How to Lift Your ATV – Process, Tools, Issues, and Other things

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Lifting your ATV/ UTV can be tricky if you do not know how to do it. It requires the right tools and knowledge of the vehicle you are lifting. There are also some other issues that you may run into during this process. They include causing damage to the truck system or breaking an axle. However, if done correctly, lifting an ATV will increase its towing capacity and provide more control over it on all types of terrain!

This article will discuss how to lift your ATV in 4 easy ways. Read on to learn and join the discussion.

What Type of Jacks or Lifts can We Use to Lift the ATV?

Jacks and an ATV lift kit are available in different types. Your choice depends on the bike. They include scissor jacks, bottle/hydraulic jacks, and floor or bottle jack stands.

  • Scissor Jacks

Scissor Jacks are the most common option as they provide a stable base for lifting all types of vehicles. The tools’ construction also enables them to lift heavy loads. They are safe to use and do not put your truck at risk of getting damaged. All you need is to find solid ground and use its frame as an anchor point for the jack. It can lift from one end only by using its long arm. A scissor jack has a lifting capacity of around fifteen and a half tons. It enables it to lift most vehicles with ease. However, there is a chance of causing damage to the undercarriage if you do not use it properly or when lifting heavier cars that exceed their weight capacity. Make sure that the jack is firmly in place before lifting any weight on it. In addition, ensure that it cannot lift or sink into the surface while you are using it.

  • Bottle Jacks/Hydraulic jacks

A bottle jack uses hydraulic pressure to raise your vehicle‘s wheel off the ground safely and securely. It offers a wide range of lifting capacities from around two and a half to forty tons. The hydraulic jack is made of heavy-duty steel construction that ensures a stable base while lifting your bike off the ground. The jack‘s ability to lift heavier vehicles makes it safer than other jacks when appropriately used. It is versatile, and you can use it on all types of terrain. They are available in different sizes that offer varying degrees of stability when used for lifting vehicles. The disadvantage of using this type of jack is its risk to your vehicle‘s undercarriage if not correctly maintained. Make sure that both hands remain on the handle when using it. It is also necessary to ensure that you lift your vehicle evenly and do not allow any weight on its wheels while lifting them off the ground.

  • Floor Jacks/Bottle Jack Stands

A floor jack works by raising its base after placing it under a raised area on your vehicle, such as the frame. It enables you to lift your honda or Yamaha safely without relying on using hydraulic pressure. Most floor jacks also feature a two-way handle that allows them to push down or pull up. Ensure that you use the right-sized jack for your ranger and lift it evenly to avoid breaking an axle while lifting heavier ones.

Are lift kits bad for ATVs?

An ATV Lift kit is not necessarily bad for your ATV. However, it is essential to understand that they may cause damage if misused or when lifting heavier vehicles beyond their weight capacity. Make sure you invest in high-quality lift kits instead of cheap ones as this will prevent causing any damage to the vehicle‘s suspension system and follow the installation instructions.

Lift kits for ATVs provide better ground clearance and stability. It enables you to use your Polaris on rough terrain without any problems. They also come with various features such as larger tires, off-road shocks, and rims that improve their performance, mainly when used in rugged environments or extreme weather conditions. They also enable you to carry more cargo or luggage easily since the extra space is created by lifting it off the ground.

Lift kits can cause damage, especially when lifting heavier vehicles beyond their weight capacity. They are also more expensive to install. In addition, they are not compatible with most cars, especially if purchased from third-party brands that do not offer any warranty or guarantee of their quality and performance.

How to Make an ATV Lift with Kits?

ATV lift kits work by raising your vehicle‘s frame or suspension system to create more ground clearance. Its parts enable it to handle rough terrain and off-road conditions while giving you better control of its steering, primarily when used on sand, rocks, dirt, mud, snow, swamps, lakes, and rivers. It has spaces that fit the wheels of your vehicle, creating compression on the shock system. The compression of the springs and suspension of your car is released as its frame is raised simultaneously. It enables your ATV/UTV to get the traction required when driving on rugged terrains.

How to Lift Your ATV- 4 Easy Ways

  • Using a Basic Car Jack

Using a basic car jack is an easy and affordable way of lifting your quad. A jack is placed under its frame or suspension system, enabling you to lift it off the ground using hydraulic pressure. You need to ensure that both hands remain on the handle when using a car jack to avoid injuring yourself while lifting it. A basic car jack comes in different sizes to suit the weight capacity of your ATV/UTV. Before purchasing it, you need to check its size and ensure that it matches the minimum weight requirements set by your vehicle‘s manufacturer or suspension system.

how to lift an atv using car jack

  • Using an ATV Jack

Have you tried using an ATV jack to lift your vehicle off the ground? A super ATV jack is different from a car jack in that its base consists of four wheels with one on each corner. It enables you to move your UTV tires and ramp, enabling easy lifting and operation.  You need to make sure that you choose large ones if your vehicle weighs more than two thousand pounds. You also need to check the safety and stability of the jack and ensure that it matches your vehicle‘s. The best ATV jack is one that has a long handle, sturdy base, and high lift capacity.

how to make a atv lift using atv Jack

  • Using a Lift Table

An ATV lift table provides you with the convenience of lifting your vehicle off the ground in one easy step. It is attached to its frame or suspension system by either bolting it on or using adjustable clamps for different cars. The table has various features that make it ideal for lifting your ATV. These include scissors legs, adjustable height, power source, base, and platform. The table’s platform is heavy-duty steel that can support up to four thousand pounds. It also comes with a hydraulic pump and power source, which enables it to lift the tire of your bike in three seconds or less, depending on its weight capacity.

best way to lift a atv using lift table

  • Using Ratchet Straps

If you want to lift your bike off the ground without spending too much, ratchet straps can help. With routine maintenance, you can use it with jack stands or a basic car jack to lift heavy vehicles quickly and safely. The best thing about using straps is that it requires little effort on your part since all you have to do is secure them around your vehicle and use a ratchet handle that enables the straps to tighten up. You can get them at Arctic cat or the Harbor freight at affordable prices.

lift using ratchet straps

Where To Jack Up An ATV?

It is vital to know where you can jack up your ATV. It depends on the type of available tools. It also depends on whether it has a lift kit since this determines how much space there will be between its frame and suspension system after lifting it off the ground.

There are three places where you can place jacks for lifting your ATV. They include the front, middle, and rear of its frame.

The front is ideal for small-sized vehicles that weigh less than five hundred pounds. It is also suitable when lifting it to install a lift kit since there will be minimal space between its chassis and system after lifting them off the ground.

The middle is ideal when using an ATV lift table since it provides sufficient space between its chassis and suspension system after lifting them off the ground to fit in this equipment smoothly. The only challenge with placing a jack at this location is that there might be limited working room around your vehicle.

Lastly, the rear of the frame or suspension system is ideal. After lifting it off the ground, it provides the necessary space between its frame and suspension system to fit in this equipment smoothly. The only disadvantage is that it might be challenging to get access without a winch to move it from its original position.

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Learning how to lift an ATV enables you to have extra ground clearance. It also allows you to control your vehicle and increases its towing capacity. You can use an ATV jack, lift table, ratchet straps, or carjacks. They help raise stock tires off the ground safely and conveniently. It is best to choose the best tools for lifting and follow installation instructions to make lifting your ATV easier and more efficient.