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Are you missing out on all the off-road fun while driving your ATV just because of poor quality mud tire? Well, you are not alone. There are many like you who have already wasted a lot of time finding out the best ATV mud tires.

best atv mud tires

It is specially made for the tough road and high-performance sports.


The ITP mud lite tire can provide a great experience and can give the toughest challenge to anyone.


It is very sturdy and durable. The price of it is very reasonable. It provides excellent traction and smooth run in the muddy area. It’s lightweight but sturdy enough.


We like everything about this tire and didn’t find any bad things yet.

The 25*25*8 dimension is suitable for adjusting with any size of ATV.


Those who want security along with high performance can go for this tire.


Comparing to other ATV tires, it provides the best traction. It is sturdier and more durable. The maximum capacity of this tire is 420 pounds.


The packaging of this tire can be improved.

The design and high quality have made the tire durable and sturdy.


Those who are looking for extreme performance with extended life can buy this for their ATV.


This is one of the best four-wheeler mud tires- two tires are for the front and other two for the rear. Nylon material ensures puncture and cut resistance.


The tires are slightly smaller than the regular size.

This is a tubeless tire. The front size is 25*9-12, and the rear is 25*10-12.


The angled tread is just perfect for holding the traction in any wet and dry terrains.


For the full tread amount, the tire is quite easy to wash. It is specially made for the all-weather condition. It can perform well both on the uneven and flat surface.


Your ATV won’t get a sporty look with this tire.

Driving ATV or All-Terrain Vehicles is always fun and challenging if the right tires are accompanying you. When it comes to choosing the mud tire, a wide array of choices will surely confuse anyone. But not to worry! We are here to help you select the best mud tire for ATV.

Mud is always risky for the tire. As mud is very sticky, it is quite challenging to clean up. So, if you are living in an area where rain is a common issue, and the surface always becomes muddy, you can’t manage your ride with the regular vehicle. A regular car with the proper tire might get stuck on the mud easily, and there will be no rescue option. This is why people drive ATVs on the muddy and other challenging terrains where the regular vehicle can’t reach out.

Mud tires are specially made for the difficult terrains with different materials and mechanics. However, the tire is not only used for running on the muddy ground but also for the snow or rocky surface.


Editor's Choice

It is specially made for the tough road and high-performance sports.

Editor's Rating


The 25*25*8 dimension is suitable for adjusting with any size of ATV.

Editor's Rating


Those who are looking for extreme performance can buy this for their ATV.

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The angled tread is just perfect for holding the traction in any wet and dry terrains.

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Most Popular Top 7 Mud Tire Reviews

We have analysed a broad spectrum of tires in the market and selected 7 top ATV mud tires for you. This review will cover all type and budget of mud ATV tire. Find out the 10 top picks from below –

1. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12: Best Overall

This is one of the best mud and trail ATV tires available in the market today. It is specially made for the tough road and high-performance sports. The extended-wear rubber gives it extended life and superb durability.

This is an all-weather tire specially crafted for covering the most challenging trail. It is the best choice for the muddy and soft snowy area. It comes with a 3/4th inch lug. The 6-ply rating has made it suitable to run in all-terrain.

Though it is the lightest ATV mud tire, it can provide a superb grip on the muddy trail. It can glide over the muddy surface quietly. For the smooth and stable ride, this could be the best option for all ATV users.

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12
  • 3/4 inch lug
  • Sized for use on most late-model
  • high-performance sport ATV's
  • Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value
  • Revolutionary all-conditions tire: it's a 6-ply mud tire that's designed for the trail



If you think you have to pay a hefty amount to get this superb tire, you are wrong. This tire comes with a very economical price tag, which is affordable by everyone.

bottom line

So, the ITP mud lite tire can provide a great experience to the ATV riders and can give the toughest challenge to anyone.

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire: Best Overall

Those who are looking for a high-quality tubeless tire can go for the Kenda Bearclaw K299 . It provides maximum traction and can make a way through the thickest terrain. It weighs only 17.4 pounds. The 25*25*8 dimension is suitable for adjusting with any size of ATV.

The incredible feature is that it comes with a built-in rim. This rim protects the tire from all kinds of dents. The central lug of it provides extra traction and stability.

It also allows you to navigate through the thickest terrain, maintaining the proper balance and traction. So, you don’t feel any trouble going through the mud pit or other soft territories. Moreover, it is quite easy to install on any vehicle. While going for a long ride, you don’t have to be worried if the tire gets punctured. You can replace them at any time quickly.

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 25X8.00-12
  • Tire only; rim sold separately; non-highway use only
  • The Kenda Bearclaw features angled knobs to do dig into the terrain for maximum traction and a 6-ply rated extra-tough casing to resist punctures
  • The center lugs provide extra traction and better control; the built-in rim guard protects your wheel from dings and dents
  • Long-range tread compound
  • 6-ply rating; 340 pounds load capacity; tubeless



You can enjoy safety and stability all through your ride with this mud ATV tire. It comes with an angled knob that can get traction to any terrain. As its also protected from dents, you can even ride your ATV to any area without having a fear of getting your tire punctured.

So, this is one of the best mudding tires for ATV as it has gained a lot of popularity for its exceptional performance. Its sturdy, durable, and detailed feature has made it one of our top picks.

bottom line

Those who want security along with high performance can go for this tire.

3. Complete Set of 4 All-Terrain Tires by Motoos: Best Overall

When it comes to facing the real challenges on the muddy road, Motoos complete set of 4 All-Terrain ATV tire is indeed the top choice among all. The unique design and high quality have made the tire durable and most sturdy on the road.

The nylon material with six-ply ratings is puncture and cut proof. The sidewalls and rims of this tire are protected y the extra shoulder lugs. This is the reason it can run efficiently on mud, rock, snow, and dirt.

The size of the tire for rear and front are different. The unique design of the tire provides the driver with a smooth and stable ride on the aberrant terrain.

Complete Set of 4 All Terrain ATV UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear 6PR Tubeless
  • Full set (2 front + 2 rear) Tubeless tires packed in 2 packages for complete replacement; Original equipment tread design, fitments for a variety of 2 and 4 wheel drive ATV applications
  • Tread depth: 0.79", 25x8.00-12 (Rim Width: 6.5", 370lbs@14psi), 25x10.00-12 (Rim Width: 8", 420lbs@14psi)
  • Heavy 6 ply rated nylon construction resists punctures and abrasions; Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock; Superior traction in woods; Great in the desert
  • Suitable for desert, mud, dirt and rock applications. Truly, a great all terrain tire for your ATV / UTV



bottom line

Those who are looking for extreme performance with extended life can buy this for their ATV.

4. SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires: Best Overall

SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain provide high performance and excellent traction on the difficult condition of the road. Be it desert, mud, or rocks; this tire is suitable for all type of roads. This is a tubeless tire. The front size is 25*9-12, and the rear is 25*10-12.

One of the most common problems people face is puncture after using it for a few days. The SunF Power.I tires are made with the puncture-resistant technology. Six ply materials are used to make the tire sturdier and durable on the road. As it comes with full tread, it is easier to handle the ATV.



bottom line

So, those who are looking for an affordable option for tire replacement can go for it. The angled tread is just perfect for holding the traction in any wet and dry terrains.

5. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire - 16X8-7: Best Overall

While shopping, you will encounter with a number of low quality and high-quality tires. If you want to buy a quality one, you should buy it from the leading brand. Carlisle is a recognized brand for making high-quality tires for a long time. If we talk about Carlisle Knobby ATV tire, this is one of the top in the market. The knobby structure can hold a grip on the mud and loose soil.

It is long-lasting. It doesn’t roll over easily even if you run the ATV at high speed. It is a heat-stable tire. So, it doesn’t crack and weaken on the road.

It is one of the most versatile choice which is suitable to ride on every type of terrain. The design and configuration of it have made it easy to navigate and control.

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire - 16X8-7
  • ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side by Side Vehicles, and Fun-Karts
  • Long lasting materials
  • Damage resistant construction
  • Increased traction



bottom line

It provides excellent traction and stability both on the off-road and on-road. So, those who want a versatile tire can get this one.

6. Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire: Best Overall

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain radial tire has drawn attention and become popular very quickly right after being launched. High performance, sporty look, and modern technology have made it one of the perfect tires in recent times.

It is suitable to go in any terrain, be it mud or rock or sand. The incredible thing about this tire is its price. The price of it is lower than most of the top brands in the market.

It comes with a tread void that can clean itself properly without any complications. This tire usually provides more traction in the wet or snowy area.

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire - 31X10.50R15 109Q
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height of the Product is 31. 7 inches
  • The Package Length of the Product is 30. 7 inches
  • The Package Width of the Product is 30. 7 inches



bottom line

So, if you are looking for a low price but a high-quality tire, you can get this tire for your ATV. This tire provides excellent performance in any terrain without much hassle.

7. OTR 350 Mag 25 x 10.00-12 Off-Road TIRE : Best Overall

OTR 350 Mag tire offers great traction and superb performance in all-terrain. It comes with a non-directional tread pattern.

The OTR MAG tire is highly suitable for ATV. It is a long-lasting tire that can hit any trails, even the mud puddle.

The unique design of this tire gives a gorgeous look to the ATV. You can experience a smooth ride due to its shock absorption ability. Comparing to other ATV tires, it supports more load rating.

It is available in three sizes. All of them come in separate front and rear dimensions.

OTR 350 Mag 25 x 10.00-12 ATV/RTV/UTV Off Road TIRE ONLY
  • ATV Tire
  • Package Dimensions: 57.15 H x 27.94 L x 57.15 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 12.202 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : Taiwan



bottom line

So, this tire is an excellent value for money, and users are happy about the performance so far.

Buying Guide

What To Check Before Buying

The performance of ATV is depended on the tire entirely. But choosing the right mud ATV tire is always tiresome as you will get a lot of options available in the market. However, looking for the best trail and mud ATV tire review above, you can easily decide which is the right option for you.

While choosing, you should also look for some basic features of it. Here, you will get a comprehensive guide to choosing the suitable mud ATV tire of your need.

  • Quality

Quality rubber is used to manufacture the best ATV tires for trail and mud. The rubber used for ATV should be different than the rubber used in making tires for other vehicles. As the tire would be running on a muddy road, it should come with proper traction and durability so that it won’t be stuck in the mud easily.

While buying the mud ATV tire, you should always remember, for the quality tire, you should spend more. High-quality tires would not come at a lower price. The cheap ATV tire comes with low-quality rubber material and doesn’t provide proper traction. It also tends to wear off easily.

So, if you want to get the best off-road experience with ATV, choose a sturdy, durable, and flexible tire made of quality rubber material.

  • Ply rating

If you are a noob in choosing the tire for your ATV, you should check the quality of the tire by its ply rating. The selection of the rating will also be depended on the user of it. For example, if the ATV is used for racing, the sportsperson will go for the lower ply rating of the mud ATV tire. Low ply rating offers better control on the vehicle in the tight roads.

Again, the general ATV drivers always go for high-quality tires, which come with a higher ply rating. A higher ply rating offers sturdiness and security. If you want to drive safely on the road with ATV, you will require tires of 6 ply. However, a minimum of 4 thickness is needed to reach your destination without any barrier on the road.

Mud tire for ATV with a six-ply rating is stable and puncture resistance. These tires can cover a long distance without any wear and tear.

  • Easy installation

Mud ATV tires come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Some of them are quite easy to install, where some of them take a lot of time and mechanical skills to mount. Those who don’t have enough mechanical ability to fit a tire should go for the one which is easy to install.

Generally, ATV is made for running on tough roads like mountain trails, muddy and bumpy roads. While covering long distances, in particular weather and road conditions, you might have to change the tire on an emergency basis. If you buy tires with the easy installation feature, you can also save money each year by installing them on your own. However, if you are driving ATV regularly, you should acquire some mechanical skill to install any tire in an emergency easily.

  • Price

While buying mud tires, price is the thing that can confuse you the most. With different options and different pricing, it is always challenging to choose the right set of tires for your ATV. However, the price of the single tire might start from $30 and goes to a couple of hundreds. You have to spend $200 to $400 to get a standard set of tires for your ATV.

Besides making a particular budget for your tire, you should also find out the most suitable tire for your vehicle. There should be a perfect match between the price and the quality of the tires.

  • Right fit

Another most important thing to look for while buying a mud ATV tire is the right size of it. The tire should fit well with your ATV. Different manufacturers make tires of different sizes and specifications.

Comparing the weight and size of the ATV, one can choose the suitable tire running for muddy areas. You can also check the size of the current tire to determine which size would be the right fit for your ATV.  

When paying for the ATV tires, check what is coming in the package. Mostly the tire and rims are bought together. Some manufacturers sell them together, where some sell them separately. However, both of them are required to run your ATV in extreme road conditions and all-weather.

  • Pressure

Keeping the right pressure, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, is mandatory to drive ATV smoothly on the road. The pressure of the mud ATV tire ranges from 5 to 15 psi. For driving on soft surfaces like mud, soft snow, or loose sand, you should keep the pressure about 2.5 psi.

The pressure is not only dependent on the terrain but also on the load you are taking on your ATV. For the single rider with no load, you need to maintain absolute pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. When you take loads or more passengers, you will need to adjust the weight accordingly. 

It is the best practice to check the pressure of the tire before running your ATV on the long road.

  • Flat or Roundtop tires

The tires are available in flat and round shapes. The different shape is mainly used for various purposes. For the Utility ATV, the round top tires are installed, and for the racing ATV, the flat high tires are the best choice.

For the soft and smooth ride, the round top tire is the best choice. It is versatile and can run over the hard and challenging trails efficiently.

  • Traction

The tread pattern of the tire defines the traction. Having proper traction on the tire is required for the best performance of ATV. If your tires have the right traction, you can navigate your ATV to any terrain without having a fear of sliding or slipping.

  • Tread

Tread is a significant feature to look at while choosing a tire for your ATV. Tread offers durability and also ensure high performance while covering the hard corners quickly. When you drive your ATV to challenge terrains like mud or soft snow, it holds the ground and moves your ATV without much hassle.

On the other hand, the flat top tires provide excellent grip on the controlled surface. These tires are designed for medium to hard trails.


Types of ATV Mud Tires

One can use two types of tires for driving ATV on the muddy surface. These are-

  • Heavy-duty tire

Those who want to drive ATV off-road can go for these tires. These aggressive ATV mud tires are designed specially with improved traction and grip. The thick tread pattern offers superb grip and durability on the road. For the sand, mud, and rocky terrain, these tires are a perfect choice.

  • All-terrain tire

All-terrain tires are general tires suitable for all types of road. However, they don’t provide support for the extreme condition of the way. These mud ATV tires run well both on and off-road.


Advantages of using ATV mud tire

For driving ATV on the muddy road, one should get tires that are specially made for running on mud smoothly. Some choose standard tires for driving on all terrains and end up damaging the tire and the vehicle as well. So, what are the advantages of using the mud ATV tire? Few of them are discussed below-

  • Traction – The tires made for the muddy terrain comes with excellent traction. Where the other tires might get stuck on the mud, the mud ATV tires are specially designed to get a hold on the ground. The tires are firmly rooted to the ground and give you a smooth ride helping you to get the proper balance on the seat. 
  • Safety – The mud ATV tire offers excellent protection to the rider. The high-quality tires can go smoothly on the challenging obstacle without hurting you much. These tires are made for running on the rocky road and muddy trails without slowing a bit.
  • Great performance – While you might get stuck on the tough road with the standard tire, the mud ATV tires offer you high performance and make your adventure more enjoyable. Along with the superb performance, these tires provide your ATV more power to run on the uneven and toughest road. 
  • Durability – The ATV mud tires are more durable than the other type of tires. While driving on the steep terrain, you will find out many obstacles. The tire can handle all kinds of obstacles easily. It is highly durable and runs for a long time without any wear or tear. So, you don’t have to replace them frequently.


Different parts of ATV mud tires

For a better understanding of the mud tire, you should know about the different parts of it. The elements of this tire are-

  • Bead

Bead in the tire connects with the rim of the wheel. Made of rubber, the bead is reinforced with steel wire. Generally, the tire size is depended on the width of the edge. The bead should be placed against the rims to hold the air in the tire. Distance between two tires should be longer than the width of the edge. It provides the right fit of the rim and bead. 

  • Tread

Tread is the outer part of the tire that touches the surface of the road. The part of the tread which contacts the road is called the contact patch. The traction of the tire is depended on the material used in the tread. Generally, the wear-resistant elastomer is used for better traction in the tire. 

  • Lug

Lug is an additional portion of tread which lays out the grip for better traction. The shape and design of the tread provide the final look of the tire. The lugs come in different types. And different tires require different numbers of lugs. The performance of the tire is depended on the number and concentration of the tread.

Lugs can be placed on the tire in both symmetrical and non-symmetrical pattern. It can come in any size, depending on the size of the tire.

The lug height should be matched with the width of it. For different road conditions, a separate lug is required. If you are driving the ATV on the muddy surface, the footprint of the tire should dig into the mud prominently. However, the grip should not be too deep that the tire sinks into the mud and get stuck quickly.

For better performance, the ATV mud tires come with a hemispherical tread profile.

  • Void

The easiest way to measure the performance of the tire is with the void ratio. You can divide the void area by tread area and get your tire performance. Remember, the higher void ratio indicated the small footprint, and the low ratio means more contacts to the ground.

A void is an area which is situated between two lugs. These lugs are adjacent to each other. For the mud ATV tire, the average ratio of the void area is recommended. This ratio ensures less mud and dirt on your tire while coming back from the long cruise.

  • Groove

Groove is a peripheral channel which keeps away the mud and water from the footprint. This groove can be of straight pattern or zigzag patterned.

  • Sidewall and Shoulder

Sidewall makes contact between the bead and thread. To get more strength on the tire, it is made of low flexibility rubber, which can be reinforced by steel. It is used for transmitting the torque on the wheel. 

The shoulder is a part of the tread, which is used to provide a transition from the tread to sidewalls.


FAQ about Best ATV mud tires

We often get asked random questions about ATV. Here I am providing the answer to some frequently asked questions.

  • What are the most important features of a mud tire?

Some important features you must look for while buying mud ATV tires are quality, traction, ply rating, and price.

  • What is the difference between a regular tire and a mud tire?

The regular tire is made of ordinary rubber, which is suitable for running on the plain road but not on the bumpy, rocky, and muddy road. These tires tend to wear off on the tough terrains easily.

On the other hand, the mud ATV tire is specially made with flexible and high-quality rubber. These are aggressive and can stand still on the harshest condition of the road. 

  • How to determine the size of the tire while buying a new set?

Different tires come in different sizes, features, and dimensions. If you closely monitor the tire, you will find out the product description written on it. Some tires also mention on which ATV they will fit right. If you still have confusion, you can check out the old set of the tire to determine the dimension and buy a new set according to it.

  • Can I install the ATV mud tires by myself?

Yes, why not? There is not much difference between installing the regular tires and ATV tires. So, if you have basic knowledge of installing and setting up tires, you should be able to install ATV tires by yourself. However, if you don’t know how to change and install it, you should contact professional mechanics to get your job done.

So, the mud tires come with special features to give you a smooth and uninterrupted ride in muddy terrain. Choosing the best tire, you can flexibly ride your ATV to any terrain without any difficulties.


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