame structure of an ATV disc arrow plays such a vital part in the harrow performing effectively. This essential feature is the key to sturdiness and strength. It is imperative that you choose a disc harrow that has a frame wholly made out of high-quality, heavy-duty steel. That will provide remarkable durability to the ATV disc harrow too. 

If the frame structure tends to bend out of shape, your whole product will fail to deliver. You should expect a compact-sized product with steel- made frame structure for comfortable transportation and storage.

Rust and Corrosion Protection

It would be best if you did not overlook the fact that an ATV disc harrow is almost always vulnerable to rust and corrosion. It is because of the nature of the job the disc harrow does. So protection should be another critical issue when you go for the purchase.

A poor quality product will not last long and make your investment look like a failure. On the other hand, the best ATV discs would feature galvanized and powder-coated metal construction. In this way, the product becomes stronger against rust and corrosion. As the upper layer manages to delay the process of corrosion, the powder coating also helps enhance the quality and appeal of the disc harrow. 

Tow Bar Flexibility

A flexible tow bar is a key to a desirable performance. A flexible tow bar will ensure that the disc harrow is set at an appropriate angle. Tow bar flexibility also helps the harrow be compatible with the ATV it is towed to. 

A rigid tow bar does not let the harrow to be angled properly, which in most cases would result in a task failure. Such tow bar is also vulnerable to breakage and ruins the versatility and productivity of the harrow. 

Adjustable tow bar has an incredible impact on the parallel linkage between the ATV and the disc harrow. It helps to maintain an ideal angle when you lower the unit. You should also look for one pin mounting of the tow bar. One pin mounting plays a huge role in comfort as it allows you to attach and detach the harrow from the ATV easily.      

Compatibility with ATV Tires

It bears absolute importance that you choose the best ATV disc harrow compatible with the tires of your ATV. ATV tires carry an enormous amount of load, and you will not want flat tires surely. Compared to the huge size of the harrows, tires are very small. And the tires can easily lose their durability if matched with the wrong harrows. 

So it is essential that you buy the correct harrow that the tires can keep up with. Or you can simply change your tires according to the size of the ATV disc harrow. For a regular-sized harrow, you should go for 12 inches pneumatic ATV tires. They offer sturdiness and do not go flat easily. 


ATV disc harrows should be an investment for an extended period. It would be best if you always went for the best product that provides maximum durability. Initially, you can depend on the warranty you are being supplied with the disc harrows regarding the issue.

Many manufacturers offer a one or two-year warranty for their products. But look for the ones that give you a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty.

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Right Uses

The Right Uses of ATV Discs

The best ATV disc offers you more effectiveness with soil penetration from two different points. FIRSTLY, the ATV disc harrow provides deep plowing with its own weight and secondly with the leverage from the farming machine. To get the best result out of your ATV discs, you can follow these instructions below- 

Waiting for the rain

It is inevitable that you will find difficulty plowing hard rock soil. This could also make cracks on the disc blades or break them in the worst-case scenario. So if you can wait a few days after heavy rainfall, you will be feeling the most comfortable using your ATV disc harrow. Very wet and heavy clay may also damage the discs, and you may not achieve a great result. In this case, you may have to wait a bit longer too.

Slow and gradual pulling

You will not have better cuts if you pull the disc harrows faster. Rapid pulling is undoubtedly going to lower the durability of the discs by a significant margin. If the harrow is hooked with the ATV at one point only, it will be vulnerable to quick plowing. If you want the best out of your ATV harrows, do the process slowly and gradually. It will also save you from the struggle of pulling rocks out from the deep of the ground. 

Angling rightly

Always keep the disc harrow at the right angle with the ground. If you angle the harrow exactly in the travel direction, it will ease your work by a lot. Also, specific angling of the discs provides very good resistance. 

Putting in more weight 

Putting in extra weight to the ATV disc harrow always helps you achieve a better outcome. This process works better when the disc harrow frame of your ATV is relatively stable. You need to check the manufacturer’s instructions on putting more weight. Basically, long and narrow bags are recommended as weights because they ensure even distribution. It would be best if you were very careful of using weights. If you see any cracks on the discs, surely get rid of the bags.


Types of ATV Discs

ATV disc harrow is considered to be very useful in plowing fields. You need to consider a number of facts when planning to buy the best ATV disc. Depending on the area of the field you want to plow and the gang arrangement, there are a few types of disc harrow you will find. 

Single Action Disc

To cover a small area of land, you can consider using a single-action disc harrow. This type of ATV disc harrow has two-disc gangs. The gangs are set in the opposite directions in order to throw soil in opposite directions. You will find this particular arrangement very typical among most ATV discs. The single-action disc harrow is known to be the best ATV disc in plowing small areas where single disking is enough for breaking the soil. 

Double Action Disc    

In a double-action disc harrow, you will notice two or more disc gangs. The gangs are attached both in front and the back of the plowing equipment of the ATV. The gangs in this type of harrow are also fitted in the opposite direction. But the double disking action, the soil gets penetrated twice for more effective operation. 

You will be able to operate more efficiently with double-action ATV discs if the land covers a greater area. Dual discs cover a wider area with the gangs ranging from 5 feet to 15 feet. But this type of disking action requires a powerful ATV engine. 

Offset Disc

Offset disc harrow features two-disc gangs that are fitted behind one another. The gangs work alongside each other simultaneously to ensure efficient plowing. You will find the gangs on the offside of the equipment. Each gang typically consists of up to eight discs. 

Offset disc harrow is useful in covering more ground and the corners of the ground. Because of the two-disc gangs working in tandem, you can repeatedly hit the soil for better penetration.

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Inquiries - Frequently Asked Questions

Using the best ATV discs for plowing with your ATV tractor is quite a sophisticated process. But if you offer some attention to the features and with proper guidance, you can easily master the procedure. You need to choose the best ATV disc for a plow for your land, and to help you out, here are the answers to some questions that are commonly asked by the users-

How do you differentiate between a disc harrow and a disc plow? 

You may have heard both of the terms, as they are sometimes used interchangeably. It happens when people are talking about farming discs which are motor vehicle driven. You will notice that disc harrow does not make large clods as the disc plow usually does. It is because of evenly spaced discs on the disc harrow, which are attached along the axle uniformly. This is the very basic difference between a disc harrow and a disc plow. 

Can you replace the disc blades? 

It is common between most of the manufacturers that they offer replacement of disc blades and some other parts like blade spares and bearings. You can get some extra blades with your newly bought disc harrow, but that may cost you some more. Check for the warranty that comes with the purchase. If it covers the replacement of the blades, you can get some new ones free of cost. 

How deep can an ATV harrow go?

The diameter of the discs, disc-style, and the cutting angle are the factors that determine how deep an ATV disc harrow can reach. If you do not put any extra weight, then a notched disc with a diameter of 11 inches would go as deep as 8 inches into the ground when cutting at a straight angle. Additional weight and a different cutting angle can give you deeper cuts if needed. 

How fast should you pull a disc harrow?

You need to pull the disc harrow at a decent speed for required soil penetration and granule mixing. If you pull slower than the optimum speed, the mixing will not be perfect. And rapid pulling will not penetrate the ground. You can achieve both the targets if you drive your ATV at 4-5 miles an hour. 

What is the determinant of the quality of an ATV disc harrow?

The best ATV disc harrow would come as maintenance-free. It should be made of good quality heavy gauge steel. There would be grove bearing of high speed, and the disc should be bolted using anti-skid nuts and bolts. The size of the axle must be of convenience, and it should be placed inside the steel pipe without any need for grease. That is how the best ATV disc should appear.

How to attach the ATV Harrow to the ATV utility tractor? 

There is a coupler hitch that is provided with the purchase of an ATV disc harrow. You can use it to hook the disc harrow over the ATV. It is crucial that you get the right size of the coupler hitch. The size of the coupler depends on the manufacturer, and the typical standard size is 2 inches. 

Are the sides of the ATV disc harrow adjustable? 

The best ATV disc manufacturers try to offer as much flexibility as possible. Both sides of the disc are adjustable to a certain angle. Most ATV disc harrows offer 0 degrees, 15 degrees, and 30-degree angular rotation. The fascinating thing is that the angling occurs in both directions and thus helps break hard grounds. 


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