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The comfort of your home can be brought to the travels of your outside adventures.  You can not only dream this but you can achieve it with the purchase of an ATV passenger seat box or seat bag.  Such a product can bring you a lounging satisfaction just like you enjoy on your living room sofa chair, as well as the convenience of knowing you don’t have to get up and go to the refrigerator to grab food or beverage; it is stored right there for you to grab and go when you whenever you want it.  Below we will review five ATV seats that guarantee to make every outdoor experience better for the rider.

best atv passenger seats

Comfortable cushion that provides spacious seating for all different body sizes.


Black Boar has designed and manufactured the best ATV rear seat to support the upper back.


Accommodating arm rests which help replicate the feel of a cozy living room chair.


The sealing of the storage area might let in dust and water from the outside.

Seat delivers with an all around softness that is unique feature of it.


Three dimensional sofa-soft padding supports will give you comfort and convenience.


Drinking container holders are in the front of each arm rest offering easy access to grabbing.


Customers may need to purchase the MadDog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector.   

Storing space will accommodate most items that you will need.


This is the seat box for campers, hunters, and farmers who ride far away from home.


Customers benefit from a water resistant storage compartment that will keep items protected.


The ribbed plastic pattern on the arm rests doesn’t offer a relaxing resting place for arms.

Customers can expect that the exceptional tarp and fabric material.


Customers can count on a quality seat and storage product which look new for years.


Box cover style storage containers are sealed to keep out dust, sand, dirt, and water.


Storage container space and the seat width, compared to other are on the smaller side.

best atv rear seat

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Which ATV Seat is The Best to Use?

While looking out for the best ATV rear seat, you will get lots of option. Here I am providing reviews of a few seat which is affordable and suitable to use.

1. Black Boar (66010) ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger

Cushion comfort after a hard day’s work is a reward to look forward to, but cushion comfort while riding all day long is a reward that knows no boundaries.  The Black Boar (66010) ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger delivers on continuous cushion comfort throughout your riding experience.  This seat provides riders with a soft-feel support all the way up the upper back, making it the best ATV passenger seat.  Expect to sink into luxury in this spacious seating area.  Black Boar nailed it when they designed this seat that accommodates adult riders of all different sizes.  Riders with large strong arms have more than enough room to place their arms in the arm rests.  Security has also been made a priority in this seat.  You can count on a locked storage area for your necessities that is made out of a dependable polyethylene plastic.  And, as far as the steel lock goes – the rust stops here.  All necessary hardware comes in the package.

Camco Black Boar ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger-Provides a Cushioned Seat-Keeps Belongings Secure-Over 2.2 Cubic Feet of Storage-Includes Stainless Steel Lock...
  • ELEVATE YOUR ATV EXPERIENCE: Redefine your off-road adventures with the Black Boar ATV Rear Lounger. This versatile ATV accessory offers comfort, storage space, and security all-in-one.
  • ROOMY & COMFORTABLE SEATING: Experience unparalleled convenience as you hit the trails. The cushioned ATV rear seat measures 20″ (W) x 12″ (D) x 16″ (H) & has a 13 1/2″ backrest for additional comfort.
  • SECURE & SPACIOUS ATV STORAGE: Keep your belongings organized inside the ATV cargo box. With over 2.2 ft3 of storage, it keeps your items safe from the elements. Adjustable latches & a rust-resistant lock with keys provide extra theft protection.
  • ULTRA TOUGH DESIGN: Built to handle any trail, this ATV attachment is constructed from robust, impact-resistant rotomolded polyethylene, ensuring long-lasting performance. It's also resistant to dust and water for added protection.
  • QUICK & SIMPLE SETUP: Install the ATV back seat easily with the included mounting hardware located inside the unlocked ATV storage box. Just pull the straps to open the box and you'll be all set for your four-wheeler adventures in no time!



bottom line

Black Boar has designed and manufactured the best ATV rear seat to support the upper back.

2. Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag

Picture a sofa that you lay down on to and just sink into and fall into a deep sleep.  This is a sofa that you will feel in complete harmony with, even when you are just sitting on it.  To replicate this kind of sinking soft feel you must buy the Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag.  The additional padding provided makes this seat the best ATV lounger seat.  What makes this ATV seat unique is that it brings three-dimensional softness to the rear, back, and the arm rests well.  More of the padding is offered to the arms and back though.  Coleman has designed and manufactured this seat to offer movie theater style convenience to customers by placing two drinking container holders at the front edges of each of the arm rests.  Place your water, soda, or juice bottles in these holders for easy access.  There are three zipper storage units within the seat, and fragile items are protected within these units by interior cushioned walls.

Coleman MadDog ATV/UTV Passenger Seat & Storage Cushion, Padded Back Seat for Passengers with 3 Storage Compartments & Cup Holders, ATV Accessory Storage Bag
  • Create an extra seat on your ATV
  • Seat area is comfortably padded and extra-large
  • 3 large storage compartments
  • Padded inside walls protect your gear
  • 2 water-bottle holders



bottom line

Three dimensional sofa-soft padding supports, along with front drinking holders, will give you comfort and convenience.

3. Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box – 4438

On the road less traveled when you are all alone, there is an ATV seat that can cater to you being miles away from your home.  It’s called the Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box – 4438.  Kolpin produced this seat specifically for the storage-minded customer.  The interior storage space reaches all the way to underneath the arm rests, making it the best ATV seat box.  Any true outdoorsman, who camps like Theodore Roosevelt did, or who hunts like Phil Robertson does, will benefit by having more than enough room for all of the supplies of their crafts.  Need to put two helmets in storage?  Not a problem.  Manufactured with a low-density and water resistant polyethylene material, all worry, anxiety, and fear of stored electronics getting wet during a rain storm are eliminated.  Count on solid stability and sturdiness in any and all situations after mounting this seat box with U-bolts and washers.

Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box - 4438 Black Small
  • Heavy duty, rotomolded and UV-stabilized construction.
  • Opens in rear with access to arm cavities
  • Easily mount to most tubular ATV racks using (4) Included U-bolts & sealing washers.
  • Included Mounting Hardware: (4) 1/4" - 20 U-Bolt, (8) 1/4" Sealing Washer, (8) U-Bolt Plate, (8) 1/4" Lock Washer, (8) 1/4" - 20 Nut, (8) Rubber Thread Caps
  • 26 Gallons (99 Liters) of weather-resistant storage



bottom line

This is the seat box for campers, hunters, and farmers who ride and setup shop far away from home.

4. Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag – Mossy Oak Breakup – 91150

Do you have a fix-it repair job to do 50 or 100 or more yards away from your ATV vehicle?  Do you want all of your tools and your lunch with you at one time?  If these apply to you, then the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag – Mossy Oak Breakup – 91150 is the ATV seat for you.  When Kolpin came up with this ATV seat they had the handy man and handy woman who needs to get the job done right in mind.   The gear bags detach from the seat, and these bags are ideal for carrying a set of several small to medium-sized tools as well as a lunch sack to a job site.  Furthermore, the center bag behind the back rest of the seat serves as a cooler to keep your beverages cold.  Clamping buckles and flexible straps makes mounting easy on to most ATV vehicles, which makes it the best ATV passenger seat.  Count on plush padding for the rear, back, and arm rests. 

Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag - Mossy Oak Breakup - 91150
  • Durable 600D Nylon construction with Hydro Shield and UV coating
  • Exterior shock-cord for smaller items
  • (2) water bottle holders that zip closed when not in use
  • 57 liters of accessible storage
  • Reinforced buckles allow for easy on/off of most ATV racks



bottom line

This seat bag with detachable gear bags will help users to take what they need so that they don’t have to keep coming back to the ATV.

5. ATV Tek ASPBBLK Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag

Once in a lifetime you come across something so special and unique that there is nothing else of its kind that is comparable to it.  Do you want a seat bag that looks shinny, sleek, and sharp a decade after you buy it?  Well, look no further than the ATV Tek ASPBBLK Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag.  The tarpaulin tarp and fabric combine to make a material that is second to none, that will not be eroded by water exposure, nor will it diminished by mold.  An interior steel structure makes this seat bag as unmovable and unshakable as a Chicago skyscraper building, qualifying it to be the best ATV rear passenger seat.  Since the arm rest is constructed in the form of a rectangular box cover, you have the sealing guarantee that you will never have to worry about cleaning out debris such as sand or dirt.  Best of all, even with a steel framework, you still get a cushion support for a smooth and relaxing ride.  This seat box is fastened to the ATV mounting rack with four side straps, two straps on each side of the product.

ATV Tek ASPBBLK Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag
  • The Arch Series Cargo Bags take ATV bags to a whole new level!
  • A tubular steel frame offers superior strength and durability.
  • It also maintains a weather tight seal, performance, and appearance...a true hybrid design, and an ATV TEK exclusive.
  • Made from tarpaulin, a superior grade, waterproof, fade and mold resistant fabric.
  • Equipped with a padded seat and backrest that is supported by the steel frame, (2) large arched side bags, (1) extra large back bag, (2) insulated during holders.



bottom line

Customers can count on a quality seat and storage product that has an appealing brand new look for years to come.

Buying Guide

What To Look For In The Best ATV Passenger Seat?

Value over junk: When it comes to product displays looks can be deceiving.  A product on the shelf with a bright light shinning upon it may look like it’s made of superior quality.  However, as time will always tell, it can by anything but what it initially appears to be. 

Nothing is worse than cheap leather that peels and tears from a seat within less than a year after purchasing it.  Think about the tacky look that open seat chunks that expose the yellow foam underneath give off.  Such a poor quality seat is comparable to a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that some lazy person took a bite out of the corner of, rather than evenly cutting a square piece. 

The goal to achieve when buying the right ATV seat is to obtain a seat that handles the wear but still will not tear?  Anything less than this level of quality simply doesn’t meet the mark.  Start off your buying research by taking a look at the lowest priced ATV seat that is on the market.  Then, read a minimum of five customer reviews on that particular ATV seat.  If there is any mention of the seat material peeling or tearing, then be sure to cross that particular seat off of your list of consideration.

Vacancy of space: Take this rule of thumb when evaluating whether or not the space available within a storage container unit of an ATV passenger seat is adequate for you.  Measure the amount of available storage space available and the shape outline of that space against the length, width, height, and shape of the largest item(s) that you have to be able to fit inside of the storage container unit. 

What are you are planning to store and ride around with matters.  The amount and type of storage space that a farmer needs may not work for the amount and type of storage space that a camper needs.  The ideal storage container unit will be able to accommodate several of your essential items that you will need to use over the course of an entire day from sun up to sun down, and this include food and beverages.

A thicker and denser form of plastic will hold the weight of heavy duty objects over the long haul.  Keep in mind though that what you gain in plastic thickness might be sacrificed in available storage space.  Try and find something in the middle of the two, guaranteeing both quality material and sufficient room for your goodies.

Materials and Price: As the saying goes “time is money and money is time.”  Basically, if you expect to get a decade time space of use out of your ATV passenger seat, then expect to shell out a larger supply of money.  Again this comes down to customer reviews.  You don’t have to be a vocabulary expert when it comes to ATV passenger seat materials.  The customer reviews will speak for themselves in terms of the seat and storage container material being great or not great.  Do however, be aware of a few key terms such as “polyethylene,” “stainless steel,” and “tarpaulin.”  Expect the best ATV lounger seat to maintain a glossy and non-aging look year after year.

Polyethylene is a type of plastic used in many different products.  Stainless steel helps to keep away that rust and corrosion caused by rainy thunderstorm downpours.  Tarpaulin is a solid tarp material that is reluctant to give in to even the harshest of elements and environments. 

Seat Structure and Make-Up: Take a moment and mentally envision what the best ATV passenger seat looks like for you – a ride where everything is perfect and goes just as planned.  What does that ride look like and how do you specifically benefit from the seat during the ride?  Knowing the answer to this question is the key to picking the right seat design style off of the shelf.

Those who like the convenience of a drink in a holder that they have easy access to, just like in the movie theaters, will want to look at passenger seats with drink holders at the front of both arm rests.  Others who want an all around gentle and soft feel for their rear, back, and arms will like a baggy style seat.  Some will want waterproof storage security, and they should check out passenger seats made of heavy duty plastic.  Then there are also certain people with back problems that will be drawn to passenger seats with a 90 degree make-up to support both their lower and upper back.

Drink holder location(s), lounge or firm seat padding, the amount of width the seat has, places to put and secure storage while riding, and height level of the back support on the seat are the key factors to consider when choosing a particular passenger seat structure and make-up.

Storage Units: Choosing a seat with storage unit compartment(s) is quite simple.  Your storage availability should be able to accommodate the eight to ten items that you know for sure that you will need to use while in the outdoor environment, as well as food and beverages.  If you want a passenger seat with two or more storage units, then that is up to you, but whatever you choose has to be able to fit your essential items.

Consider getting a passenger seat with a storage space design that goes all the way under the arm rests if you need to store longer items, such as metal poles used to setup tents.  Whatever the storage unit design is, it has to be able to fit the biggest essential item that you have to take with you.  Know the length, width, and height of your large item, period.

Withstanding Water: It is important to have a conversation with a store Sales Representative about whether the passenger seat can absorb water or not, and if it will deteriorate in its material quality if it is exposed to water.  This is especially true if you are dealing with leather.  Leather looks superior, but a superior look doesn’t necessarily guarantee a superior quality.  A waterproof ATV passenger seat that you can ride around on throughout a rainy day will bring you no worries.

Look for tightly compressed sealed storage unit compartments.  No drop of water will get past or through this type of ATV seat box.  The masses don’t go anywhere without their phones, phone chargers, iPads, headphones, or tablets.  There would be nothing worse than any of these precious electronics swimming uselessly in a puddle of water at the bottom of a storage container unit or storage bag.  Be very careful about placing these types of volatile electronic products within zipper storage bags.  These are more vulnerable to water.

Special Features: We live in the knowledge explosion era, so it is only natural to want to shop for a product that offers some sort of added bonus of a technology feature.  While speakers may sound appealing and speak volumes of popularity, be sure to ask yourself if the added expense they will bring is really worth it?  Definitely find out if a technology feature, such as speakers, are or are not covered under warranty.

Give careful consideration of thought over how much ATV driving you will do at night, and if you will spend any of that driving time on or near roads where automotive vehicles are likely to be riding.  The auto drivers have to see you and your vehicle way ahead of time, as it is for your safety.  Rear passenger seat reflectors will give off the light you need to make drivers aware of your presence.  For night drivers, the extra financial investment in reflectors that give off light is well worth it.

Do you plan on leaving your ATV vehicle in park for multiple hours why you take tools with you to do a job away from your vehicle?  If so you will want to think about getting a passenger seat with storage bags that detach from the seat.  Detachable bags are great for having everything with you at once, and for eliminating trips to and from your ATV vehicle.  An ATV rear passenger seat that has detachable bags are perfect for day laborers who use tools, wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, nuts, drills, bolts, washers, nails, etc.


How ATV Passenger Seat Bags Benefit You

  • Storage Organization and Arrangement – As you look at the different storage options within different ATV passenger seat bags make an educated assumption as to what items the shapes of the storage compartment bags are designed to hold. Obviously, the larger-sized space bags will help store ATV helmets, middle-sized space bags will be useful for hand-held tools, lunch bags, and beverages, and small-sized space bags will come in handy for parts, such as bolts, to help fasten two objects together.
  • Ice Cold Drinks – A cooler storage compartment unit may be important to you for those days that you will be spending a hot summer afternoon with a group of people that you are riding, camping, or hunting with, and you want to supply drinks to everyone. Freezers even serve as a nice cooler upgrade option for those that want to place meat in them, so that the meat stays fresh for hours on end.


Tough vs. Gentle ATV Mounted Passenger Seat Bags

Tough ATV Mounted Passenger Seat Bags 

  • Positive – Despite unexpected road pothole attacks, you can expect that all of your housed necessities will stay intact. Count on latches that will not give in or let up when riding on even the most challenging of road paths.
  • Negative – While your products will not fly out of the storage compartments they could fly around within the storage compartments. This spells trouble for fragile items that are at high-risk for breaking.  To safeguard against this place products to be stored within clamped plastic containers and boxes, and then store them within the storage compartments.  You can also bubble wrap your products. 

Gentle ATV Mounted Passenger Seat Bags 

  • Positive – For the overly prepared traveler that likes to fit nine pounds of goods within a five pound bag, this is the passenger seat bag for you. These bags offer the flexibility to take on additional storage for those ATV travelers who want the peace of mind in knowing that they didn’t forget anything or leave anything behind. 
  • Negative – Heavy rain and gentle soft passenger seat bags do not mix. Water is more than likely to seep into and collect and increase in level within the storage compartments.  Talk to your Sales Representative to inquire if there is a plastic cover geared for the specific gentle (soft) seat bag that you are considering buying.  Such a cover should fit perfectly over the seat bag just like a blanket.


Frequently Asked Questions

We get many queries regarding the atv seat. Some of them are-

  • What ATV Mounted Passenger Seat Bag is Number One on the Market?

The best passenger seat bag offers a combination of the following: adequate storage space that is waterproof, secure sealing that keeps items within storage even during bumpy rides, mounting compatibility with the major of ATV vehicles on the market, seat material that will hold up and maintain its quality in constant usage and under exposure to all weather conditions, and a seat that provides adequate comfort to the rider.

  • What amount of money can I expect to pay for an ATV passenger seat box or seat bag?

The cost for a high-end ATV rear seat box will range from $175 to $210.  For the budget-oriented customer, it is possible and realistic to buy an ATV rear lounger seat bag for a price from $70 to $125. 

  • Are seats included in the five product models?

Yes, seats are included in all five product models.  Seat designs vary in the width, amount of padding, and in the thinness/thickness that they offer.

  • Am I able to modify the seat dimensions of the passenger seat bag that I buy?

Call the customer service department of the company brand you are interested in buying from and ask them if they can customize the length, width, and height of the seat form to your liking.  Also, keep in mind that if you buy a passenger seat bag with detachable storage bags, then you will have more room to move your legs apart.

  • Does it matter if I don’t buy a weather proof passenger seat bag?

Yes, it does matter.  Buying a weather proof passenger seat bag protects your financial investment.  Even if you pay more money for such as a bag, it will save you a significant deal of money years down the road. 

Don’t let rain ruin your riding parade.

  • Which is better to buy – the passenger seat box or the passenger seat bag?

If your preference is for plush padding when you sit down and for portable bags you can take with you wherever you go, then it’s a no-brainer to go for an ATV lounger seat, which is the seat passenger bag.  However, for an unmovable and unshakable product that delivers on superior material quality that holds up to wear and tear, go with the seat passenger box.

  • Can my kid(s) under age 13 ride on one of these ATV passenger seats?

While a seatbelt and child-sized helmet will enhance the kid’s safety while riding, it is best practice for the kid to wait until they are of driving age before getting onto an ATV passenger seat box or seat bag. 

  • What do I need to take into account before making my final decision on which ATV seat to buy?

Take into account drinking holders, weather proof material that will last, the number of storage compartments and storage space available, and the level of support that the seat gives you while riding.  When you find the combination of these things that suits what you are looking for, then you have found the best ATV rear seat.


Final Verdict

Picking the best ATV passenger seat is all about knowing the comfort level you are looking for in a seat, knowing what items you need to get stored, and knowing whether or not the seat and storage will hold up to years of use and exposure to harsh weather.  Riders will want to buy a seat box or seat bag that is easy to mount on to their existing ATV vehicle, and offer them an exceptional level of quality, security, and stability.  It is worth it to buy an ATV seat box or seat bag because it allows you to keep everything that you need for the day all in one place on your ATV vehicle.


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