How to Change Your ATV Engine Air Filter

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It is not a gigantic task to change the ATV engine air filter. It does not even take that long to change your ATV filters at best thirty to forty minutes. With some of the easier and quicker ones, you will be able to finish within fifteen to twenty minutes.

If you hire a mechanic to replace the air filter, it might cost you some unnecessary money. So you can learn how to change the engine air filter.

It is actually quite an easy job and will not take a lot of time. You may not have performed high-tech maintenance before. But to know how to change the engine air filter and to do it once will give you a lot of confidence. This task is something that you can get your hand on.

Before jumping on to change the air filter of your ATV engine, you might want to know a little about the engine air filter and its importance. Changing the air filter and keeping it clean from time to time is as crucial as having an engine.

What does an ATV engine’s air filter do?

It is so essential that clean air reaches the engine. Your vehicle will run smoothly and efficiently if there is clean air circulating in the engine. For internal combustion, the air mixes with the gas, and the spark plug causes the spark. But the air outside is mostly full of dirt and debris. These things do not let the air burn easily and create complications.

ATV engine air filter makes sure that the engine gets clear air. There is a network between the engine’s intake manifold and the air filter. The rectangular-shaped filters are made of a paper-like material called porous. The engine’s filter lets the clean air inside and keeps the dirt outside.

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Why is it necessary to change the engine air filter regularly?

Efficient fuel consumption: 

You usually run your ATV around dusty roads or jungles. So it is obvious that the engine air filter would get dirty within few months. The dirt and debris that get inside are the cause of real damage to the engine. The dirt will not allow clean air and will hurt the overall efficiency. There will be more use of fuel to run the ATV’s engine. So check the air filter regularly and change it whenever you feel the necessity.

Improved engine life: 

The powerful engine of your ATV can get severely damaged even by sands. The internal parts of the engine are delicate and very sensitive to dirt and debris. Do change the air filter regularly to keep the engine running well for few more years.

Car emission reduction: 

ATV’s car emission system may not work correctly with less airflow. If you do not want to pollute the environment around you more, you should check the damaged air filter and replace it immediately.

ATV engine air filter

What happens if the engine air filter does not work properly?      

The engine’s air induction system can get damaged if it becomes full of dirt, debris, and bugs. And this might happen if the air filter gets dirty and does not work properly. The engine will perform poorly, and you might experience symptoms like-

  • Reduced mileage
  • Reduced battery power
  • Higher RPM
  • Poor acceleration.

Whenever you face such problems, clean the ATV engine air filter or change it if needed.

How frequently should you change the ATV engine air filter?

For regular use of the ATV, it is suggested that you change the engine’s air filter once a year or one and half years. Another indication can be that you do it after 12000 miles. But if you live or ride around dusty places, you should change the air filter more often. It is recommended that you check the filter whenever you are changing the oil. There is a manual provided for every model. Do give it a read to have the best idea about replacing your ATV engine air filter.

What tools are needed for changing the air filter?

You are going to need some easily accessible tools for changing the air filter. The tools may vary a little depending on the nature of the air filter housing. Here are the gears you will be needing-

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Rags

ATV engine air filter

How to change the engine air filter of your ATV?

You do not have to be a mechanic to change your ATV engine air filter. It takes a short time to complete the work, and you may not even break a sweat. You can quickly get ATV air filters available in auto stores or online at a meager price.

Changing the air filter gets easier as you can get different brands and models, including numerous specifications for better and precise fit for various models and ATVs.

Here is the whole process provided step by step for your convenience-

Step One

Look for the engine air filter that is fit for your ATV. You can check the owner’s manual to learn about the preferred model. If you forget about the manual, you can get help from the store you will buy the air filter from. They will indeed have a book that will provide you the perfect match.

Step Two 

Open the hood of your ATV and locate the engine air filter housing. The housing is a black plastic box. It usually remains on the top or the side of the engine. There is a large hose that will be sticking out of the side of the box.

Step Three

Now open the air filter housing of your ATV, and you will find the old air filter. Cautiously take that filter out. Here are two things that you really need to be careful of. Firstly, make sure that the engine is cooled down. You do not need any burns on any part of your body. And secondly, look out for any electrical wirings that are attached to the housing. The housing is always remained fastened together with clips, clamps, screws, or wing nuts. Choose the right gear to remove the fasteners. After clearing out the fasteners, remove the top part of the housing. Inside the housing, the old air filter is rested. Now take out the air filter and look inside the housing for dirt or debris. If there is any, clean that up with a rag.

Step Four

Carefully inspect the old air filter. Look out for dirt around it. If there is a lot of dirt inside the pleats, then you must change the filter. If you tap the filter, dust will fall. It is a sign that the filter needs to change.

Step Five

After cleaning the air filter housing, place the new filter inside. It would be best if you set it with the rim facing up. Make sure the placement and arrangement are okay.

Step Six

Finally, take the top of the housing and place it back on. Now use your tool to put on the fasteners. You are successfully done with changing the engine air filter.

If you never knew how to change the engine air filter and always had to spend extra cash on this, the mentioned steps will surely help you. The necessity of the air filter is immense, and so is the maintenance.

You should be well aware that the engine air filter must remain clean. And you should change the air filter to keep your ATV up and run whenever it is needed. Changing the air filter is an effortless and money-saving task, and you will be able to do it following the guidelines provided.