ATV Beadlock Law, Types, Process, Good and Bad Side

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ATVs have two types of tires, the ordinary and the Beadlock ones. Ordinary tires can drive through rough terrain. However, they risk de-beading. It occurs when a tire comes from its rim due to low traction. They depend on the pressure of the wheels to enable them to stick to the vehicle’s wheel.

However, Beadlock wheels enable you to drive without the tires coming off. You can lower the wheel pressure hence increasing its traction. There are several laws about the use of deadlock wheels. For example, in some regions, drivers are not allowed to use them on public roads. They should also present registration documents before driving with deadlock wheels in any other country. The laws were put in place to avoid accidents, especially when drivers have not been trained for their use.

This article will discuss Beadlocks types, brands, and their good and bad sides. Read on and learn about how beadlocks work.

Are Beadlock wheels illegal?

Beadlock wheels are legal in various states. However, it is illegal to drive on public roads without first registering and obtaining the proper documentation for their use. Several laws are in place to protect both the drivers using them and other people on the road. The US DOT regulates the use of deadlock wheels for recreational vehicles. It has not approved the use of Beadlock wheels on vehicles that ply public roads. The body states that the wheels are not legal for highway use.

how beadlocks work

However, in Texas, ATVs with deadlock wheels can be driven on public roads when registered for highway use. They carry registration plates from their respective states. In California, drivers need a special permit to use them on highways or other roadways where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

The laws on Beadlock wheel use vary from one region to another. They depend on the road conditions. For example, they could be off-road only or driving in various environments with different speed limits and restrictions. 

Therefore, you should not use Beadlock wheels if they are illegal for highway use in your country. Also, if you have never had training for their use or do not know how to operate them properly, it is best not to use them. You should do the regular maintenance of these tires, especially checking pressure regularly.  It ensures your safety and that of other drivers on the road.

Beadlock wheels are a great option if you live in an area where the roads are very rough, or there is a lot of snow. The laws differ, and you need to know what applies to your state. Failure to abide by these rules can lead to fines or even jail time if you are involved in an accident with someone else.

Best Brands for Beadlock Wheels

Many brands on the market sell Beadlock wheels. Knowing which ones provide good quality wheels and have an excellent reputation for safety reasons and product life is vital.

The best Beadlock wheels are resistant against damage from low pressure and other accidents that could occur on more challenging terrain or at higher speeds. To last a long time, it is essential that they only use high-quality materials in their manufacturing process.

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Some of the best Beadlock wheels brands are:

  • Raceline Wheels
  • Black Rhino Wheels
  • Method Race Wheels

Raceline Wheels

Raceline manufactures high-quality Beadlock wheels that are designed to be long-lasting. They are sturdy and resistant, offering you value for your money. The company uses the highest quality materials in its manufacturing process to meet industry standards for safety and effective product life. The price of the Raceline wheels varies based on the model you choose.

Raceline manufactures ATV wheels, truck wheels, and Beadlock wheels. Their lineup includes steel as well as aluminum alloy models that are lightweight for easy handling.

Black Rhino Wheels

Black Rhino is another company manufacturing top-notch Beadlock wheels for different types of vehicles. They also use the highest quality materials in their manufacturing process and offer excellent customer support for each product they release on the market.

Black Rhino has a variety of wheels available at prices between $1500 and $3500 per model. It depends on whether you choose steel or aluminum alloy and other characteristics such as size. 

Method Race Wheels

The method is a company based in the United States that manufactures Beadlock wheels for ATVs and trucks. They have been on the market since 2002 and constantly releasing new models to keep up with modern technology trends. They are committed to manufacturing quality products at an affordable price range.

Method Race wheels are available at prices ranging between $1350 and $4000. The price varies depending on the model you choose, whether for an ATV or a truck. The wheels are available in different sizes and durability. Plus, they also offer excellent customer service to help customers to find the best product.

Types of ATV Beadlocks

There are varying types of ATV Beadlocks available worldwide. However, it is best to consider your budget, preference, and ATV. The following are some types of Beadlocks that you can consider.


  • Outer Clamp-on

Outer clamp-on is one of the best Beadlocks for your vehicle. It has a Beadlock ring and a rim with holes to fix the screws and secure the wheel.

Different wheels have varying numbers of bolts. For instance, some outer clamp-on has 18 bolts, and others have as many as 40 bolts: the more the bolts, the more secure the wheel to the ATV.

The wheels have a stepped clamp ring. Also, they have a knurled machine surface preventing the wheel from spinning—the thicker the clamping ring, the better the contact with debris and rocks on the terrain. In addition, it is best to replace the rings and bolts if they wear off. They are easy to install and dismount when you want to clean them.

  • Double Inner Beadlock

Double inner Beadlocks hold the outer and inner beads in position. They have a dual Beadlock system to reinforce the security of the wheels. In addition, they have a system that enables them to run on low air pressure through rough terrains.

The wheels have an aluminum donut that supports its tires beads against debris. They hold rings and offer maximum wheel security preventing the wheels from spinning.

  • Single Inner Clamp

The single inner clamp has a single Beadlock system that holds the wheels in position. The wheels hardware is an excellent choice for your ATV. Their hardware is away from debris on the terrain enabling you to drive on low air pressure for a while.

Good Sides and Bad Sides of Beadlock ATV wheels

Good Sides of Beadlocks:

Before you buy Beadlock wheels, understanding their good sides over ordinary wheels is vital. The following are a number of the advantages of investing in the wheels.

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  • Excellent for Off-Road Driving

Beadlock wheels are excellent for off-road driving. They have a low-pressure tolerance, so if they are in an accident or hit rough terrain, they will not easily come out from the tire. Also, they are great for driving in winter conditions where the roads might be covered by snow and lose traction.

When you lower the pressure of ordinary wheels while driving through debris, they will de-bead. However, Beadlock wheels enable you to drive on low pressure without the wheel spinning. It ensures it clamps the outer and inner ring and holds the wheels in a secure position.

Lowering the pressure increases the wheels’ surface area on the ground. It increases its flotation and also its traction, enabling it to drive through the terrain. It also minimizes the threat of a rock puncturing your wheel due to its flex.

However, it is best to lower the wheel pressure when driving at low speed. When you drive at high speed while under low pressure, you risk losing control of the vehicle. It could result in a fatal accident.

Also, driving your ATV with Beadlock wheels gives you a comfortable feel. They bounce on rocks and bumps, enabling you to have better control of your vehicle.

  • Best for Quad Racing

Beadlock wheels are best for Quad Racing. Quad racing demands high speeds, which might require you to drive on challenging terrain. When racing, Beadlock wheels prevent your wheel from spinning when you dump the clutch.

They enable you to drive at low pressure while holding the wheel in position. It prevents the wheels from dismounting when accelerating or decelerating.

  • Beadlock Wheels have an Attractive Design.

Beadlock wheels look great on your ATV. The looks enable them to stand out from the ordinary ones. Some manufacturers are producing wheels that look like Beadlock wheels due to the looks. However, those made to appear like them do not perform as the Beadlocks do.

In addition, the wheels come in different colors. Therefore, you can match the color of your wheel to your ATV. Hence, making the vehicle stand out and look attractive.

  • Beadlock Wheels are Easy to Mount

You do not need complex machinery or a professional to mount your Beadlock wheels. They come with specific nuts that tighten the tire’s bead against its rim, making it impossible for air to escape. It ensures a safe drive even on tough terrain or high speeds while driving at night.

  • Fewer punctures

Another benefit of Beadlock wheels is that they have fewer punctures than regular tires. They reduce the possibility of air leaking and help you keep on driving for a long time, without worrying about running out of gas or experiencing flat tires.

  • Sturdy and durable

The wheels are sturdy and durable. They provide the correct balance between speed and traction for a smooth ride on any terrain. The wheels are held firmly in place by using nuts and bolts to increase their sturdiness.

Bad Sides of Beadlocks

Anything that has a good side also has a bad one, right? Even though they are excellent for rough terrains, not everyone with an ATV uses them. Why is that? The following are the bad sides of Beadlocks-

  • Expensive

The cost of Beadlock wheels varies greatly depending on the type you choose and where you buy them. However, they are more expensive than ordinary tires. They can handle a lot, and it might be challenging to choose the right ones that will last long without breaking or wearing out fast. In addition, there are maintenance costs such as replacing nuts and bolts. 

  • Not Suitable for Everyday Driving

Beadlocks are not advisable for everyday driving, especially if you live in a city where the weather is milder. They tend to wear out faster when driven long distances or at high speeds over areas with less traction, such as paved roads. They might also come off while turning or during a high-speed turn.

  • Bad for Towing and Load Carrying

You cannot use Beadlocks when towing heavy loads on boats, trailers, jet skis, or motorbikes. They tend to wear out faster with the pressure of carrying these items over long distances. Also, if you have tires with low pressure, Beadlock is more likely to slip off and come out of its spot.

  • Requires Constant Maintenance

Unlike ordinary ATV wheels, Beadlocks require constant maintenance to function effectively. Before using an ATV with Beadlock wheels, it is best to check if the beads are well tightened.

Therefore, it is best to tighten loose ones to prevent them from coming off. Otherwise, you could lose all the bolts.

To maintain the wheels for a long time, consider removing the wheel once in a while. Then, it would be best to remove any debris stuck on the rings and wash the tire. It enables you to remove debris that gets stuck on the rings and slow down your ATV. Finally, you can install the wheel back to its position.

  • Can damage tires more quickly than regular ATV Tires 

You must receive regular maintenance, especially checking pressure regularly. It enables you to avoid issues such as de-beading or flat spots on your tires. De-beading occurs when tires come from their rim due to low pressure. They depend on the pressure of the wheels to enable them to stick to the vehicle’s wheel.