Best pants for ATV riding

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Comfort and protection are fundamental reasons for owning an ATV riding pant. Many gears are available in the market, but not all of them are top-notch to meet your needs. It would be best if you selected the best that will enable you to enjoy driving your machine.

Best pants for ATV riding


The HMK cargo pants are an excellent choice for riding your ATV as they have great visibility with quality fabric.


This is a superior product that is protective and gives you a stylish look as you ride your ATV


O’Neal manufactures the pant to offer you both protection and comfort while riding your machine.


This is an excellent choice for driving your ATV as it provides you with comfort as you ride your vehicle.


6 Best pants for ATV riding

When selecting a riding pant, you should consider buying one that fits perfectly, from a durable material. Easy to clean and has a ventilation system to allow sufficient airflow. It would also be best to select a gear that has a bright color for visibility and suitable for different climatic conditions.

This article will discuss and give insights on the appropriate gear, the best pants in the market, and what you should not wear when driving your vehicle through the trails. Read on.

1. HWK Hi-Viz All-purpose ATV riding gear

HWK Cargo gear is a superior quality waterproof product that is available in different sizes. They are suitable for ATV driving in other climatic conditions because they are not sweaty as most cargo pants. They are silver in color with a reflective logo and fluorescent green panels for increased visibility.

Their production is from high-quality and durable polyester and poly-fabric. The pant has air vents that increase airflow to enable sufficient ventilation. You can use the air vents after removing the liner panels. They have a great fitting, and you can wear them with jeans and other trousers. You will find a pair of the pant on Amazon for a price of $59.9.

Why is HWK the best waterproof ATV pants?

  • They are water-resistant with a detachable Reissa lining and have a top-quality zipper closure.
  • The gear has excellent visibility at night with 5H scotch lite reflective tape and silver body thread. They also have a logo that reflects lights and fluorescent green panels.
  • The product’s dimensions are 15.67*12.91*4.41 inches, and they weigh 3.17 pounds.
  • Their production is from durable 600D polyester and 100D poly-fabric textile material.
  • They have CE armored knees and hip impact protectors and stitches with reinforcements to prevent tearing after use.
  • They have four pockets with cargo style design and an adjustable waist system with hooks and loops for customized fitting. The curves also enable the pant to attach to the jacket.
  • The product has two gigantic air vent mesh that increases airflow to enhance ventilation.
HWK Motorcycle Pants Cargo Pants Work Pants for Men Dirt Bike Adventure Dualsport Racing Riding Rain Waterproof Pant Hi-Vis 4-Season Armored All-Purpose...
  • ✅ALL-WEATHER: 100% Water resistant pants with a detachable REISSA LINING. GIGANTIC MICRO-MESH air vents can be used after removing the water resistant rain pants liner for tons of air-flow.
  • ✅CE ARMORED (REMOVABLE) knees and hip protectors for impact protection motorcycle pants mens. Advanced reinforced poly-fabric 600D and 1000D textile outer-shell for abrasion resistance. #HWK to join our growing community of moto enthusiasts 🙂
  • ✅EXTREMELY HIGH-VISIBILITY: 5H Scotchlite reflective tape and piping motocross pants & silver body thread with reflective logo and fluorescent green panels. Adjustable waist system with hook & loop closure for highly customisable fit.
  • ✅ 4-POCKET DESIGN: Zippered water resistant hand pockets with additional cargo-style pockets. ALL-PURPOSE mens cargo pants can be used for all types of everyday travelling or working routines. These can also be used as motorcycle overpants with trousers and jeans
  • ✅LIFETIME WARRANTY: These ALL-PURPOSE daily-use HWK pants can also be used as tactical pants, work pants and cargo pants for men that will serve you for a lifetime, if anything goes wrong just message us for a replacement 🙂



bottom line

The HMK cargo pants are an excellent choice for riding your ATV as they have great visibility with quality fabric.

2. O'Neal 0123-136 Mayhem Crank Men's Pants

The Mayhem riding gear is unisex with a stylish graphic design suitable for all-terrain driving. The pant is black with a brightly colored design that enhances its visibility. It is are also ideal for different climatic conditions to keep you warm during cold seasons and cool when it’s hot.

They are high-quality multi-purpose pants with a leather heat shield for comfort and durability. It has straps and an adjustable waist system that enables it to suit you perfectly. It is also available in different sizes for your selection. On Amazon, a pair goes for $100.04.

Why is the O’Neal Mayhem crank the best ATV pant for you?

  • Its dimensions are 26*1*2 inches, and it weighs 3.52 ounces.
  • O’Neal uses durable denier fabric with triple stitches to make them strong.
  • It is has a waist system that is adjustable and reinforced with hooks and loops for a perfect fitting.
  • The pant has removal Eva foam that protects your hip and knee against injuries in case of an accident.
  • It has stretchable panels in specific areas to enhance your movement.
  • The pant has a streamlining and is lightweight, making it ideal for different climatic conditions.
  • It has adjustable velcro straps that also enhance how it fits you.
O'Neal 0123-136 Men's Mayhem Crank Men's Pant (Black/Multi, Size 36)
  • Streamlined and lightweight design for the serious racer. No rubber thigh patches for reduced weight and increased mobility
  • Durable denier fabrics with triple stitching in critical areas and Leather heat shield. Reinforced and adjustable elastic waist system with hook-and-loop closure for a precise fit
  • Double snaps at waist closure, reinforced with hook and loop to stay secure and keep the zipper in its place
  • Stretch panels in key points for great freedom of movement with Vented mesh liner. Ergonomically correct with Tapered lower leg
  • Removable EVA foam hip protectors



bottom line

The Mayhem Crank riding gear is a superior product that is protective and gives you a stylish look as you ride your ATV

3. O'Neal Element Pants Racewear

The O’Neal Element is a superior pant that provides you with both comfort and protection as you drive your ATV. It is available in white and black and in different sizes from 28-52. It is suitable for all all-terrain vehicles. Their production is from durable denier fabric that enables them to serve you for a long time without tearing.

They are adjustable and breathable, enabling them to have sufficient ventilation. In addition, the pant looks good and is easy to clean after use. On Amazon, a pair goes for $79.99.

Why is the O’Neal Element the best ATV riding pants?

  • They are heavy-duty but still lightweight, making them ideal for different terrains.
  • The riding gear is universal wear, whose dimensions are 23.5*13*1 inches and weigh 1.65 pounds.
  • O’Neal uses durable denier fabric material to make them long-lasting and good-looking.
  • The pant has an elastic waist with an adjustable ratchet closure system that provides a secure and snug-fitting.
  • It has stretchy panels in the front, back, and knees to provide you with freedom of movement.
  • It is fully lined on the inside to provide you with extra comfort.
  • The pant has removal internal Eva foam on the hip to enhance safety against an injury in case of an accident.
O'Neal Element Adult Pants Racewear, Black/White, 42
  • Heavy duty but lightweight denier fabrics provide the perfect combination of comfort and protection while riding
  • Lighter weight, more breathable panels, positioned away from bike contact points
  • Elastic waist with adjustable ratchet closure system for a secure and snug fit
  • Fully lined for added comfort
  • Stretch panels in key points on the front, back, and knees of pants for great freedom-of-movement



bottom line

O’Neal manufactures the pant to offer you both protection and comfort while riding your machine.

4. Fly Racing 2020 off Road Riding Gear

The 2020 race pant is a top-notch off-road gear that fits perfectly and offers you comfort as you ride your vehicle. The pant is black and suitable for both men and women. In addition, they give you a sharp look and have an overboot design that gives you extra comfort.

They have a zipper closure system and multiple pockets that enable you to carry tools of your choice. They are available in various accurate sizes to allow you to make an order of your actual size. It is well ventilated to ensure you are comfortable. It goes for $139.95 on Amazon.

Why are the Fly Racing the best ATV pants?

  • They have a zipper closure system that provides comfort while driving your all-terrain vehicle.
  • Its over-boot design with a perfect fitting gives you a sharp look.
  • The riding gear has a mesh liner that increases airflow and ventilation, giving you superior comfort.
  • They have six large zipper vents on the front and back of the upper leg. The knee zippers also offer additional airflow.
  • They also have two external pockets that enable you to carry your cargo. They also have internal pockets.
  • They have an internal waistband that holds the pant in position and prevents it from falling off.
  • They have a large zipper on each side of the pant that allows you to open the pant up and enables them to roll over your boot.



bottom line

The Fly Race ATV gear is an excellent choice for driving your ATV as it provides you with comfort as you ride your vehicle.

5. KLIM Dakar Riding gear

Klim produces the best gear for your machine. It is a quality grey pant that offers you protection and comfort while driving through the terrain. Furthermore, the product’s fabric is a long-lasting, water-resistant material that allows you to wear them in different climatic conditions.

They have adjustable zipper vents that enable sufficient ventilation through constant airflow. They have a perfect fitting with side waist straps that you can adjust to prevent them from slipping off. Both women and men can wear them, making them convenient for family use.

Why is the Klim Dakar riding pant listed among the best waterproof ATV pants?

  • Their dimensions are 26*16*12 inches, and they weigh 2.3 pounds.
  • The all-terrain gear is available in different sizes, and they are grey.
  • They have an 840D Cordura that has a knee integration.
  • The riding gear also has 600D Cordura scratch-resistant fabric that has a great firmness.
  • It has embroidery logos and low-profile pockets that enable you to carry items while trailing.
  • The inside of the knee area has genuine leather that protects from impact in an accident.
KLIM Dakar in The Boot Pant 36 Gray



bottom line

Klim Dakar gear is ideal for ATV driving as they are comfortable, adjustable, and suitable for changing climatic conditions.

6. Fly Racing 2019 Kinetic Riding Gear

The 2019 gear is reliable and classic wear for both men and women when driving their ATVs. The ATV riding gear is superior and is available in different sizes. They come in blue/port color that makes them visible even at night. They are adjustable and fit perfectly depending on your size, making you comfortable as you ride.

These ATV gear have a laser-cut, are lightweight for precise breathability, and are easy to wash and maintain. They have pockets inside the waistbands that enable you to carry a few items with you while driving. The materials for their construction are flexible and durable, making them ideal for riding an ATV.

Why is the 2019 Kinetic the best ATV riding pants?

  • Their dimensions are 22.56*15.08*3.58 inches, and they weigh 1.8 pounds.
  • They have a mesh liner that keeps you cool and calm as you ride.
  • The material that makes them is a 900D multi-directional stretch with rib panels to enhance its flexibility.
  • The gear has an adjustable waist that enables them to accommodate extra layers during winter.
  • They have leather shield panels and soft flex rubber to enhance the safety of critical points from injuries in an accident.
  • They also have laser-cut ventilation to increase their breathability.



bottom line

The Kinetic ATV riding gear provides you with comfort and protection while driving your ATV.


ATV Casual Clothing Vs. ATV Pro Gear

You need to dress well when riding to enable you to focus more on the journey. You need to wear what makes you relax, protects, and gives you a sharp look. There are two types of clothes which are casual clothing and pro gear.

Casual clothing

These are the ordinary clothes that you select from those that you own for non-official activities. Let’s discuss their pros and cons.


  • Casual dressing is an excellent choice if you find the gear too hot for you. Casual wear is made from skin-friendly fabric and is suitable for any climatic conditions.
  • The clothes are comfortable, and you can select your favorite. But, other than comfort, the clothes also make you look great.
  • They are readily available since they are part of your clothes, and you do not need to purchase new ones when you are going for a drive in the trails.
  • They are the correct sizes and fit perfectly. No adjustments or straps are required to hold them in position.


  • Casual clothing can get permanent stains or tears while you are driving in the terrain. As a result, you may end up losing your favorite clothes.
  • They do not have mesh liners to enhance ventilation. Therefore, they can make you feel too hot during summer.
  • They do not protect you against dirt, branches, or accidents.

ATV Pro Gear

Pro gears are clothes with a specific style from different brands you wear when driving your ATV and not for any other purpose. They come in different prices, sizes, and colors, allowing you to choose that which suits you perfectly.

Pros of a Gear.

  • They control ventilation enabling you to stay cool and hydrated even in hot climatic conditions. The majority of them have mesh liners that increase airflow.
  • They give superior protection against dust, stains, branches, and mud while driving on the terrain. In addition, other gears like the helmet, google, boots, and chest guard also protects you against accidents.
  • They are water-resistant, and the gears are mandatory in freezing climates. For instance, a long sleeve jacket will keep you from feeling cold.


  • Most riders purchase their gears online, and some have to return them a couple of times for not meeting their needs or due to wrong sizes.
  • They are pricey, yet you can only use them once or twice a year.
  • Some gears are heavy, making them uncomfortable in hot climatic conditions.

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Buying Guide

Why wear a Jersey and Pants when ATV riding?

You may prefer to wear jerseys and pants because they provide you with the comfort that you need when driving. In addition, they protect you against dust, mud, tree branches, and even accidents. However, it would be best if you had different gears for different parts of your body. For instance:

  • For your head, you need a high-quality helmet that fits well. It protects your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth from any harm when driving through the trail.
  • You also need to ensure the safety of your upper body by wearing gloves in your hands and a long sleeve shirt. Other optional gears for your upper body include a chest protector and a jacket.
  • You need to wear riding gear that lets you relax with reinforcements in strategic areas for your lower body. Good quality boots or sneakers are also a requirement when driving through the terrain.

Before you select what to buy or wear, you need to consider the following:

A good fit

It would be best if you wear riding gear that fits you perfectly. Tight or loose clothing is not appropriate for driving. Good-fitting wear should have stretch panels at the knee, flexible rear, and an adjustable waist strap. Wearing fitting gear enables you to have freedom of movent while driving and prevents restrictions from tight clothes.


The jerseys’ material determines how durable and breathable they are. Most manufacturers use polyester because it enhances safety, it is stretchable, high quality, and durable, making it ideal for driving an all-terrain vehicle. In addition, the fabric needs to have leather patches on specific points like the knees and legs to control quad movement.

Easy to wash

You do not want to spend a lot of time washing your gear after use. Therefore, when you buy, buy the machine washable one to save laundry time and energy. It is also vital for you to note that dryers and washers damage cheap and low-quality ATV gear fabric.


Feeling hot and sweaty as you are riding your ATV is uncomfortable. It is excellent when you can feel a breeze through your gear as you drive through the terrain. Also, being out in the sun for an extended period requires you to have breathable clothes to reduce time spent stopping to cool off.

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What not to wear when riding your ATV

It would be best if you were comfortable driving your machine by not wearing too tight or loose clothes. These clothes will restrict your movement, preventing you from maneuvering on the trails. Instead, select clothing that fits perfectly and is well ventilated.

It would be best if you also considered wearing sneakers instead of flip-flops. They protect your feet and also keeps them clean when you are driving through the terrain. You should also avoid wearing belts as they will make you feel uncomfortable after a short while. Instead, it would help if you buy a driving pant with an adjustable strap for a perfect fit.

Final Verditc


Selecting the best ATV riding gear gives you the comfort and protection you need as you ride through the trails. In addition, it reduces the time you spend for breaks to cool off because the pants are breathable and cool.

I wish you the best as you select the one that will suit you best based on the recommendations in this article.


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