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Being a rider, you have probably heard or used ATV/ UTV ratchet strap before. Using the best ATV straps provide maximum security and safety during transportation. They hold the vehicle in a secure position.

Purchasing and using the products for your ATV /UTV is the only sure way of transportation. In this article, we will discuss the product features and the benefits they will have for you.

Best Ratchet Straps for ATV


This Rhino USA ratchet straps designed the best ATV tie-downs for maximum security.


The ratchet straps have a perfect length to hook the ATV in a stable position.


The is easy to install and has hooks that help riders securely anchor their ATV with the value pack set.


The product is very affordable and offers riders value for their investment in terms of quality.


6 Best Ratchet Straps for ATV

1. Rhino USA Ratchet Straps for ATV

The Rhino USA produces one of the best straps to anchor your ATV securely. They are produced by a family of three haul service providers. The webbing is made of polyester and silk webbing, which provides maximum security to the ATV. The product comes with heavy-duty padded handles.

The handles are made from steel. They are custom-made and provide maximum convenience and efficiency when used. They are also easy to install. The hooks of the Rhino USA are double from one end to the other. They are S-shaped to hold the machines to position and prevent bouncing. The delivery pack comes in a four-piece set. The product priority is to provide maximum security to the load during transportation. They are made to prevent bouncing and loosening.

Let’s now look at what makes it a fantastic set from the others.

  • It has a maximum break strength of 1823 pounds for securing the vehicle. 
  • It has a working load capacity of 608 pounds for maximum safety. 
  • Each strap is 15 feet long, and you need to hook them to the truck body to prevent them from being loose.
  • The material used in making the straps is polyester and silk webbing to enhance its durability. The tie-downs have buckles that are attached to the strands to maintain stability. 
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty of the product set. The guarantee assures you of the product value.
RHINO USA Ratchet Tie Down Straps (4PK) - 1,823lb Guaranteed Max Break Strength, Includes (4) Premium 1" x 15' Rachet Tie Downs with Padded Handles. Best for...
  • AMERICAN OWNED, FAMILY OPERATED - Join the Rhino Family & Support a USA based Father/Son Business!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS - Anodized Ratchet, Ergonomic Padded Handle & Coated Full Bend S Hooks Provide Unmatched Quality and Reliability.
  • CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND - Knowing your Motorcycle, Kayak, Canoe, ATV, Furniture, Boxes, Lawn Equipment or Cargo is Secure when Transporting
  • STRONGEST RATCHETS ONLINE - Our Exclusive Poly/Silk Webbing is the Strongest and Most Trusted 1" Ratchet on Amazon.
  • GUARANTEED 5-STAR EXPERIENCE - If you aren't 100% Satisfied for any Reason, we'll Refund your Money



bottom line

Rhino USA designed the best ATV tie-downs for maximum security.

2. Rhino USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie-down Straps

If you are looking for the best tie-down straps for ATV, then look no further. I recommend you check out Rhino USA Soft Loops. They are strong with a maximum pound break strength of 10, 427. The package from the company comes with a set of four straps, each with a working weight of 3476 pounds. They are double-coated and are attached to provide excellent anchoring during transportation. They are put around handlebars. The looping prevents shifting, loosening, and disconnecting when moving. They offer security during the transit of ATV. Isn’t that incredible?

They are also the most preferred tie-downs for ATV /UTV made from polyester and nylon webbing to maintain extra support and reduce tension. The webbing material makes them durable and affordable since they are recyclable. You will realize that one end of each loop is twisted. The twisting allows the straps and cam buckle to cinch up after threading around the handlebars without binding. 

What makes the Tie-down strap set stand out?

  • The company produces the best ATV tow straps that are durable and high-quality. They are made from heavy-duty polyester and nylon webbing.
  • The double-coated S hooks provide maximum security during transportation.
  • They have a break strength pound of 10,427 a working weight pound of 3476. Each 1-inch strap is 17 feet long.
Rhino USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps (4PK) - 10,427lb Max Break Strength 1.7" x 17" Heavy-Duty Tie Downs for use w/Ratchet Strap
  • AMERICAN OWNED, FAMILY OPERATED - Join the Rhino Family & Support a USA based Father/Son Business!
  • SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY - Made from Exclusive Poly/Silk Webbing, Ensuring the Softest, yet Toughest Quality Anywhere!
  • SECURE PEACE OF MIND - Knowing the Motorcycle, ATV, UTV you Love is Safe & Secure when Traveling!
  • PROTECT YOUR PAINT/CHROME - Use Soft Loops to Create Tiedown Points in Tight Spots Hooks Can't Fit
  • GUARANTEED 5-STAR EXPERIENCE - If you aren't 100% Satisfied for any Reason, We'll Refund your Money



bottom line

The ratchet straps have a perfect length to hook the ATV in a stable position.

3. Augos Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

For less than $10, you can get one of the best ratchet straps for ATV to anchor your cargo to the truck. The Augo soft loop tie-downs provide maximum security for ATV/UTV. The hooks are effortless to install and use. You need to create a loop as shown in various YouTube videos and cinch the soft loop. 

You can also create a slip knot at an appropriate point of attachment to prevent ATV or UTV from shifting positions. The package comes with a six-piece set that makes it possible for you to store the remaining strap for future use. The product is made from strong polyester material, which is durable, giving the customers value for their money.

What features make the Augo soft loop straps the best for ratcheting a machine? 

  • The Augo soft loops are made of polyester webbing, which is a strong material that supports its maximum weight. 
  • They have a breaking strength of 4500lbs, and they provide maximum security during transportation. 
  • The working weight for the product is 1500lbs. 
  • The two-inch-wide straps are very secure with double coated S hooks for ratcheting hooks.

They are coated to prevent scratching of paint during movement. The product is 12 feet long.

Soft Loop Tie Down Straps - 1,500 Load Capacity & 4,500 Lbs Breaking Strength - 6 Pack - Loops for Securing ATV, UTV, Motorcycles, Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Lawn &...
  • TOP QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our heavy duty soft loop tie down straps are very durable for long-lasting performance, and have an impressive 1,500 lb. capacity with a 4,500 lb. break strength!
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use our tie down soft loop strap to secure ATV, UTV, motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, wheelchairs, lawn/garden equipment & work with any type of tie down you are using.
  • SECURE YOUR VEHICLES & EQUIPMENT: These quality loops help to preserve the condition of your vehicles & equipment by keeping them secure, in place & prevents the scratching of paint.
  • EASY TO USE: These soft loops are a easy to use by creating a slipknot or loop with any tie down. Simply cinch the soft loop and hook the tie-down to it instead of a bare equipment frame.
  • 6 PACK: Get more bang for your buck with this 6 pack of tie downs that you can keep on hand for when you need them. You can also use more than one tie down to secure a larger load.



bottom line

The product is easy to install and has hooks that help riders securely anchor their ATV with the value pack set.

4. Camco retractable Transom tie downs Strap

As a rider, you need to be well informed about your machines’ most secure tie-downs. That is why I vouch for the Camco product. The package provides you with a pair of heavy-duty 5.5 feet straps for less than $20. They offer maximum protection and security to the ATV or UTV. 

They have a breaking strength pound of 1500. The ratchet straps also have a working strength of 500 pounds that ensures the ATV is protected during transportation. The product is retractable, which makes ratcheting easy for you. You do not need to fold the strap manually because it automatically retracts after use.

What then makes it the best tie-down set for ratcheting your machine?

  • They have a bolt-on design that you mount directly to the trailer. The bolts are three-inch wide. 
  • The bolt diameter is 0.525feet. These bolts provide maximum security to the machine. 
  • They have a strong ratchet tie hook that holds the ATV/UTV into position to prevent transportation damage.
  • The tie-downs are corrosion-resistant, and the features enable them to work efficiently under different climatic conditions. 
  • The product is heavy-duty and can withstand heavyweight within the recommended limit. 
  • It has a buckle that tightens it to the cargo to prevent it from being loose. 
  • They have a break strength of 1500lbs and a working weight limit of 500lbs. 
  • The package comes with one year warranty and a 30 days return policy. The warranty and policy services apply upon purchase of the set from Amazon.
Camco Retractable Transom Tie Down Strap - Secures Your Boat While Traveling |Bolt-On Design |1,500 lb. Break Strength | Measures 1” W , 5 ½ ’ L |Durable &...
  • Safely secure your boat when traveling
  • Bolt-on design mounts directly to your trailer
  • Retractable straps with easy ratcheting mechanism
  • Durable, corrosion resistant materials
  • 1" x 5.5' - 1,500 lb. break strength, 500 lb. working strength



bottom line

The product is very affordable and offers riders value for their investment in terms of quality.

5. Reese Powersports 2060300 tie-downs

My advice throughout this article is that you should only invest in a set of tie-downs that will protect your machine. Let’s discuss the Reese Powersports mechanism. What makes them the best ratchet? The Reese Powersport tie-down system has a secure ratchet tie made from alloy and steel material. They are solid and durable, making it worth your penny. The auto-retractable material eases the storage job after transportation. Their breaking strength is 2500 pounds with a working load of 833 pounds. They are rust-free and can be used on both fresh and salty water when securing a boat for transportation. If you purchase the kit on Amazon, it comes with a one-year warranty and 30 days return policy.

Why have I ranked the Reese Powersports among the superior ratchet tie?

  • They are made of solid alloy steel material that makes them durable.
  • They are also rust-resistant, and they work perfectly in fresh and salty water. 
  • The products are 43 inches long. This length makes it possible to wind the strap on the cargo to provide maximum protection. 
  • The breaking strength of the tie-down is 2500 pounds. It also has a working strength of 833 pounds. 
  • The Reese Power sports 2060300 tie-downs have a blue button on their core. The blue button will assist you in loosening and secure the strap once it is unhooked.
  • The kit comes with two bolts and two nuts for mounting the vehicle to the trailer.
Reese Powersports (2060300) 43 Inch 2-Piece Retractable Transom Tie Down
  • Designed to ensure your boat makes it to the water and back safely
  • Feature straps that retract for easy storage when not in use
  • Easily bolt onto trailer with included hardware
  • 833 pound load capacity. Rust resistant
  • 2500 pound break strength capacity



bottom line

The product is rust-resistant and offers an excellent ratchet tie which makes a suitable choice for securing ATV.

6. Erickson 09160 wheel Chock Tie-down Kit

Erickson is a leading producer of tie-downs and machine-haul Products Companies in Canada and North America. The tie-down kit is composed of four-wheel chocks and two tie-down straps. It provides complete protection services during the transport of cargo.

What makes it rank among the top tie-down straps?

  • The wheel chocks are approximately three to four inches tall and are designed for driving over when anchoring the vehicle to the truck. 
  • The strap holds the tires of the machine safely to prevent damages during transportation.
  • The tie-down set is designed to accommodate 30 inches of tire diameter of ATV.
Erickson 09160 Wheel Chock Tie-Down Kit
  • Over the wheel straps to confidently secure off road vehicles to your trailer bed during transit
  • Safe tire hold down for ATV & UTV transport, construction equipment, small tractors & ride on mowers
  • Includes 4 wheel chocks & two 2" x 7.5' ratchet straps ideal for use on tires 10" - 30" diameter
  • Heavy duty ATV tire tie down straps to secure two wheels of vehicles weighing up to 1500 lbs
  • Permanently mounted wheel chocks designed to be driven over during loading and unloading



bottom line

The product offers the best ATV tow strap that provides superior anchoring services when moving.


How can I make my ratchet straps last longer?

I will share several tips that will assist you in making your ratchet straps lasts longer. From my knowledge and experience, you need to dry wet straps before storing them. Drying prevents the webbing from deteriorating. Also, avoid over-exposing them to sunlight for a long time. Overexposure to sun rays will also affect their solid and durable webbing.

It would be best if you lubricated the ratchet using industrial oil. However, don’t grease the strap, as this will also interfere with the webbing. Offload the ATV from the trailer body by removing the webbing from handles. You should then wrap them around the ratchet. This proper care of the product will make you realize value for your money. They will also serve you for a long time.

Video Credit – Fisher’s Off-Road


What is the best way to use ratchet tie-down straps?

To effectively use the tie-down, ensure you balance your ATV at the center of the trailer. This balance prevents wobbling of the load during transit. These have soft loops that prevent scratching of paint and will keep the vehicle on the truck protected during transportation. It is also important to tighten them for maximum protection. To do this, carefully attach the hooks and pull them tightly to the machine. I always use the best ATV/ UTV ratchet straps on both sides of the ATV. They increase balance and even the weight on the trailer. Weight balance is essential, especially when transporting more than one vehicle. For safety during transportation, lock the product after tightening. A great tip is to twist them to prevent wear and tear or loosening when on transit.


Why buy a ratchet strap?

Buying the product set will offer you maximum protection during transportation. Purchasing them allows you to review the best ratchet straps for ATV. This discussion enhances the features and benefits of the product and will enable you to decide on meeting your needs. It is also essential to buy and inspect them for any damages before use. Inspecting ensures you have the best quality for maximum ATV protection while on transit. Overusing it will lead to tearing, making even the best become unworthy of use. It is therefore vital to buy new ones to prevent accidents.


What is the importance of using a ratchet strap?

I can confirm that using a strap will provide you with maximum protection when moving. The affirmation gives you peace of mind to concentrate on driving the truck instead of ATV safety. The best straps will also protect the trailer and UTV from scratching the paint. Painting of the scratched paint would incur more costs after transportation. Using ATV tie-down straps will also ensure the security of other drivers and all road users during transportation. We need to use only the best for maximum safety and protection. The protection is to the anchored ATV/UTV, the trailer, and all the other road users. Is it not better to be careful than sorry?

Video Credit – Rocky Mountain ATV MC


Inquiries - Frequently Asked Questions

How long of a strap do I need?

Various lengths are available, ranging from six to twenty-seven feet. You will determine the appropriate length by the weight of the ATV. Shorter straps will not provide maximum protection. If they are too long, you will have a loose end that could bother you during transit. For example, for one that breaks at 1500lbs, you should tie down a 500lbs load. Ensure you consider the weight of the ATV/UTV to determine the best length for tie-down.

How do you use a quality ratchet strap?

To effectively use a quality product, balance the ATV at the center to even the weight on the trailer. I recommend using soft loops to avoid scratching the paint during transit. For maximum protection, tighten and lock them to the cargo to prevent wobbling while moving. Locking them when ratcheting is a sure way of avoiding detachments of ATV from the trailer body. 

How much weight can a quality ratchet strap hold?

You will determine the weight that the product can hold by the working load limit of a strap. Ensure that the combined working load limit is greater than the weight of the ATV. The balance will provide you with maximum security and protection.

Which is the best way to store ratchet straps?

Proper storage will secure them and increase their lifespan and efficiency. It will give you maximum value for money spent on the purchase. The first step is to retract the straps or roll them up. Before you store them, make sure they are dry. A wet strap will get weak and eventually break down. Then place them in a waterproof bag. The bag will protect them from exposure to sunlight and prevent them from being moist. You can also use a tie-down ruffle bag, zip ties, rubber bands, and zip lock bags to store them effectively.

How many ratchet straps loosen up after some time?

Locking after securing your machine will prevent the straps from loosening. The majority of those made from nylon material tend to become lose more frequently. It is, therefore, essential to use the best tie-down straps for ATV to prevent loosening.

What is the difference between breaking strength and working load limit?

The working load limit is the maximum weight that a strap can hold under normal conditions. However, the breaking strength is the point at which it will fail. Breaking strength is determined by the webbing material and the end fittings used in the product manufacture. It is also important to note that the working load limit is a third of the breaking strength.

Final Verditc


Investing in the best ratchet straps for ATV will offer you superior maximum protection during ATV/UTV transportation. There are various high-quality straps rated among the best ATV straps in this article to help you make the best choice. Pick your best! You will enjoy peace and satisfaction as you securely move your ATV.


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