Preparing ATV For Mud Drive – Things to Know about

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Although ATV Mudding is one of the crazy adventures to bet on with your friends, it is slightly risky for you as well. Before getting your expensive ATV in Mud, you need to know that mud can get into the radiator, airbox, and other holes. Cleaning mud seems one of the hardest tasks after that, but if you stay selective and follow some basic guidelines, it is not troublesome.

While preparing your ATV, you need to get some of the necessary equipment. On the other hand, you might want to buy some safety gear for a perfect drive through the mud. Make sure that you need to look after several essential aspects. Always remember that when all the experienced driver gets into the mud, all the new driver think that they can do it also, but it is not that easy.

It requires years of experience and practice to master ATV driving skills. It is not something that you can learn from a couple of tries, but you can master the method and keep on practicing the same every single time. Before getting into such an adventure, preparing your vehicle for the same seems like the most important job here.

Riding ATV in the Mud

A good ATV is almost ready to get into the mud. But there are few more modification which can enhance its durability in the mud. So, the below mentioned are a couple of things that you can look after without any problem. Let’s have a look –

  1. Clutch Kit to enhance Efficiency of Your ATV

As you drive into the mud, the whole mud starts sticking to the tire, and it can add up to the weight of an ATV. Your ATV needs better power, and if it is not efficient enough to support the weight, it will be stuck in the mud. To resolve this issue, you need to enhance the overall performance by adding a better clutch kit.

Most of the time, the stock clutch kit ends up burning due to the higher efforts, and you need to change it in certain situations. Engine overheat is one of the common problems you can find out in such situations, and you need to find an effective solution. The best way is to get a better clutch kit for enhancement in performance.

  1. Winch for Your ATV

One of the most important items that you need for your ATV is a winch. It matters a lot for effective progression. The driver can find some quince challenge, and your ATV can easily get into the mud. In such situations, you need something that can get you out of it. Plenty of options are available, and the winch is the best way to eradicate such problems.

Many companies are offering quality winch, and they can support your ATV effectively. The challenging part is where to install the winch. The perfect choice would be under the front frame. It makes everything easier, and you are getting better control over the ATV. It can also help you enhance the overall performance in several manners. That’s why you can rely on this option over the other ones.

Some companies are providing powerful winches that work both sides, and you can consider them, but you need a higher budget for all of the stuff.

  1. Special Tires

Plenty of brands are offering special tires for muddy ways. These types of tires are effective against mud. They can help you when you are going for a mud drive, and you can find the sizing option. Make sure that you choose tires that are 40 inches tall and 4 inches in depth. They are highly reliable and effective to prefer over the stock tires of an ATV.

When you are choosing the tires, you need to ensure that your ATV must take the load. The weight of an ATV increases due to these tires, and if your ATV has an engine above 750 CC, you can prefer it without any problem. This can enhance the overall performance of mud. This is why you can consider it as an effective option.

  1. Lift Kit

A lift kit plays an important role in making your vehicle not stuck in the mud. If your ATV height is very low and the clearance isn’t that adequate, the tire can get stuck easily. In such situations, you need to lift your ATV at least 2-3 inches above the actual position, which will help in several manners.

No doubt that there are some nasty rocks and many stumps of trees that can be stuck in between. To avoid these situations, a lift kit is a must. On the other hand, you can enhance the overall driving speed by having this kit. Even you get better control over the ATV, which helps you get better performance. This is why it is an easy choice to take into consideration.

When your ATV is at a better height, the ground clearance is better, and it can automatically add up to the chances of winning. You can consider it a better option as your ATV gets better control, and it can provide several other advantages for sure. Make sure that you stay selective when choosing the lift kit.

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Bonus Tip – Try to keep your ATV lightweight also because if you are adding so much stuff, it can increase the weight by a significant amount. So, you must know the weight of things that you are equipping on your ATV.

Going through the mentioned tips for your ATV and enhancing overall performance, winning in an ATV mud race is higher. But you need to gain lots of experience. It takes time. When practicing, you can get some basic gear and buy safety equipment also. This whole thing will provide a huge number of advantages for sure. We hope this post will help you resolve all the issues with ease.