How to Maintain ATV Exhaust and What Causes Exhaust Manifold To Glow Red

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The exhaust system of an ATV is an essential part of the ATV. It helps in controlling the flow of gases produced when fuel burns inside the engine. It also enables you to keep your vehicle running smoothly while taking care of its components by cleaning them regularly if needed.

There are several reasons for the exhaust manifold to glow red. Heavy use and repetitive pushing of your ATV are some of the main reasons for that. Any ATV generates a lot of heat, and the heat must go somewhere. Exhaust is one of the very safe places to maintain.

Read the article, and you will know how to maintain ATV exhaust and what causes exhaust manifold to glow red. You will also learn how to solve it.

what causes exhaust manifold to glow red

How to Maintain ATV Exhaust System

Maintaining the exhaust system of your ATV is vital for its effective performance. This system allows gas produced by the engine to flow outside. The following steps will help you do an excellent maintenance job.

  1. Ensure proper installation of the exhaust – Proper installation of the exhaust system on the ATV is as vital as the system itself. Exhaust systems usually come with a mounting kit to make installation easy. If you have lost or misplaced it, you can buy another one from your local store and install it on the ATV.
  2. Remove carbon deposits – You can use a wire brush to remove all those nasty black spots which appear in different places. The carbon deposits which appear on the ATV exhaust system are not something you should ignore. They will reduce your engine’s performance and might even cause a fire if they accumulate too much over time.
  3. Remove all dirt and debris from the exhaust tip – Start with removing any dust or dirt found on your vehicle’s tailpipe, which is usually located at its back. It is a crucial component of the exhaust system, and there are chances that it might get clogged by dirt if you do not clean it regularly.
  4. Inspect for cracks – When inspecting your ATV tailpipe, make sure to look for any potential cracks or damages done to its surface. The gaps can be dangerous in terms of the performance of your ATV. They can also cause a fire in case the engine overheats.
  5. Replace faulty components – If any of your ATV exhaust parts are not functioning correctly, then you should replace them as soon as possible. Do not drive around if everything is not working correctly because this could be dangerous for other motorists and yourself.
  6. Check the connection to other components – It is also essential to check whether or not there are any loose connections. It helps avoid early failures in terms of how well it works with components that need a good gas flow. That way, they can keep working well when you need it.
  7. Reattach the tailpipe to your ATVs exhaust systemOnce you have successfully done all of that, it is time for you to reattach its tailpipe back into place. There will be a better chance of avoiding any future troubles regarding how well it can work and whether or not other components might need some replacements.

What Causes Exhaust Manifold To Glow Red –  9 Common Justifications

An ATV exhaust system can get very hot because of how it works. The gases that come out from the engine need to be released to keep working, which is why you see a red glow around your ATV exhaust when driving at night. However, many reasons cause the exhaust to glow, and they include:

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  • Bad engine bearings 

If there are any issues with your vehicle’s engine bearings that make them not work correctly, this can also cause an ATV’s exhaust tip to glow red. Engine bearings are responsible for providing support and lubricating the system to reduce friction between its components.

  •  Air-fuel ratio

If the air-fuel ratio is incorrect, this can also cause an ATV’s exhaust tip to glow red. The air-fuel ratio is a delicate balance between the amount of oxygen and gas released from your vehicle. If there are any problems, you might see some serious issues such as having its engine getting too hot or causing more damage.

  • Bad spark plugs 

Spark plugs that do not work well are also another cause for a red glow in the exhaust.  The plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture to create a spark that your vehicle’s engine will use. A bad spark plug can affect how smoothly it runs and eventually cause some serious problems.

  • Bad ignition coils 

Ignition coils also play an essential role in ensuring that all of the particles inside burn correctly. If you are experiencing problems, it might cause your ATV’s exhaust tip to glow red. An ignition coil that is not working well will send the wrong signals to other components.

  • Leak in the exhaust

If the exhaust leaks, it will pass heat from there before reaching the central exhaust. It will increase the lower back pressure of your car, and then it will run much hotter.

You should look for any damage, loose clamps, gaskets, or any crack or hole in the exhaust. If you can spot any damage, call your mechanic and solve the issue.

what causes exhaust manifold to glow red

  • Engine overheating 

Another reason an ATV’s engine can get hot and cause the exhaust tip to glow red is the engine overheating. You need to be more careful with how much gas you use and know when it is time for your ATV’s next tune-up. Engine overheating is very dangerous, and ignoring it for too long can damage the whole system.

  • Idling 

If your ATV is idling at high speed, it could also cause its exhaust tip to glow red. It happens when there are more particles inside than usual that need enough oxygen to continue burning. You should turn off your ATV when it is not in use and avoid idling for too long because this will only worsen the problem.

  • Backfiring

If your ATV is backfiring, then it might cause the exhaust tip to glow red. It happens after you have taken off from a complete stop, and it can be dangerous. Backfiring is an issue that can affect the performance of your vehicle. It will eventually increase its carbon footprint, and it could lead to a fire if you ignore it for too long.

  • High-speed driving 

Driving at high speeds can also cause the exhaust system of your ATV to glow red.  High-speed driving is not suitable for the engine and can also cause further damage to your vehicle’s performance.


Maintaining your ATV exhaust will improve the performance of the ATV and guarantee it a more extended service period. You need to watch out for a red glow in the exhaust and determine its cause. It will enable you to have faulty parts repaired to prevent extreme or permanent damage to your ATV.