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ATV trailers can be an excellent choice for hauling and dumping or transport stuff like dry leaves, lumber, rocks, and other tools from one place to another. People use these trailers mostly around large properties or at farms for hauling and dumping stuff efficiently. However, these trailers are more convenient for carrying around stuff with four-wheelers but not with trucks.

best trailer for atv


The users would have several choices that allow them to tilt and steer. In addition, it has sufficient ground clearance.


It provides enormous durability because of its upgraded configuration and it is designed with a solid steel floor to last longer.


It is suitable for bigger jobs of hauling and dumping heavy loads of firewood, logs, rocks, tools and, other gears efficiently.


This trailer has balanced the quality of materials to ensure durability and versatile features for easy maneuver processes. 

best atv trailer

Why Choose

Why choose an ATV Trailer?

An ATV Trailer comes in handy when you have large space around your property and have to drag or tow a massive amount of logs, mulch, compost, gravel, hay, rocks, lumber and any other supplies or kinds of stuff from one place to another. You don’t want to cover this small distance by transporting them in a truck definitely. That is why, in these scenarios, an ATV Trailer is more suitable and more comfortable to handle.

You can get the best trailer for ATV options in many designs and features. The best ones offer numerous options and features to make your tasks easier and quicker. You don’t need to hire people or take the hassle of moving your tools from one place to another of your property on your own anymore. With the best ATV trailer, you can move multiple heavy tools quickly and more efficiently now.

ATV trailers don’t even take much space compared to the other types of trailers. They are not suitable for moving around on roads, they come in a convenient size, and less weight makes them convenient for attaching with a trolly or vehicle to keep them moving. But for loading and unloading heavier materials, you can get the ones with heavyweight capacities.

  • Incredibly great for hauling materials and tools.
  • They can be strong, versatile, and practical.
  • Best for dumping backyard firewood, compost, weeds, hay, and many other items, including tools.
  • Designed for large weight capacity for safe and convenient heavy loads weight efficiently.


5 best atv trailer for the Money

You can get different kinds of ATV trailers in the market. But your purchase can give you the utmost satisfaction when you are aware of your preference and the features and services of the products in the market.

ATV Trailers come in different materials in different designs for many purposes. Your choice of work determines the kind of trailer you need. ATV trailers are known as dump trailers as well. You can get a trailer with a plastic bed for necessary yard work, whereas if you want it to do more, it takes extra toll you will require one with a better-upgraded version.

1. Polar Trailer HD 1500 TA, Heavy-Duty Trailer

The polar trailers are designed with upgraded quality materials ensuring incredible stability, durability, and reliability for an extended period. It has a high impact polyethylene body with an all-steel powder coat finish frame. It also includes off-road ball bearings and two extra stable walking arms for better control over any terrain. Its “Original Tilt and Pivot Frame” makes it easier to maneuver for the users.

It comes with a 1500 lbs weight and 22 cubic foot hauling capacity that makes it suitable for all kinds of hauling. Its HD 1500 tandem Axles balance huge loads ensuring stability and smoothness on the rough surface as well. It includes Tandem Walking Arm and also an extra set of trailer tires on the steel frame. Its quality construction allows you to move and position it in a better way without any trouble, compared to other trailers or utility carts.

Polar Trailer 8262 Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Cubic Foot ATV UTV Lawn Mower Trailer TA1500 and Wide Track Rubber Wheels Hauling Outdoor-Black, 1500 lbs. -22 cu.ft
  • High-impact polyethylene tub is rugged, durable, easy-to-clean, and will never rust
  • 20-minute assembly
  • All-steel frame with powder coat finish resistant to rusting
  • Lightweight optimum balance makes hauling heavy loads easy and stable
  • Sealed ball bearings - no greasing needed

With polar trailer hauling rock, firewood, gear, tools become more manageable because of its upgraded design and features. Its extra-thick polyethylene body, walls, and gunnels are resistant to rust and corrosion. It does not get dented easily. While hauling, it provides excellent support. 

Polar trailers have already made their place in the market as they maintain and ensure incredible durability with their campers and carts’ long-term performance.

Usually, these trailers are designed for basic home application, yard work, or lawn care. But it’s a great one allowing you to haul all kinds of kinds of stuff and tools smoothly over any grounds. It is easier to manage if you go through the instruction well.

It is better that you don’t tow your trailer behind a vehicle or anything with high speed. If you want to use it for long years in the same condition, it is recommended to use it off-road with a maximum tow speed of 10 MPH.

For long term use, it is definitely an excellent choice for your basic lawn care, yard work at home or at the farm for hauling rocks, wood, wall block to grass, gear, mulch, etc. Its’ sturdy design and excellent coating finish materials provide the same service with less damage. Following the instructions and manuals, it is pretty easier to install.

bottom line

It allows versatile options for the users’ convenience, including Tilt-and-swivel and high ground clearance, etc.

2. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Utility Cart Cargo Trailer

Moto Alliance Impact ATV is built with a sturdy configuration with versatile, unique features for an extended period. It is very easy to maneuver and can haul all kinds of stuff like sand, gravel rocks, concrete, lumber, etc., with less effort. It is designed with advanced features and built with a sturdy configuration, allowing you to enjoy hauling over any terrain at ease.

It provides enormous durability because of its upgraded configuration and design. It is designed with a solid steel floor and steel trailer beds to last longer. You don’t need to shift the trailer beds for hauling sand, gravel, and dirt. The frame contains removable steel mesh side rails and tailgate offering additional versatility for the users.

MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart Cargo Trailer Capacity
  • GREAT MOBILITY: The IMPACT IMPLEMENTS 1500lb mesh-sided trailer has heavy duty mesh sides to reduce the overall weight for exceptional maneuverability. And with the solid steel floor with removable steel side rails and tailgate this garden trailer offers versatility for large and heavy items.
  • BUY THE ORIGINAL! The IMPACT IMPLEMENTS 1500lb utility trailer is designed by agricultural experts in the heartland of America. We use the products we sell, so we engineer all our trailers to ensure all small and critical details are considered. You can buy the our 1500lb trailer with confidence for years of rugged use!
  • HEAVY-DUTY HAULING: With a load capacity of 1500lbs and a 15 cu. ft. hauling capacity, the IMPACT IMPLEMENTS utility cart trailer can handle whatever you throw at it. The 18" x 8" 4-ply pneumatic tires provide excellent traction and stability, while the pass-through 1" axle gives you 11" of ground clearance. Whether you're navigating through mud, snow, or rough terrain, these tires will help you get the job done.
  • EASY TO USE: The foot dump, quick-release latch, and tilt trailer bed make loading and unloading a breeze. You won't have to struggle with heavy loads or awkward angles, thanks to the easy-to-use design of this utv trailer.
  • SUPPORT: We are here at our headquarters in Rogers, MN to support you before, during, and after the purchase. We have thousands of IMPACT IMPLEMENTS in our warehouse, so shipping is daily and we will help track your IMPACT IMPLEMENTS trailer from the moment it leaves our warehouse. All our instructions are written by qualified English engineers for easy assembly so you'll be up and rolling with your new trailer in no time!

You can quickly load and dump stuff as it does not require you to do much manually. It features a foot dump, quick-release latch, and tilt trailer bed for hauling and dumping efficiently in less time. Its foot release dump latch and tilt trailer bed functioning make the unloading quicker and easier compared to the models.

For smoothness and handling the trailer efficiently, it comes with sealed wheel bearings, and also, the tires are designed with rugged wide-track. And that is why it gets easier to maneuver over all terrains without any damage to the tires and the body. 

Maneuvering these trailers get more convenient because of their sturdy hitch designs. It includes an up/down pivot allowing these trailers to move smoothly over snow backs, rocks, and logs. You can connect these hitch pin easily with an ATV, UTV, SxS, lawn tractor, etc., over any terrain. You can easily connect or disconnect the trailers with its 2-inch Ball Hitch Coupler.

But you must understand the instruction properly for a successful installation. If you don’t have much idea, it is recommended that you take an expert’s help.

bottom line

Its rigid design and incredible 1500 lbs capacity of these tilt bed and dump carts are suitable for hauling firewood, lawn care, yard work, hunting, ice fishing, etc. 

3. Peg Perego Adventure Trailer Ride-On

This adventure trailer is mostly suited for kids where you can let them enjoy the loading and dumping of different kinds of stuff, including their toys, treasures, around your property. Though these models are designed for the kids’ playtime fun, it is well built with quality material. It offers you outstanding durability and reliability over the years for your kids to have fun. 

These trailers are usually lightweight but offer your kids incredible capacity to haul up and drive around the place. It can hold up to 66 lbs, so kids can load as much as they want and also unload easily without any trouble. It has effortless functioning and features that make its maneuvering pretty easy and safe, so you don’t have to be worried about unexpected injuries or accidents. 

Peg Perego Adventure Trailer Ride On, Black
  • Durable, rugged wheels
  • Extra large hauling capacity
  • Locking hitch pin
  • Weight capacity of 66 pounds
  • Compatible with various 12 and 24 volt Polaris and Peg Perego models

It comes with an easy installation process. Though it is lightweight and designed for kids, especially, the manufacturer has not compromised with the quality, material, and design of the product.

It is pretty easy to assemble. It comes with a locking hitch for easy and quick attachment. For allowing your kids to have fun to the fullest, it is built with rugged and durable wheels for going over any terrain eliminating the possibility of rolling over, skid, etc. 

bottom line

These trailers are compatible with many 12 volts and 24 volt Polaris and peg Perego models.

4. Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 UTV/ATV Trailer

Yutrax Trailers offer exceptional strength and durability for heavy-duty jobs featuring unique and versatile utilities. It is designed for off-road rails, efficiently eliminating the chances of skidding. It is suitable for bigger jobs of hauling and dumping heavy loads of firewood, logs, rocks, tools and, other gears efficiently.

It comes with four large off-road wheels that are fixed to a pivoting tracking beam. It is pretty easy to maneuver over rough terrains with heavy loads. You don’t have to be concerned about bouncing off the materials always, as it ensures better stability and smoothness while moving over places like logs or large rocks.

Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Trailer - For Off-Road Use - 1,250 lb. Capacity, TX159
  • Heavy Duty All-steel construction, provides exceptional strength and durability. Powder coated for years of corrosion-free use. Pivoting tracking beams walk over logs and rage
  • The ground clearance, allows you to get your off-road chores completed easily
  • Removable side rails and tailgate for easy unloading. Solid-steel floor will handle heavy cargo and rough terrain with ease. Easy release dump latch for easy unloading.
  • Pivoting and tilting bed for easier loading and unloading. Pass-through axle eliminates the chance that brush will get caught to keep you moving down the trail smoothly. Large knobby flotation tires help absorb shock and provide additional traction and stability.
  • Maintenance-free sealed roller bearings provide a smooth resistance free tow. Pile it high the X4 sports a Weight Capacity of 1, 250 lbs.

Its heavy-duty all-steel construction makes it exceptional and durable compared to the other ones. It is designed for heavy-duty tasks and constructed with upgraded materials and features to make the hauling and dumping process more manageable for huge loads of tasks. It is designed with a powder coat finish to handle years of rough use without wearing out. It is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Its exceptional sturdy steel floor handles heavy cargo and rough terrain without affecting the trailer at all. Its large knobby flotation tires provide incredible stability and additional traction while absorbing the shock. Its ground clearance feature allows it to go smoothly with more stability and grip over tough terrains.

Generally, this model of the trailer has about 1250 lbs weight capacity for carrying all kinds of tools, including logs, lumber, etc. It comes with removable side rails and a tailgate that allows easy maneuver according to the amount of your hauling and dumping for better spacing. You can leave these while carrying or unloading lighter loads or attach them for enhanced capacity. You can connect or detach it on instant regarding the number of your loads.

Your hauling and dumping get easier with its pivoting and titling bed as it allows you to position and moves in a more efficient way to unload and load the items more efficiently. You can move down the trail easily with heavy loads because of its Pass-through axle.

These trailers also come with a quick-release dump latch for easy unloading. You just have to drive alongside your location and dump the load by releasing the bed latch and positioning the trailer bed in the site. 

bottom line

Its maintenance-free sealed roller bearings offer a great smooth resistance free tow.

5. Bannon Utility Trailer - 1600-Lb. Capacity

Bannon Utility Trailer is designed to manage your hauling and dumping job efficiently at ease. It features a rugged design and an incredible construction, ensuring superior service and performance for a longer duration. It has become an excellent choice for professional and do-it-yourselfers alike as it has provided outstanding quality and workmanship in the products.

It comes with:

  1. Utility trailer
  2. 8pneumatic tires
  3. One hardware kit
  4. Two chainsaw holders
  5. Four tool holders

This trailer has balanced the quality of materials to ensure durability and versatile features for easy maneuver processes. 

Bannon Utility Trailer - 1600-Lb. Capacity, 24 Cu. Ft.
  • 60in.L x 30in.W rugged steel bed and frame with 1600-lb./24 cu. ft. capacity
  • Flared side panels increase storage capacity
  • Side panels are removable for conversion to a flatbed-style trailer when hauling bulky loads
  • Dual-action hitch with built-in lift/alignment handle makes connection to the tow vehicle quick and easy
  • Removable fold-down tailgate doubles as a loading ramp

It has a spacious 60in. L x 30in. W steel bed for hauling up large loads for bigger jobs. It also includes a built-in-front storage tray with a liner to carry the battery, small cooler, or other compact items more conveniently.

It connects to the tow vehicle very quickly and easily because of the dual-action 3-point hitch with built-in lift/alignments handle, offering a smooth-rolling ride over rough terrains. And, the two sets of dual 18in. Pneumatic tires ensure this smooth ride without any bouncing or sliding. It also features a stationary front axle and pivoting rear axle with its crawling tires that provide excellent mobility.

This Bannon trailer not only excels in its design and construction but also offers numerous versatile features for easy and convenient hauling without any troubles. It features flared side panels to handle the extensive load, which you can remove to increase storage capacity. You can easily convert the trailer bed into a flatbed trailer by removing the flared panels for hauling bulkier loads. It offers excellent bed access for the hauling loads when the removable fold-down tailgate doubles as a loading ramp.

You have to be careful while assembling the parts together. The pieces come complete with two bolt-on chainsaw holders and two 2-packs (4 total) of long handle tool holders. You can buy extra nuts or bolts of accessories suitable for your trailer separately.

bottom line

It is designed with a rigid steel frame and deck construction with 1600 lbs. weight capacity to haul the materials including rocks, concrete, lumber, etc., very efficiently.

Buying Guide

What To Look For In The best trailer for atv?

Before purchasing an ATV Trailer, you must know the characteristics of the ATV Trailers and their functioning. When you know all the factors and understand your requirements, you will be able to choose the better one convenient according to your preference.

As I already have mentioned that the carrying capacity varies in different trailers. You must make sure you are purchasing one that is suitable for your carrying tasks. Otherwise, it is going to take a toll on your ATV.

  • Materials:

ATV trailers come in three materials, including aluminum, polyethylene or plastic, sturdy steel. The qualities of these materials vary from brand to brand’s products.

Upgraded quality materials offer incredible durability, extended longevity, and entrusted reliability to the users. Most of the ATV Trailers are constructed with aluminum. Aluminum made ATV trailers are very light in weight and resistant to rust and corrosion as well. Thus, these kinds of trailers are pretty costly.

For hauling or dumping heavier load without any damage, ATV trailers that are designed with sturdy steel. These are pretty sturdy and durable because of the material itself. Previously rusting was an issue for these trailers, but not now; as with advanced quality, these are suitable for shock absorption and resist rust. One of the issues with these kinds of trailers is that they are usually pretty heavy compared to the other two types.

Plastic or polyethylene utility trailers are best suited for pulling lighter tools, incredible for yard work. These trailers are very lightweight, affordable, and have a plastic or polyethylene tub. It is best not to carry heavier tools or stuff like logs, concrete, and rocks in them.

  • Wheels and tires:

If you have any experience of buying any vehicle or have an idea regarding it, you should know about the difference of tires in sizes, material, quality, etc. It is precisely the same for the ATV Trailers’ tires. Considering the size and type of ATV Trailer is very crucial. Otherwise, your trailer won’t come in handy at all.

No matter whatever you carry, the stress will be on the tires. So, it is better that you consider where you will be moving the trailer and the loads. The tire should be able to handle heavy loads offering excellent grip control.

A special tread design or pattern is used in all-terrain tires for the better carrying of the body with less impact on the ground. Don’t forget about the wide of the tires. They should be wide enough to move smoothly in the dry yard as well as in wet grass. Wide tires also show better control while moving over an unsmooth or rocky platform. But if the tires’ width is too narrow, it will be challenging to drive in wet and soggy areas.

Off-road tires come with heavy-duty construction, allowing the necessary perks for the sturdy model.

Another useful option is using the same wheels in your trailer like the ones with your ATV. But in this case, the tires should be compatible with the trailer). In this way, you will have extra wheels in case of other tasks.

  • Dump Bed Lift Assist:

Different companies offer different varieties of unloading features for user convenience. The cheaper versions usually require manual maneuver stressing your arm. These are suitable for lighter loads.

For dumping or unloading light to medium-duty jobs trailers have a spring mechanism that connects by pulley or cables. You can attach these easily with hand tools or electric devices. You can also use them for heavier loads on larger trailers.

If these options seem complicated for you, you can always opt for the easier one offering heavy-duty tasks. Hydraulic system assists are suitable for hauling heavy loads with fewer maneuver difficulties. But these might not be available for the dump trailers.

ATV trailers allow convenient dump bed uplifting mechanism with its foot-operated pedaling system and hand pulling system.

  • Compatibility

You can get the best featured and functioning trailers for your ATV. But if it does not match with your ATV in terms of compatibility, capacity, the total purchase would be nothing but a waste. Before buying one, you should have detailed knowledge about the towing configuration and if the specifications are compatible enough or not. The trailer should be able to control speed and distance.

  • Maneuvering

Another thing you should not forget about maneuvering the trailer properly. If you don’t attach your ATV with the trailer, slow down your speed, be careful about steep slopes. Overloading the trailer might make you lose control of the trailer.

Usually, the ATV and the trailer are connected with a pin system maneuver. With upgraded technology and better durability, some of the models are designed with ball mount configuration where both the ATV and the trailer should be compatible. You will find the ball mounts configuration in the larger capacity models.

  • Weight

The weight limit is another big concern while buying an ATV trailer. Your weight of the trailer should match the weight limit of your ATV. Most of the ATVs come between 800 pounds to 1600 pounds weight loads. So before buying your trailer, you must count the weight limit and see if both are compatible or not.

Moreover, if you don’t have any idea about your trailer’s weight capacity, you will end up overloading it with kinds of stuff that can damage the structure, including the frame and suspension of your ATV. When you ride up a hill, an overloaded trailer will decrease your steering ability, and the front tires of the ATV might bounce off the surface. Again, for the same overload issue, the back wheels of your ATV will bounce off the ground while going downhill, causing a rollover or skid.

You should know that the load capacity of the trailers is calculated in cubic feet. So it becomes more manageable for carrying loads that are more voluminous than heavy.

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Options for ATV Trailer

ATV trailers come in multiple sets of orientation but mainly in two kinds. ATV trailers is constructed with mostly open trailers with low railings or solid sides without any enclosing. You cannot lock or secure the carried items in it.

  • Single Axle:

These kinds of trailers are most suited for smaller projects. They are incredibly efficient in loading lighter supplies like gardening tools and household items. These trailers have just one set of wheels, so they are pretty light in weight. It is easier for anyone to maneuver.

If you plan to buy a single axle trailer, you should know that it won’t provide you large weight capacity compared to the other trailers. These are designed for carrying light-duty jobs. But if you use this single axle trailer for carrying extended weighted tools like concrete, wooden logs, rocks, or other heavier tools, it will not last for long at all.

  • Tandem Axle:

For carrying heavy loads of tools, tandem axle trailers come with a pair of wheels. Tandem axle trailers are designed for the better weight distribution of the cargo. Both the axles are placed close enough to the middle of the trailer.

These kinds of trailers are best suited for pulling heavy materials. It absorb shocks more efficiently while moving around slopes or rough terrain. For better stability, they are designed in more extensive box beds. If you are not sure about the kinds of hauling, dumping, and moving you are going to do with your trailer, you can better buy the one suited for handling extended loads.

In this way, you can use your trailer for both light-weighted jobs and also for heavy-duty tasks.


Inquiries - Frequently Asked Questions

As I already have discussed how ATV Trailers offer you varieties of choice, functionality, and features for working around your yard or farm.  But when it’s come to maintenance, uses, functionality, the convenience of the trailers, people still have many questions regarding their uses, functionality, and so many more.

Here in this part, I’ve tried to narrow down some of the FAQs about ATV Trailer. Hopefully, it will clear the confusion so that you know every detail as well as how you can maneuver it with less difficulty and errors.

  • How can you unload stuff off an ATV trailer?

Most of the ATV Trailers come with a fixed-horizontal position design. Some of the models feature additional mechanisms like a dumping system. But some of the models also include convenient features, including removable sides, tailgates for the users to unload different stuff, compost, mulch, hay or wood logs off the trailer without any difficulty.

  • What Trailer size is needed for ATV?

There is no set of specific rules for the size of a trailer. But the trailers are usually broader and longer than the ATV attached to them. All campers’ models are not designed with the same mechanism like pull behind ones or the ones with side-mounting features, etc. However, the measurement of the trailer and ATV should be kept in mind.

If you plan to buy a small ATV trailer, it will be easier for any vehicle or the cargo inside it to carry it around without any glitches. Your trailer should have good compatibility with your ATV. However, before buying, you should keep in mind the hitch design, work as the connector of both ATV and the trailer, and its height, configuration, etc.

  • Can ATV Trailers be used off-road?

If you buy the ones with the right tires, you can easily trail it off-road. But for trailing off-road, the configuration should be sturdier, durable, and be able to perform heavy-duty jobs. Otherwise, it will slip and slide. You will also have to be careful while carrying heavier tools off the road. If you don’t slow over the steep, the items will be tripped over.

After you have decided what size of the trailer you want and the configuration and functioning, you should know about the model’s limitations.

  • How to mount the trailer to the ATV?

Every trailer comes with some hardware to attach to your vehicle. Your ATV should be equipped with a ball mount configuration to connect to your car. You can buy it separately if it does not come with the package.

Trailers have different functioning systems like ball mount configuration as well as pin system, etc. You can use the latch of the trailers to attach it with the mount on your ATV. Before assembling the parts, it is essential that you go through the instruction in detail. Most of the trailers come with a 2-inch configuration suited for heavy-duty jobs.

The ones with light-weight construction have a pin mount system. You can attach your trailer to the vehicle by mounting the pin. 

Final Verditc


ATV Trailers can be a great help for managing hauling and dumping tasks around your property. Choosing an ATV Trailer is not easy at all. You have to be careful about so many things like its construction, design, system, capacity, etc.

Here in this article, I have tried to narrow down the necessary details you need to know to buy a trailer and understand your requirements better. When you can figure out which one will be the suitable one regarding your need, specification, and budget, you will be able to purchase the right one for you.


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