Make Life Easier This Winter: Learn How To Plow Snow With An ATV

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Winter is here, and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming snowstorms. As you’re shoveling your walkway and driveway, don’t forget about that ATV in your garage. If you have a long driveway that has to be cleared on a regular basis, then maybe it’s time for an ATV-snowplow conversion. You could use your ATV to plow snow from one end of the driveway to the other without breaking a sweat or risking injury. In this article, I’ll show you how to plow snow with an ATV and how my family uses an ATV snow plowing for all of our snow removal needs.

Get Ready to Know How to Plow Snow with an ATV

Before starting plowing snow, you need to make sure that your ATV/ UTV is in good order. This includes checking the treads on your tires and making sure that all handlebars are in good condition. Few more things you need to take into considerations are-

  • Examine the oil as well as the oil filter.
  • Fill up the gas tank.
  • Examine the coolant. If the coolant levels become too low due to the heavy snow, the engine may overheat.
  • If your ATV is air-cooled, ensure that the cooling fins on the engine are clean and that the airflow around the engine is not obstructed. Make sure that snow doesn’t become compacted into the air circulation zones around the engine when you’re plowing.
  • If your ATV is liquid-cooled, make sure that the radiator and hoses are in good condition. Make sure there’s no clogging of the coolant lines by debris from plowing snow or slush as well.
  • Don’t forget to check all electrical wiring for any signs of corrosion or wear due to cold weather conditions.

Now you’re ready for plowing snow with your ATV. You’ll have a lot less physical exertion on yourself this way with less risk of injury, too, compared to using a shovel at least and more time saved so that you can relax more instead.

How to Mount a Snow Plow Blade on Your ATV?

Mounting a snowplow blade with ATV can be done in different ways.

If you have a front-end loader, the plow blade can be mounted on it. If not, you could mount one at the back of your ATV or put brackets in place to attach an attachment to the side of the snowplow blade and then clamp them onto either side of your rear rack for easy storage when not being used.

As part of regular maintenance, check the undercarriage for wear and tear due to contact from ice or heavy snow build-up by removing excess salt deposits too. While choosing the blade type, you need to be careful as well. You have to choose the plow blade depending on the depth of the snow.

After you are done with the plow blade side, you can use a bucket for pushing snow. The best way is really when it’s time for that heavy-duty job and there isn’t any other option but digging right in because of how deep the snowfall has been. You will need your ATV already mounted on brackets or thick logs attached to either side, so they won’t fall off while plowing. It could be easier if you have two people helping out as well.

As an alternative method, there is also the possibility of using a shovel attachment by attaching it directly onto your rear rack or buy extra long clamps or extendable ones from a hardware store near where you live and clamping them on each side of the rear rack.

Moving Snow with an ATV Plow

To move snow with your ATV plow requires some skill and strategies. It’s a lot easier to do if you have a few people helping out, as it would be difficult for one person to do this job alone. Here are few easy tips to move snow easily with an ATV plow-

  • First, clear the snow from in front of your ATV and add some distance between yourself and where you want the plow to stop so that there is sufficient room for maneuvering.
  • Aim towards an area on either side of the road or driveway or both with enough space and then turn off the engine before applying throttle quickly while simultaneously guiding ATV forwards. This will help push all snow ahead of the plow rather than back onto the blade, which can happen if not done correctly.
  • Beginning at the opposite endpoint, repeat the process until the entire driveway has been cleared. It may require some time, but you need to be patient throughout the system.

Check out these videos to learn more –

Video Credit – Martyupnorth

Video Credit: Heavy Metal Learning

Video Credit: Getting It Done North Of 7

How effective are ATV Snowplows?

The effectiveness of ATV snowplows in winter-prone countries is commendable.

The sheer size of the ATV offers a lot of traction, so it can plow through even more snow than other vehicles.

These types of ATVs are capable of carrying up to three times the weight that your average car is able to carry, and they have been designed specifically for this type of job.

The required sizes of plowing equipment for your snow removal needs

There are two main sizes when selecting an ATV for snow removal- utility or commercial grade. Utility models typically offer smaller horsepower engines with more accessible handling capabilities as well as lower-cost equipment costs in general, but they cannot handle heavier snowfalls like a larger machine which might need extra time before being used on such deep snowfall volumes.

What should you do next after snow plowing with ATV?

After snow plowing with ATV/UTV, you should make sure to give your machine a thorough check-up. Make sure that the blade is still sharp and not cracked or chipped at all; ensure that fuel levels are full so it will be easy to start up again when needed for future snow plowing work.

Maintenance of ATV snow plow

It is important to maintain the ATV snow plow properly during and after the winter season. Though you don’t need the plow in the summertime and it stays at the corner of your garage. But in order to keep the cutting edge of your plow in good condition, you need to check it during the off-season and maintain it properly.

What should you also consider about ATVs used for snow removal work?

A utility model may be ideal if you have lighter duty needs, whereas commercial-grade models are better suited for heavier jobs. What this means is that even though these types of machines require specialized care, maintenance, and training, they can still offer excellent performance overall because of their horsepower.

You must learn to use your vehicle to clear slushy paths off of driveways or sidewalks before they freeze over in winter when there’s no more salt on hand.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about ATV snow plow

What is the maximum amount of snow that an ATV can plow?

An ATV snow plow should be able to plow 6-8 inches of light snow. When the snow is wet, however, the number drops dramatically.

Is it possible to snowplow with an ATV?

ATVs are ideal for blasting through narrow locations with numerous obstacles. They are capable of handling modest amounts of snow but not wet or slick snow. For the most part, they are enough for most homes.

What about using an ATV to move dirt?

If you’re looking to perform some little landscaping in the summer months, the ATV disc plow might be precisely what you need. As long as you don’t dig too far, leveling sand, soil, or gravel shouldn’t be a problem.


So, snow plowing with ATV in extreme winter conditions is not a bad idea. I hope this article will be helpful to many people how are looking for ways on how to remove snow from their driveway or other pathways with an ATV, but before you buy one, make sure that it is suitable for your needs and life situation.