How Do You Mount an ATV Box – 5 Factors And Guidelines

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An ATV box is essential for all ATV riders. It enables you to ride while securing your tools and equipment. Also, the box can help you carry your meals and drinks to the destination you are visiting.

But, most ATVs do not come with the box. Thus, you have to buy it and mount it onto your bike to use it. But, how do you mount an ATV box?

This article will discuss a step-by-step procedure for mounting the ATV box onto your bike. We will also discuss the factors to consider when selecting an ATV box to mount. Read on and learn how you can do this yourself.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an ATV Box for Your Vehicle

Before you mount the ATV box, you should choose the storage box for your ATV. It is very vital to pick the best ATV storage box to get value for your money. What are the factors to consider?

How do you mount a ATV box

  1. Storage space

Depending on what you want the box to carry, you need to consider the storage space of the box. It should be able to hold all the items that you want to take. Otherwise, it will not be helpful to you. You will also have wasted money on a product that does not serve its purpose.

For instance, if you are going out to camp, you need a box with more space. The capacity of the box will determine how much food, water, and other essentials you can carry. Thus, storage space is vital when selecting an ATV storage box.

But, when considering the capacity of the box, ensure it does not obstruct your rearview. It can be a distraction resulting in accidents. Hence, ensure that the size enables you to have a clear view.

  1. The durability of the ATV box

You deserve to get value for your money when you buy an ATV box. Thus, you need to select an ATV storage box that will last for a long time. To select a durable box, ensure that it comes from sturdy and durable material.

Also, ensure that it has strong rubber or plastic straps that can last for an extended period.

  1. Water Resistance/ Waterproof

Your ATV storage box should be able to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Otherwise, it will not be helpful when you mount it to your ATV. It will get your luggage destroyed if you are riding while it rains.

Thus, ensure that the material is waterproof and water-resistant to protect your belongings. Also, you can consider using a rubber or foam to seal the ATV box. The use of an ATV box cover also offers more protection to the box in harsh climates.

  1. Security of the ATV Box

You need to select an ATV box that you can lock to keep your luggage safe. An excellent ATV box has a locking system that enables you to lock it when driving. It would be best to lock it when you park the ATV to deter from stealing your belongings.

Other ATV boxes come with a latch enabling you to use a padlock to lock it. Whatever locking system the box comes with helps you to keep your luggage safe.

  1. Cost

It would help if you considered the cost of any ATV box before you buy it. A box with a high price does not guarantee you quality. Also, one with a low price does not mean it is not of good quality.

Therefore, pricing does not always determine the quality and durability of a product. You can get a high-quality box at an affordable price. Be sure to check out affordable recommendations before selecting the product.

Step by Step Guide on How Do You Mount an ATV Box?

Mounting your ATV storage box is simple. But, for wiring connections, you need the help of a technician. Ensure you are careful when mounting the box to prevent it from falling off. The majority of ATV boxes come with mounting hardware.

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Follow the steps below to mount the storage box to the ATV rack.

Step 1: Positioning the box

Position the storage box on your ATV rack. Placing the box in the proper position enables you to install the U bolts. For example:

  • Ensure that the center of the payload is in line with the ATV rear.

  • Position your ATV box depending on its workload

Step 2: Marking the position for the U bolts

Below the ATV box, it would be best to mark the spots that you will drill the holes for the bolts. The holes should be at the four corners of the ATV rack. Also, ensure that the holes are 2.54cm from the edge of the storage box. It enhances the stability of the box on the ATV rack.

Step 3:Drilling holes on the ATV box

After marking the positions, you need to drill holes where you will install the bolts. It is vital to confirm the measurements of the distance from one mark to another before drilling. It prevents having to drill the box again due to wrong sizes.
Ensure that the hole is 0.8cm to fit the U bolts.

Step 4: Mounting the ATV box on the rack

The final step is to mount the box onto the ATV rack. It would be best if you start by positioning the ATV box on the rack. After that, insert one bolt below the box and rack and push it through the hole you drilled.

Place the metal plate inside the ATV box to hold the bolt in position. But, avoid over-tightening the bolts as this could bend them.

Ensure you tighten the bolt using the wing nut on the metal plate. Finally, repeat the procedure for all four bolts ensuring the box is stable.

Also, you should install the bolt against the intersections. It prevents it from sliding out after installation.

Final Thoughts

Mounting a storage box on your ATV is not a difficult task. You will only need the help of a technician when you are wiring connections. The four steps above will help you secure your box on the rear of your ATV. Once you complete the mounting process, you can ensure your luggage safety when driving or parking the vehicle.