Best ATV Tire Chains for Snow You Need to Try

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Best ATV Tire Chains for Snow

These chains work well for pickups and can be easily installed.

You would also have to check it once in a while to see if the chains are still in good condition.


Easy installation. Tighteners assist in ensuring snug fit. Gives you the right amount of control.


Not very durable. Needs to be checked frequently.

It has a radial chain design that also helps with its functionality.


It is an excellent choice for the winter season because it is reliable, affordable, and has good quality.


Unique radial chain design that offers amazing grip power. Waterproof and recyclable storage.


Makes noise when used on asphalt. More expensive than others.

 It is very durable because of its zinc plating so if you want to invest on a tire chain.


It is known to have a universal fit, making it a good recommendation to many people.


Longer cross chains. Zinc plating offers longer use.Compatible with most ATV/UTV models.


Harder storage because of longer chains.

It is perfect for snowy roads and even in muddy situations.


The product comes in a hard case, although it is not that rigid for some people.


Superior traction because of adequate bars per row. Easy storage with protective case.


Material used for storage is not that durable.

Contrary to what most people think, ATVs are not just for the adventurous. You can use your ATV all year round, wherever you want to go. Aside from using it on rough roads, such as in the woods or mountain trails, you can also use it while having fun on the beach or even when you are farming.

You also need not choose the right season because whether it is summer or winter, ATVs are still optimally functional. However, when using it during the winter, your ATV needs to be fully equipped with the right accessories, such as ATV tires and tire chains. These tools will help you navigate the ergonomically engineered surface structures with ease.

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best ATV Tire Chains for Snow

Here are some of the features that you should take note of when choosing the best ATV snow chains for now:

  • Traction – This is probably the essential feature that you should consider when choosing the best tire chains for the back or front tires. The amount of traction determines the safety of your ride. Whatever type of material you pick, it should be able to ultimately provide maximum traction to your ATV tire, especially on snowy roads. If you are also planning to traverse muddy trails, you might want to consider getting a chain link that is bigger than usual.
  • Tire Size – Your tire chain will not work if it is not compatible with the exact tire chains. Therefore, this should also be taken into consideration. When your chain is not snugly fit, then the traction that it will provide will also be lesser. It also puts your tires at risk for damage. To determine your tire size, check out the specifications and manufacturing details of your ATV.
  • Materials – Different materials also have their strengths and weaknesses. Although all of them are effective in keeping you safe, you have to choose which one will work best for you. For example, the best ATV tire chains that are made of metal are known for their strength and endurance. Thus, you can use them for heavy-duty trips. On the other hand, ATV snow chains that are made of rubber are more flexible and convenient in terms of being portable. 
  • Ease of Installation – Just like any other accessory, you also have to consider the installation process of the ATV tire chains. During emergencies, can you easily install and detach them from your ATV? Of course, you do not want to get stuck in the snowy road for an hour just to get your ATV fixed. Because of this, you have to make sure that you can easily install your ATV snow chains without having to use complicated tools. There are a lot of models that can be installed manually, so make sure that you check on them. 
  • Price – Another important factor is your budget. ATV tire chains come at varying rates, ranging from less than 40$ to higher ones. It would just depend on the brand or model that you are going to buy and whether it comes with other features. No matter what the price is, you have to keep in mind that tire chains are a good investment because you will be able to use them for a long time. If you think that you will not be using them regularly, you can opt to get a relatively cheaper one. 
  • Tension system – Newer forms of technology now offer a tension system that can control the tightness of your four tire chains. It can now be found internally on the ATV tire chains, so you would not have to worry about complicated installations anymore. 
  • Your rims – A minor consideration is the presence of a rim that is made of alloy. If you do not want to have it scratched by your tire chain, you better get yourself something that would prevent it from doing so, such as an anti-scratch bumper. 
Best ATV Tire Chains for Snow


Editor's Choice

These chains best for pickups and can be easily installed.

Editor's Rating


It has a radial chain design that also helps with its functionality.

Editor's Rating


It is very durable because of its zinc plating.

Editor's Rating


It is perfect for snowy roads and even in muddy situations.

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Most Popular Top 5 Tire Chain Reviews

Here we analyze and list down the top ATV tire chain for snow products review in details. You can read and choose the suitable one for your ATV.

1. Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

If you have your private car or if you have an SUV rental business, this one’s perfect for you. These snow chains work well for pickups. It can be easily installed since it is made of rubber. To ensure that the chains are a snug fit, you can use the pair of tighteners that come with the package.

Instead of buying those conventional UTV tires for winter riding, you can just buy these aggressive tread tire chains for all-around line traction. With these brands, you will surely have total control over your steering wheel. What some people don’t like about this is that it is made of rubber, so it is not as durable as the others.

You would also have to check it once in a while to see if the chains are still in good condition. Rubbers are more prone to damage, so a more frequent maintenance check is necessary.

SCC SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain for Passenger Cars, Pickups, and SUVs - Set of 2
  • Country of origin : China
  • Designed for cars, pickups, and SUVs with very limited operating clearance around the drive tires
  • Fast easy installation with no need to move the vehicle
  • Designed-in rubber tightener means there is no need to stop and retighten after installation



bottom line

You would also have to check it once in a while to see if the chains are still in good condition.

2. Security Chain SC1032 Radial Traction Tire Chain

As the name of the brand implies, you will surely feel secure when you have the tire chains of a Security Chain company. The tire chain of the Security Chain company looks different from the rest because it has a radial chain design that also helps with its functionality.

What we like about is it that it has a good set of connectors that you can use to fasten the security chain accordingly. These adjusters are vital in putting traction and a good grip on your tires.

It comes in a plastic package that is recyclable and waterproof so storage would not be a problem. It has a built-in tension system already so no need for chain tensioners. The chains were crafted with superior traction and good steel to provide you with a smooth and seamless ride. Installation is fairly simple and you can do it in around 10-15 minutes. A bit of a warning if you plan on using it on asphalt: the wheels make a little bit of noise that you may find irritating.



bottom line

It is an excellent choice for the winter season because it is reliable, affordable, and has good quality.

3. Raider TC2 51" Length x 14" Width (Pair) Tire Chain

This Raider features a deluxe V-bar tire chains design construction (5 bars per row) which provides maximum traction and control on whatever type of road you’re driving. It is perfect for deep snow roads and even in muddy situations. It is sold in pairs and comes in a black case so you don’t have to worry about its storage.

It is easy to install and has awesome gripping power. Its Sure-Grip V-chain links are protruded in such a way that it would get a good grip of the road surface. Its size and lightweight are perfect for portability so you can bring it with you for emergency purposes.

Regarding its compatibility, don’t stress yourself out the V bar chain. The bar tire chains are appropriate for most OEM tire sizes. However, it is not coated with gold so you would have to stick with its silver material. You might want to avoid using these on smooth pavement because they might only get scratched.

Raider ATV-TC2 51" Length x 14" Width ATV Tire Chain
  • 51 inches length x 14 inches width
  • Sure-Grip V-chain links for top of the line traction
  • Sold in pairs
  • Comes complete in a sturdy cloth bag for safe storage



bottom line

The product comes in a hard case, although it is not that rigid for some people. You may need to buy another storage case if you want something more durable.

4. ROP Shop Pair 2 Link TIRE Chain

This one is brought to you by the ROP shop. As you can see, these chains were made for larger front and rear tires such as for your lawnmowers. It also fits in large ATV/UTV tire models that are commonly used for trail cover and frosted paths to prevent maximum wear. It has 2 zinc-plated chains so you can expect the quality to be superior even in unexpected weather hits.

You might need to get the measurements accurately so you will know if it is right for your tire. It has a 1-year warranty in case something happens. Because of their relatively larger chains, they might leave light marks on the surface of roads and pavement.

The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link TIRE Chains 18x8.5x8 for Simplicty Lawn Mower Garden Tractor Rider
  • The ROP Shop replacement Tire Chains fit 18x8.5x8 & 16x7.5x8 Tires
  • Specs - Outside Links 0.157" (4mm), Crosslinks 0.178" (4.5mm). Number of Cross Chains: 14. Refer to image 2 for more information
  • Includes - (1) Pair of Zinc-Plated, 2-Link Tire Chains; comes as shown in the first image. Tires NOT Included. Please Note: Tire chains in picture are a representation. They are not the exact tire chains you will receive
  • Double check your exact tire size to be sure that these tire chains will fit your unit properly. Do NOT purchase based on model alone
  • For turf tires ONLY. Use for snow & mud



bottom line

These tires have some unique features, including sidewall protection. It comes with a 12 inches rim diameter, which adds extra traction and strength to the sidewall of this tire.

5. Kolpin 50-0030 10" V-Bar Chain in Plastic Case

Kolpin’s tire chains are unique because of longer cross chains that offer great penetration and excellent traction on a very aggressive tread. It is very durable because of its zinc plating so if you want to invest in a tire chain, this is perfect for you. Most ATV/UTV models are compatible with the chains.

You can easily install chains and adjust them to make them snug fit with various tire sizes. They are not as robust as compared to other tire chains but their quality very much compensates for that.

Some people do not like this model because of the length of its bar tire chains but if you are up for heavy-duty trips, this one would work better.

Kolpin 50-0030 10" V-Bar Chain in Plastic Case
  • Designed with V-Bars attached to the 10" cross chains for great penetration and ultimate traction
  • Durable steel construction and long lasting zinc plating
  • "C" size chains fit most ATV/UTV models with 25x12-9 or 25x11-10 or 26x10-12 tires
  • Sold in pairs and includes a plastic case
  • fit type: Universal Fit



bottom line

It is known to have a universal fit, making it a good recommendation to many people.


The importance of tire chains

Tire chains are used to keep you safe while you are riding your ATV during the winter. As we all know, this season brings snow to the streets and trails, making them slippery and not conducive for a ride with your usual tires. However, when you have tire chains, you will have much better traction on your path, helping you avoid losing grip on your ATV and going off the road.

There are different types of chains, depending on where you are going to use your ATV. If you are on an off-road trip, you should get something that was made for that purpose. Otherwise, you can get a regular one that you can use on a typical road trip. When the winter comes, you just need to make a few adjustments to your tire to make your ride safer. I recommend using the best ATV snow chains for weather trail covers on the very aggressive tread.


Types of tire chains

You have a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to the size of your tire chains and the features that come along with them. You should also select the type of spacing that will most suit your needs. This refers to how many links are skipped in between the chains of link tire chains.

The first choice for your ATV tires is a 2-link spacing, which is preferred by many because it gives you the right amount of control that you need on the steering wheel of your ATV or passenger vehicles. Hence, a more enjoyable ride that is less prone to unnecessary spins and turns. The other choice is a 4-link spacing that is less common.


How to Buy the Best ATV Snow Tire Chains?

If you’re the type of person who gets stressed out because of shopping, worry no more because we are here to help you get through the entire process of looking for the perfect ATV snow chain. This guide includes all the details that you need to know. We even included a list of questions that you might ask upon reading this review. You need to be able to answer these questions before you get your tire chains.

  • Is it worth it to buy ATV bar tire chains? 
  • What are the benefits of having one?
  • What do I need to know to be able to purchase the best ATV tire chain for snow?
  • Why do I need to buy the best snow chain? 
  • What are the best options that I have right now? What was the best in the previous years?

These questions have probably popped in your head already, and you might be looking for answers right now. The best way to get some answers is to search online from different sources. There are a lot of platforms on the internet where you can get what you need. May it be a forum, a site that offers guides or reviews, or even testimonials from friends, these things can help you decide which one to get. You have to make sure though that the information that you get is reliable and is from credible sources.

This guide is actually what you need because we provide you with facts and reviews that are not biased. All the information here has been checked and is based on accurate data. This was not simply made from opinions and hearsays. Instead, we set up an algorithm that helped us acquire the information that we need and make a summary of the best ATV Tire chain for snow that is available right now. These are the factors that we have considered:

  • Brand Value
  • Features & Specifications
  • Product Value
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • Quality and Durability

Aside from an efficient algorithm, we also ensure that our website is up to date so that all new information will be made available to you as they come out. It is of our utmost priority to always keep in touch with customers so that when a problem arises, you may also communicate with us.


Tips and tricks for mounting your chains

You should have no problem installing your chains because ATV tires were made to have them. As long as your chain is compatible with your tire size, then you are good to go.

One trick that we can share to make things easier is to deflate your bar tire before you put on the chains. This will make the tire more flexible and a bit softer so that you can adjust the chains appropriately. After mounting, try to do a driving test to see whether you’ve done the entire process correctly. Again, make sure that it is a snug fit so that you will get excellent traction.

1)Parking and then deflating

You need to pack and deflate your tires before you mount the chains. It enables you to mount them with ease since the tires will be more flexible. When deflating your tire, you need to use a good-quality plug so that it can’t pop off when you inflate the tires again.

Be sure to park on level ground so that the car will not roll back when you are deflating your inside tire air pressure. You should also position it in such a way that there would be no risk of hitting other objects or getting hit by another vehicle if one happens to pass by while you are working with your chains.

2)Laying and dragging the tire chain

The second step is to lay the chain next to the tire and then drag it around the circumference of the tire. You need to do this slowly so that you can get an idea of how much slack you will need later. If there are any kinks in your chain, try to remove them before continuing with the installation process.

3)Pushing and fastener connection

When you are ready to connect the chain links, you will need a fastener that can be opened and closed with ease. You need to push one side of the chain-link into the hole and then do the same with the other side. You should hear a clicking sound when both sides are in properly so that you will know it is attached correctly. If it doesn’t click, then try to wiggle it back and forth until it does.

4)Tail end connection and inflation

The next step is to connect the tail end of the chain and then inflate your tire. You can use a pump or compressor to do this but make sure that you have a good seal before turning it on. It is also important to place something underneath the car so that it will not move while you are inflating the tire. Also, keep in mind that you should not exceed the maximum PSI for your tire or it will explode.

Video Credit – Derek DeMelo


Winter-friendly advice

Now that your ATV is all set, you should also be ready and prepared for the cold season. Before going on a trip, you should secure yourself the protective gear that will protect you from the cold. A complete outfit would comprise a jacket, gloves, and footwear that will also provide warmth. Your face should also be protected from frosting, so make sure that you also bring helmets that will cover the essential parts of your face. Do a last-minute check on your ATV, making sure that it is fueled, and check all the accessories that come along with it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any difference between 2 and 4 links spacing?

Spacing is equal to how many side chain links come in between your chains. 2 links spacing, therefore, means that you will see a cross-chain for every two links. The same goes for the four-link spacing.

  • 2 or 4 links spacing ATV tire chains? Which one to choose? 

Many people prefer two links spacing for several reasons but mainly because it gives you the proper control that you need to navigate with ease. Since it provides better control on the steering wheel, you will experience a calmer ride.

  • Why are ATV tire chains only available in V-Bar?

This is because the V-Bars attached can cause damage to the pavement, especially when it comes into contact with it. Thus, studded ATV chains are only used for heavy-duty situations.

  • Which tire chain style gives the best traction?

The best ATV chains are still the Studded tire chains ATV Diamond and the two links spacing. The security chain company produces the V bar chain suitable for different tire sizes.

  • Which style is recommended for deep tread?

For deep tread, it is recommended to use two links and the ATV Diamond -UTV Chains (Non-Studded or Studded tire chains) for more excellent traction.

  • Do I have enough clearance between the tire, struts, or control arms?

For this one, you need to check the information provided on the manual of your purchase. You may check this link for an example of an issue regarding clearance.

  • Why should I pay more for Studded Tire Chains?

This is because of the following features: 2 studs per link, the zinc-coat, and the thickest ATV chains. 


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