Choosing the Best ATV Handlebars: Top Picks for an ATV Rider.

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The ATV handlebars are the essential safety feature on your all-terrain vehicle. They help you control and maneuver your vehicle, which is why it’s so crucial to choose the right pair for your needs. Many different types of handlebars offer various benefits depending on the terrain. The best ATV handlebars are easy to handle, feel comfortable when used, and allow you to control your ATV.

Here we review the top 5 products available in the market and the buying guide.

Best ATV Handlebars

The Red Handlebar with Foam Pad for ATV provides the best grips that ensure stability.

It is a heavy-duty and high-quality product perfect for riders who want better control.

Aluminum alloy handlebars are lightweight and sturdy, providing excellent performance.

The Pro Taper seven-eighths bars are durable and lightweight making it perfect for off the road.

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5 Best ATV Handlebars Recommendation and Reviews

Here we review the top 5 ATV handlebars in the market based on comfort, durability, budget, and quality. Check out our details product features and other information which will help you to decide the suitable one.

1. 7/8" 22MM Handlebar with Foam Pad for ATV

The Red Handlebar with Foam Pad brand is made of CNC-machined aluminum alloy that provides strength and durability. It comes with a rubber grip pad to provide good control, stability when riding your machine. Its anodic oxidation process provides a smooth and beautiful metallic alloy coating that is corrosion-resistant. It has a universal design that fits most ATVs, dirt bikes, motocross bikes, and motorcycles.

Features of the Red Handlebar with Foam Pad 

  • It is made from high-quality aluminum alloy that’s lightweight and provides strength and durability.
  • The handlebar has a universal design to fit most ATVs and dirt bikes.
  • There are foam grips on the bars for control when riding your machine to prevent fatigue.
  • It also comes with an easy-to-install hardware kit.
  • The red handlebar dimensions are ‎32 x 4.5 x 3.2 inches, and it weighs 2.14 pounds.



bottom line

The Red Handlebar with Foam Pad for ATV provides the best grips that ensure stability when riding your ATV.

2. ProTaper Sport 855-896 7/8in. Handlebars

ProTaper Sport Aluminum Handlebars are made from lightweight aluminum alloy that provides the necessary durability and resistance to wear and tear for rough handling. They come with a rubber grip surface that ensures control, stability, and comfort when riding your ATV. The handlebar is designed for use on motocross or off-road vehicles but can also be used on other vehicles.

Features of the ProTaper Sport 855-896 Aluminum Handlebars

  • Its overall diameter is 7/8 inches with a 5mm wall thickness that provides support and traction.
  • The product is constructed from aluminum alloy for strength and durability.
  • It comes with a rubber grip surface that provides stability.
  • The handlebar is designed to suit off-road vehicles
  • It has a broader base at the bottom for better balance and provides an easy way to adjust.
  • The dimensions of the 7/8 inches handlebar are 33 x 6 x 4 inches, and it weighs 1 pound.
ProTaper Sport 855-896 7/8in. Sport Aluminum Handlebars - ATV Bend - Black
  • Aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum shot peened finish for increased durability.



bottom line

The ProTaper Sport Aluminum Handlebars are lightweight, sturdy, and durable handlebars made from aluminum alloy that provide better performance on your ATV.

3. ProTaper Black Adventure High Handlebar (PMT 8863D)

The ProTaper black adventure handlebar is one of the best handlebars available. It comes with rubber grips to provide tire stability when riding your ATV on high speeds or rough terrains. The handlebar is made of aluminum alloy for strength, durability, and lightweight properties- making it perfect for off-road vehicles. It has an epoxy inner coating that protects it against corrosion.

Features of the ProTaper Black Adventure High Handlebar

  • It is made from lightweight aluminum alloy that provides strength, durability, and stability for off-road vehicles.
  • The product is coated with an epoxy inner coating to protect it against any form of corrosion.
  • It comes with rubber grips that ensure support and stability for your vehicle at high speeds or on rough terrains.
  • The dimensions of the ProTaper black adventure handlebar are 34 x 9.5 x 4 inches, and it weighs 2.95 pounds.
ProTaper PMT 8863D Evo Black Adventure High Handlebar (PMT 8863D)
  • Made from 4mm, proprietary, 7000 series aluminum alloy for superior tensile and yield strength



bottom line

The ProTaper black adventure bars are durable and sturdy, providing stability on rough terrains.

4. Pro Taper Seven Eighths Handlebars - Standard 7/8 (CR High) (Black)

The 7/8 ProTaper handlebar is a standard handlebar made of steel alloy. It comes in black color that enhances the appearance of your ATV. It also makes it more visible during inclement weather conditions such as fog, rain, and snow. The handlebar has a thick wall that makes it sturdy and durable. It has a universal design that fits most ATVs, dirt bikes, motocross bikes, and motorcycles. Its cold-forged crossbar ensures strength and durability.

Features of the Pro Taper Seven Eighths Handlebar

  • It is made from a high-quality steel alloy that’s lightweight, sturdy, and durable.
  • They have rubberized grips on the bar for more control.
  • Its dimensions are 5 x 3 x 33 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds.
  • The black color enhances the appearance of the handlebar.
  • It has a cold-forged crossbar that increases its strength and durability.
  • Its clutch side knurling can be easily adjusted and provides excellent grips and controls.
Pro Taper SE Series 7/8" Standard Handlebars - CR High/Jet Black
  • The Seven Eighths (SE) Handlebar represents the state of the art in 7/8" handlebar design.



bottom line

The Pro Taper seven-eighths bars are durable and lightweight making it perfect for off the road.

5. Krator Handlebar 7/8" Black Euro Style

The Krator handlebar is best for ATV riders looking for a high-quality handlebar. It is made from a strong and sturdy steel alloy that provides strength, stability, and durability when riding your ATV at night or during inclement weather conditions. It has rubber grips to ensure comfort at high speeds or rough terrains.

Features of the Krator Handlebar

  • It is made from heavy-duty aluminum material that’s sturdy and durable.
  • The products dimensions are 27.56 x 5.12 x 2.36 inches
  • It is coated with an inner coating that protects it against corrosion for longer durability.
  • It has rubber grip pads that ensure comfort and stability at high speeds.
Krator Motorcycle Handlebar 7/8" (2.2 cm) Universal Low-Rise Handlebars Compatible with Cafe Racer, Bobber Motocross, Dirt Bikes, Pit Bikes, ATVs, E-Bikes &...
  • [KRATOR'S 20 YEARS OF EXPERTISE] With two decades dedicated to crafting motorcycle accessories and parts, KRATOR stands out as the hallmark of innovation and reliability in the industry. Our journey has been driven by a passion for precision engineering and a commitment to enhancing the riding experience. Over the years, our expert team has perfected the art of designing motorcycle handlebars and other dirtbike accessories that seamlessly blend performance, durability, and style.
  • [SAFE & COMFORTABLE LONG RIDES] Our dirt bike handlebars ensure a comfortable and fatigue-free journey. Our durable ATV handlebars stand up well against damage and bending caused by falls and collisions. Our pit bike bars have a low rise for an upright riding position that offers more comfort and control. The sturdy build minimizes vibrations, reducing rider fatigue for lasting comfort. Ride confidently, knowing our pit bike handlebars ensure smooth and comfortable long rides.
  • [TOUGH & DURABLE] Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, the design boasts an anodized surface with an elegant polished finish on both sides of the bike handle bar. Through CNC machined manufacturing and precise paint treatment, our cafe racer handlebars achieve a unique texture that ensures resilience and a lasting high-quality look. The knurling in the midsection prevents any sliding or wavering of the MTB handlebars post-installation, ensuring stability and security during rides.
  • [QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION] Fed up with mountain bike handlebars that take long to install? Our mini bike handlebars take less than 20 minutes to install. You can effortlessly mount motorcycle handlebar accessories and controls like mirrors, throttles, and hand grips. Our dirt bike bars have polished ends that ensure a smooth throttle twist, enhancing control and comfort. The polished surface reduces friction, enabling smooth gliding of the throttle and controls across the pitbike handlebar.
  • [UNIVERSAL FITMENT] KRATOR motorcycle handlebars can fit all off-road motorbikes with 7/8" (2.2 cm) clamps. It is compatible with most bikes like cafe racer, bobber motorbikes, dirt bikes, pit bikes, ATVs, e-bikes, and many mini bikes. Get more out of your bike adventures with our best dirtbike accessory designed for unrivaled compatibility and optimal performance. Verify the dimensions of your bike before purchasing to ensure the right fit. Don't miss out on the essential lowrider bike parts!



bottom line

The Krator motorcycle handlebar is a heavy-duty and high-quality product perfect for ATV riders who want better control of their ATVs.


Buying Guide

  1. Comfortable Long-Distance Riding

A handlebar should be comfortable for long-distance riding. Since you spend hours on the ATV, riding it in uncomfortable positions can be quite cumbersome. A comfortable handlebar is designed to provide a lot of support, has soft padding on the underside, and is adjustable. It should easily fit your ATV and shouldn’t be a hassle to install. It is best to choose a wider surface area at its base or one with rubber grips.

  • Mobility

Your ATV handlebar should be easy to move and control. Some of them allow for more flexibility and agility than others, which may make a difference depending on where and how often you ride. For example, some handlebars are designed to be more rigid for stability. In contrast, others are flexible, making navigating rough terrain easier or turning quickly on trails. You need to ensure you know how it will work before purchasing one so there won’t be any surprises when you need to use it.

  • Flexibility

A flexible handlebar enables you to control your ATV with ease. Since you are using it to control the vehicle, a handlebar that is too rigid may be difficult to use. When choosing one, make sure that when you lean into it or apply pressure to turn around curves or sharp corners, there’s enough flexibility for easy movement without sacrificing stability.

  • Stability

Your ATV handlebars should be stable. They are designed to provide a solid base to have more control over your vehicle. If it tilts, wobbles, or is unstable in any way, it will affect how easily you can maneuver the ATV. It may even result in an accident if it’s too hard to balance.

  • Material

ATV handlebars are made from a variety of materials. Most are made from durable plastic, steel, or aluminum, and some have rubber grips for added comfort and control. The best material provides the most support, is easy to grip and maneuver, has good resistance from wear and tear and corrosion. Most handlebars are made from a combination of these materials, so it’s best to choose one with several qualities for better safety. You also need to choose one that is sturdy enough to support your weight.

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What are the Different Grip Styles?

  • Grip Design

The grip design provides a comfortable place to hold when you ride. There are various grip designs such as slip-on, clamp-on, and bar end grips. Slip-on grips offer a cleaner look while providing added durability. You can adjust the clamps for a tight fit. Bar-end grips give a decorative look as well as better control.

  • Waffle Pattern

The waffle pattern design is found on the handlebars and ensures maximum grip. It provides better stability for your ATV dirt bike when going through tough terrains or in inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow. They are made from a high-quality rubber material that’s durable to withstand any condition.

  • Pillow Top Pattern

Pillow top pattern designs are made from a high-quality rubber material. They provide tire support for your ATV for long journeys. The pillow top is thick and provides a better grip making it suitable for rough terrains and harsh weather conditions.

  • Padded Top Pattern

A padded top pattern is your best option when looking for a design that provides extra stability when riding your ATV. They are made from a rubber material that’s durable and provides added grip. The padding on the handlebars is thick to provide more support.

  • Grip Affixation

How about the grip affixation? The best handlebar grips help in controlling your ATV while driving. There are various types of grip affixation, such as interlocking, screw-on, and collars. Interlocking grips provide a tight fit without any tools while providing added comfort for riders. Screw-on grips require a screwdriver to tighten them onto the bars while providing additional grip. Collars are made of rubber material that’s cheap and easy to install on your ATV without any hassle or tools.

  • Slip-On

Slip-on grips are the most common type of grips. They are attached with a rubber or plastic adhesive that provides additional stability as you ride. The good thing about them is that you don’t need any tools for installation. You can remove them and replace them with a different design whenever you want. They come in various designs enabling you to choose the best.

  • Lock On

Lock-on grips are made from a rubber material. They are attached to the handlebars by locking them into place with a screw and nut. They are best for ATV riders who like to change their grips often.


Final Word

The best ATV handlebar mitts provide you with maximum support and control while riding your vehicle. They should be made from quality materials that are durable to withstand any weather condition. The recommendations in this article will enable you to select the best and realize value for your money.


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