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ATV riding is an extreme experience, and you do need to be well protected for that journey. Just like other gears, your ATV boot will also come up as a very important one. Keeping your feet good and going is the job and the best ATV boot does it really well.

A pair of well-suited boots will make sure that your feet do not get wet, they remain comfortable, and thus your riding on the trail be enjoyable. There are boots for ATV riding that come out really expensive, but they sure are worth the money. You can also look for cheap ones, but you might have to keep purchasing them every other year. It is because of the lack of durability. 

Best ATV Boots


It is designed keeping in mind the ideal balance for the customers eliminating unwanted rocking.


These boots offer outstanding impact resistance with their plastic mold, 3D shin protection.


The sizes are well stated for the users to understand quickly to pick the right ones for them.


These come in standard size with their great comfort and stable elastic material.

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5 Best ATV Boots for the Money

It is undoubtedly very essential for you to keep your feet well protected while you are riding an ATV. The best ATV boots will ensure safety and might as well cost a bit high. But it is a suggestion that you spend a bit more if needed for the best ATV boot for the long run.

1. O'Neal 0325-107 Men's New Logo Rider Boot

O’neal produces quality gear accessories with excellent quality material suited for best protection and comfort for a long time.

Depending on different trails and mountain tracks, ATV rides can be pretty hectic. These boots are made with injection-molded plastic plates. It ensures improved resistance to impacts for added support and reinforced shape of the boot inserted with metal shank quality.

For a better fit, if your size is between half measurement, choose the one with the next added half size. These boots come in whole sizes.

It comes with a snap-lock closure mechanism that you can easily adjust according to your preference. You can efficiently operate it no matter how roughly you use it. It ensures durability with its Goodyear welt sole.

It is designed keeping in mind the ideal balance for the customers eliminating unwanted rocking. The metal toe guard offers excellent protection for the sole. The grip of the boot is suitable for any ATV rides, trailing and tracking for the customers at their ease.

These boots also feature great interior mesh providing long hours of heel support. For better weather impact and comfort, these boots are built with a synthetic leather heat shield for eliminating heat damage, and additional foam cushioned insole.

O'Neal 0325-107 Men's New Logo Rider Boot (Black, Size 7)
  • Injection molded plastic plates protect against impacts
  • Metal shank insert Reinforces the shape of the boot and adds support. Fit tip-if you typically wear a half size, order the next size up as boots are only offered in whole sizes
  • Easy to operate, snap-lock adjustable four buckle closure system
  • Air mesh interior, generous heel support and cushioned Insole for extra comfort
  • Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage



bottom line

It is designed keeping in mind the ideal balance for the customers eliminating unwanted rocking.

2. FLY Racing Maverik Boots for Motocross, Off-road, and ATV riding

These boots are designed in a way to fit both recreational and competitive purposes. While choosing boots, comport and protection both are crucial.

Fly racing brands ensure you get the best comfort along with ankle and foot protection for long years. These boots come with a great molded outsole design that gives them an excellent stylish look.

These boots are not bulky at all and light in weight for flexible movement. It comes with an articulated back ankle for enhanced flexibility, ensuring the users get the ideal support at convenience.

These boots don’t wear off quickly as it has additional protection panel with 3D molded plastic shift material.

Boots with impact protection features long-term durability and safety. These boots offer outstanding impact resistance with their plastic mold, 3D shin protection.

It features a gaiter made with elastic to ensure comfort and eliminate openings for dirt and debris with a supporting sealing rim around the calf area. It also has adjustable quick lock buckles to eliminate clogging debris and dirt inside the boot.

For efficient control and comfortable grip, it is designed with a rubber heat shield. It does not melt away quickly and provide comfort for a very long time.

Fly Racing Maverik Boot (White/Black, 7)
  • BOOT SIZES ARE IN MEN'S. OFF-ROAD BOOT PROTECTION: Articulated rear ankle provides you subtle flexibility for easy break in, yet remains supportive
  • PROTECTIVE RIDING GEAR: These CE approved boots are equipped with a variety of features that keep the rider's feet protected and safe, including inner and outer ankle protection, as well as impact protection for the shin.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: These motocross boots feature an elastic gaiter, adjustable quick-lock buckles, and 3D molded plastic shin and shift protection. The rubber heat shield provides protection from the engine and exhaust as well as excellent grip to help control the motorcycle or ATV.
  • MODERN MOLDED SOLE: Featuring an Innovative one piece plastic injected “fish tail” midsole, as well as a molded rubber outsole that is durable, lightweight, and offers a good level of grip.
  • RIDING GEAR DONE RIGHT: Inspired by racing, driven by adventure, and crafted for performance, FLY Racing delivers quality boots for men, women, and children alike.



bottom line

These boots offer outstanding impact resistance with their plastic mold, 3D shin protection.

3. O'Neal 0332-107 Element Men's Boots BLACK 7

These boots are built with quality and high-grade sturdy material to ensure durability and comfort at the same time. The sizes are well stated for the users to understand quickly to pick the right ones for them.

These boots come at a pretty reasonable price compared to the quality it is built with. Whether it is for your off-roading adventure fun or racing, trailing, tracking with your ATVs, these boots will serve you for the long term with the same performance, quality, comfort, protection to your feet.

It offers incredible impact protection along with metal shank insertion for the boot’s reinforced shape and added support.

The snap-lock adjustability system ensures easier and quick movement of the feet while wearing on and off the boots. Its Velcro strap seals the top of the opening to prevent any dirt.

For better balance, a welt sole is used to eliminate unstable bouncing or rocking. It comes with a metal toe protective guard for additional safety for the soles from thorns, rocks suitable for ATV off-riding.

Perfect grip sole ensures enhanced safety, balancing, and protection for tracking, trailing with ATVs.

Like other O’neal boot models, it has the same air mesh interior, heat preventing leather shield from the engine, and exhaustion made with synthetic leather.

You can also replace the straps and buckles if required for this boot.

O'Neal mens Element Boot, Black, 7
  • Metal shank insert reinforces the shape of the boot and adds support
  • Easy to operate, Snap-Lock adjustable four buckle closure system
  • Metal toe guard to protect the sole against delaminating
  • Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage
  • Air mesh interior, generous heel support and cushioned insole for extra comfort



bottom line

The sizes are well stated for the users to understand quickly to pick the right ones for them.

4. CHCYCLE Motorcycle Motorbike Shift Pad Shoe Boot Cover Protective Gear Black

These boots are made with high-grade sturdy material for enhanced durability. These boots offer excellent protection for your shoes from grease and scuffs. It is designed with soft rubber material for a better fit and also resistant to abrasion.

These are designed to fit for all, comes in standard size with their great comfort and stable elastic material. The adjustable Velcro straps are designed to adjust according to the users’ convenience and preference. The straps can be easily adjusted and operate quickly.

These boots are very light in weight, so you don’t feel the additional weight, restraint while moving. You can easily change, ride off trails preventing damaging your shoes.

CHCYCLE Motorcycle Motorbike Shift Pad Shoe Boot Cover Protective Gear
  • Anti-slip silion,Using TPU soft rubber, wear-resistant, non slip velcro can be adjusted according to the actual needs
  • Fastened to shoelace,Fastened to toe cap.Its easy to put on and straps to your laces so it doesn't slip off
  • Light, easy to carry. Help to change gear without damaging shoes
  • nice and easy to use boot protector, Abrasion resistant,Soft rubber allows for tight fit to most size boots and shoes



bottom line

These come in standard size with their great comfort and stable elastic material.

5. Alpinestars Men's Tech 7 Motocross Boot, Black, 5

These boots are designed with dual-compound sold for better comfort. Unlike other quality boots, they are not painful at all. These boots come with redesigned Achilles accordion and instep flex zone structure for incredible performance, ensuring comfort, safety, control, support, and protection.

It is designed with rubber grip pattern for superior performance and service. You can also replace the footpeg and sole if required.

Its rubber sole ensures excellent comfort but also the finest grip and control while off-roading. It comes with a dual closure feature in an anatomically structured shin plate. The quality of the shin plate is built connected securely with an adjustable buckle for enhanced durability and reliability.

For the finest fitting, its Velcro strap comes with an internal microfiber flap.

It features incredible release and locking functioning with innovative buckle closure attachment. It offers a self-aligning structure for easier and quicker maneuver. It is suitable for high-impact resistance for improving riding.

Alpinestars 2012014-10-5 Tech 7 Boots Black Sz 05
  • Product Type :Boot
  • Package Dimensions :55.626 Cm L X35.814 Cm W X13.462 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :Thailand
  • Package Weight :8.7Lbs



bottom line

These boots are made for high durability and safety. But at the same time, they provide incredible comfort for your feet.

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Buying Guide

What To Look For In The Best ATV Boots for the Money?

There are some crucial things to consider when you go for the buy. The size, the material, the price, the durability, the safety; all come under consideration for your chosen boot for ATV. You need to learn well about your expectations and go for the best option.

What to look for in an ATV boot

You need to be well aware of the features you prefer in your boot for ATV. You would definitely look for the pair that sustains for a more extended period and gives you the comfort you want. A wrong match would cause significant damage to your precious feet. So it is essential to choose the best boot for yourself. Here I have added a guideline for you to know the right features for the best ATV riding boots-

  • Leather uppers and leather plates can be of consideration.
  • Do look for the ankle padding inside your boot. Make sure it gives you the comfort you ask for.
  • If there is an inner lining, it will ensure that the water remains out of the boot.
  • For better grip, choose the pair with rubber soles.
  • You will find the boot very easy to put on and off with aluminum buckles with a quick-release feature and impressive durability.
  • Composite or curved plastic shin plates will ensure extra protection.
  • Get the boot that has toe box plate guards on the inside and outside.
  • Inner steel plates provide strength and protection.

The mentioned features indeed make a boot suitable for any environment and will provide you excellent comfort and protection.


One thing is certain that a boot that fits your feet comfortably is a boot worth the money. An expensive but uncomfortable ATV riding boot will surely make you regret buying it. The very first step is to make sure that you choose the right size. A wrong-sized boot creates discomfort, and you might end up quitting your trail early. Search for the perfect size which will help you stand on your feet for hours while out with the ATV.

 An uncomfortable boot is both a safety concern and a waste of money. During the summer, it is supposed to get hot inside the shoe. So spend some extra time to find the right pair of shoes.

The best ATV boots feature waterproofing. Having wet feet is not only uncomfortable but also unhygienic and might cause damage to your feet. Airflow inside the boot is somewhat essential. Good airflow keeps your feet cool. But in another sense, if the boot is preferably hollow, the water is likely to get inside.

Ankle flexibility is another important issue while talking about comfort. It is also critical in riding your ATV. It is quite necessary that you feel comfortable while shifting your gear or pressing on the rear brake. You might need wider boots if it is required but make sure the boot is not so big that it causes a disturbance. Wide boots would get caught on the machine while braking, so does choose wisely.


While helmets and goggles are such essential items when riding ATV, the boot also comes up as protective gear. The best ATV boot will provide your shin safety from getting harmed if in a crash. Your ankle would also be protected from your foot getting caught on the ground. And your calf will also remain safe from burns and heat.

Sometimes on rough terrain, the ATV might flip over on your feet. The boot prevents your feet from getting hurt in case of the machine rolling over. A good quality boot will ensure that you have a safe journey on the trail.

A cheap ATV riding boot has lots of drawbacks. The ankle support may get damaged pretty early. You will find leather flaps as shin guards who would not protect your shin from getting broken. Find the pair with a shin guard made of hardened plastic or thermoplastic material to ensure better safety.


The material of the boot decides the level of comfort and safety for your boot. Leather is a very popular material for ATV boots. It is comfortable and durable. But there is the use of fake leather for keeping the price low, and you need to make sure you choose the right product.

Kevlar protection can also be observed, and the service is quite remarkable. Boots are made of modern light fabrics with metal padding and plastic plates for extra protection.

For maximum airflow, there are Gore-Tex boots. These are waterproof membranes that ensure adequate airflow and zero water inside.

Thermal Plastic polyurethane is a material renowned for extra protection from cold winds and abrasion resistance.


Sole is an all-important part of your boot, and this part has to deal with damages the most. A good rubber sole will ensure good grip and thus excellent safety.


All footwear, especially for outdoor use, has to provide longevity, durability, and dependability. You must choose wisely and, if needed, spend a good chunk of money if your chosen pair ensures these features.   


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