How to Choose the Right ATV Helmet Sizes

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A helmet is one of the most crucial and significant safety gear for riding ATVs, motorbikes, etc. One thing nobody wants to compromise is their safety while trailing, tracking, or going on a fun adventure ride. Moreover, ATVs are not only for fun rides only; many people transport different kinds of stuff like stones, logs, etc., with the ATVs on trailers or other vehicles. Unlike other safety gears and tools, your helmet is not for saving your equipment; it is a safety precaution for yourself to minimize the damage and injuries in case of any crash or accidents as well.

I don’t think you will need the lectures on the necessity of wearing an ATV helmet while driving or loading the ATV on the ramps. You get numerous ATV helmet sizes, specifications, designs, quality, features available in the market for better safety and comfort. Some people wear goggles instead of helmets which is fine. But if you are using a muddy or dangerous road then it’s always recommended to use the helmet for extra protection.

However, you will have to put some extra effort and thoughts while purchasing a suitable ATV helmet for you. It should fit right and match according to the shape of your head for best comfort and safety.

Here in this article, I am going to describe the details for different ATV helmet sizes and factors you need to consider.

No matter whichever type of ATV helmet you choose, make sure it comes with the DOT ratings. There are also other kinds of ratings for ensuring other measures.

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Thins you need to understand for a better choice of ATV helmets are given below:

ATV Helmet shape:

Before checking anything, it is a must to know the required helmet size you will need. It depends mostly on the shape of your head to fix the requirements for the helmet size. You can get different sizes of ATV helmets for adults, kids, etc. s of ATV helmets for adults, kids, etc.

Without the right fitting of the helmet, it won’t stay on your head while driving. It will increase additional hassle for you to keep it in the right place.

That is why you will have to be extra careful about choosing the right size of the helmet according to your shape specification.

Helmet sizes are usually available in three shapes for a better fit.

  1. Extended Oval Shaped helmet: – If your head is a bit longer in shape from the front part to the back of your head but not wider from side angles, you should choose your helmet from this shaped helmet section.
  2. Rounded Oval shaped helmet: – If you have a rounded shape from both fronts to back and side angles, you can choose your perfect-sized helmet from this section of helmets.
  3. Intermediate Oval-shaped helmet: – For the ones who have a longer front-to-back than side-angled measurement, they can get their preferred sizes of the helmet from this section.

ATV Helmet Sizes


Why it is essential to choose under the specific skull shape for the helmet is confusing for some people! Don’t forget one thing that you will require to wear your helmet through the whole riding and driving journey. Without choosing the right shape suitable to your head shape will misfit and make you feel uncomfortable. Selecting the right-shaped ATV helmets will always fit better on your head. Wearing and removing it will be comparatively easier.

For example: If someone with a round-shaped head chooses a longer oval helmet, it will be painful wearing the helmet for longer hours cause it will stress on their side of the skull.

After choosing the right-shaped ATV helmet, it is significantly easier to choose the right size of the ATV helmet.

ATV helmet sizes:

Different size of the ATV helmet is available on the market for kids, teenagers, adults, etc. With age, the shape of the head changes, that is why it is necessary that you buy one that fits adequately over your head.

For getting the exact size, you can use an inch tape to measure the size of your head both from length and width wise. Most of the helmet brands provide their own charts for helmet size according to the shape and size of the available options.

All you have to do is to make time for measuring the size of your head accurately with an inch tape and check the sizing chart of the different helmet models.


Most of the ATV helmets are designed to consider different shapes and sizes of the skull for better fitting convenience.

For proper safety and comfortability, it is crucial that the ATV helmet fits properly over the rider’s head. If it is too tight, it will put pressure on different parts of your skull.

However, the helmet will fit a bit tighter initially, which will fit better after one or two times using. But don’t buy one that is too tight or loose. It should not be too stiff that it will start hurting while moving the head. It should not be too loose either that it slides down when you tilt your head.

So, first, you will have to figure out the shape and size of your head and choose an ATV helmet that matches your specification.

As I already have told you that it is going to feel a bit tighter when you wear it over your head for the first time. To figure out the right fitting, place your finger between the helmet and your head. If you can put it easily, then it is not the right fit for you. Cause sooner it will get loose, and you will have to buy one again.

The inner foam and design of the helmet tend to get a bit loose after some uses.

Another crucial thing that you will require to keep in mind that it should put even weight on every part of your head. If it’s putting more pressure on the center of your skull but is fitting loose in the back or side part, it is not the right one for you.

The helmet should not cover your vision. If you choose a bigger one by mistake, it will slide down to cover your eyes, which you will have to fix all by yourself. It should stay in the place, not come down towards your eyebrows or forehead.

You will also have to pay attention to the side design of your helmet. It should leave enough room for air to pass on. Otherwise, you will get uncomfortable, feel suffocated within a very short time.

There are different types of ATV helmets available in the market. You can get one with lids, where some prefer without lid feature for better air breathability. But it is better to go for the one with a closing lid to avoid dirt and dust. Especially during rain, a quality ATV helmet will ensure you get a proper vision to complete your ride safely.

Whether you choose full-covered face helmets or open face helmets, spend time on the quality and material of the helmets as well.

Don’t forget; A helmet’s purpose is to ensure your safety and comfort more than offering attractive looks.

It should offer you full comfort and safety so that you don’t have to worry about the helmet in the middle of your ride. Using the right fitted helmet over your head will minimize the injury and damage of your head to a great extent.

But no helmet can ensure the safety of your head entirely. It depends on the type of clash and accidents. For better protection and safety of the riders, almost every states have enforced the law of wearing helmet compulsory for all.

Check thoroughly about your requirements and shape to get the right ATV helmet that offers a better fit for long years without any damage. If you buy one with heavier weight, it will definitely put more pressure on your head.

As for the designs, it is entirely up to your choice and preference about what pattern, color, the design you will choose. For better sun protection and clearer view, many of the ATV riders choose shield tint to reflect the sun exposure. If you also love to ride on the night, it is recommended to choose one in a lighter shade. This way, it will be easier for other drivers and riders to spot you.

I hope you have got an overall idea about the necessary factors to consider for choosing the right fitted ATV helmet size for you.