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“How long to charge ATV battery?” is a frequently asked question from beginners to more experienced riders. An ATV battery can be expensive, but that should not deter riders from finding out how long they will need to replace their existing batteries. Understanding how a battery works are vital to know how long to charge a battery and the correct battery charging schedule.

The battery charging time depends on the type of battery you have (i.e., deep cycle or standard cadmium). They all have their special advantages and disadvantages, and your choice of battery will depend upon your requirements.

How Long to Charge ATV Battery Fully?

A deep-cycle ATV battery can take more than 12 hours to fully charge, depending on how much power you are putting into the system. A normal cadmium ATV battery will require no more than 8 hours to charge, and if it is a low maintenance type, you should be able to get away with charging for between two and four hours. The general regarding how long it takes an ATV battery charger task is that the larger the charger’s amperage output, the shorter the time it will need to charge your batteries fully.

It also depends on the battery amps. A 5-amp battery will charge fully within 10 hours. If you are using a 2-amp battery, then it might take 3-3.5 hours.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Battery at 10 AMPs?

How fast the amp charges depend on how much power you are pushing into the system and how much of it is needed by the battery itself. If you use an ATV that requires a lot of energy to run its engine and drive system (as with bigger models), you will need more amperage to charge your batteries faster.

ATV owners with smaller 4-6 hp engines won’t need so much amperage because they require less energy than other machines. At this point, how long does it take to charge an ATV battery comes down mainly to how efficiently the battery charger works. It is also influenced by how much power you are using, how well the battery matches your ATV’s electrical system, and how long you use the machine during charging.

How Does an ATV Battery Charger Work?

If you have a larger ATV engine or one that requires more energy to run, you will need more amperage than others. Most ATV batteries require around 12 volts of power from their chargers to charge fully. Even if most models come with a pre-installed charger, it still might not be enough unless you use 8 amps at a time. If it is any less powerful than this, your batteries will not get charged effectively because they might only get 10-amps per hour.

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When It Comes to ATV Batteries, How Long Do They Last?

Many ATV users worry about how long their batteries will last and how to extend the life of their machine because they don’t know how often they need to change the batteries.

  • Battery Quality – How good are your batteries in terms of quality? If they’re old and you use them too often or push too many amps into them when recharging, they might break easily due to poor quality (sometimes lack of maintenance also plays a role). Poorly manufactured batteries might also need more time to recharge than those who have better resistance against power surges.
  • Usages of Battery – The lifespan of the battery also depends on its usages. The more you use your ATV, the quicker it drains its battery. If you want to extend the lifetime of your ATV battery, avoid using your machine unnecessarily. Park it and switch it off when not in use.
  • Temperature – At which temperature are you using your ATV battery? When used in extreme heat or cold, the battery’s acids and internal components break down, damaging the battery and shortening its life.
  • Charger Quality – If you have a low-quality charger, then it will shorten your battery life. It’s essential to buy a quality and branded charger based on your requirement.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your ATV Battery!

There is no magic to extend your ATV battery life. All you need to take proper care and do maintenance.

  • Clean the Battery – To make sure the battery is in working condition, clean it with water and a small amount of detergent.
  • Remove Rust – Remove rust from your ATV if you notice any. This will give your machine a longer life.
  • Clean Your ATV Battery Terminals – Use sandpaper to scour off any residue on the contact points because this
  • Keep the Battery Warm – If your ATV battery is used in extreme cold, keep it warm before you use it. This will make sure the electrolytes remain fluid, and the acid doesn’t coagulate at the bottom of the casing.
  • Keep Your Battery Charged Up – Don’t leave your ATV for a long time without charging its batteries. When not in use

How to Tell Whether Your ATV Battery Needs to be Replaced

Someday it would be best if you replaced the battery. You can’t use one battery for a lifetime. Here are some indications that you need to buy a new one:

  • The battery is older than 3 years, and it doesn’t have an electrical current when the engine is started.
  • Turn on the ATV. If you hear a beeping sound, this means your starter relay needs to be replaced or fixed.
  • If your ATV unexpectedly shuts down regularly, that means you need a new battery.
  • If you notice that your battery is not charging anymore, it’s time to change your ATV battery.
  • If you notice a thick layer of dust on the terminals, then it’s time for a cleaner or replacement also.

There are many ways to understand when you need to replace your battery. With proper maintenance, your ATV battery will last along. Check this video to understand more about it –

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How to Charge a Dead ATV Battery?

Again there is no magic or cure to bring alive your dead battery. But you can use some tips to see if your battery can still be recharged or not.

Start an ATV Battery Using Compression

Compression Start is a technique used to get an ATV to start. Compression starting an ATV works by rotating the engine with the assistance of the tires, making it easier to start. The battery will be charged while driving your ATV after the engine is turned on. Roll the ATV at a speed of 5-7 miles per hour.

These are the steps you must take:

  • Turn the key on your ATV to start it. Turn on the run switch on your ATV if it has one.
  • Because the first gear requires a lot of torque to operate the motor, you should utilize the second gear instead.
  • As fast as you can, move the ATV. Maintain a firm grip on the clutch. Now get on the ATV and release the clutch.
  • When you do this, the engine starts to spin. It would start fast if you gave it a little quantity of gas.
  • Pull the clutch in as soon as the engine ignites to avoid jerking if it sputters.

This is a quick, simple, and risk-free method to charge your ATV battery and have your ATV up and running in a matter of minutes.

Jumpstart Your ATV

In the same manner that a vehicle can jumpstart your battery, so can an ATV. This necessitates having jumper cables available, which is not always the case with most ATVs.

However, if you have the good fortune of discovering jumper cables and another ATV, you may use this technique.

  • The quad bikes’ seats must first be removed to reveal their batteries.
  • Then you attach the jumper wires to the healthy battery first, then to the dead one. Some individuals suggested grounding the jumper wires by securing them to the battery’s frame. To avoid a surge of electrical current flowing through the system and inflicting harm, place the black wire with the ‘minus’ symbol anyplace on the frame.
  • The quad bike with a good battery should be started and kept idle for two to three minutes after the batteries have been connected.
  • You may attempt to start the other ATV after a few minutes have elapsed. If it ignites successfully, you may detach the red wire from the good battery first, then the dead battery.
  • After that, you may detach the black wire in the same manner.

It is recommended that you leave the engine running after it has started to avoid overheating. If you don’t, the battery may die again, and you won’t be able to resuscitate it. This is just a temporary remedy; it is not a long-term option. Check this video guide to understand more about the process – 

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Using a Car as a Jumpstart

We’ll now look at the fourth method for recharging a dead ATV battery. The fourth method for repairing a dead ATV battery is to use a vehicle battery system. It’s essentially the same as repairing a dead battery with the assistance of another ATV.

These are the steps you must take:

  • Connect the cables from the car’s battery to the ATV’s battery.
  • Make sure the terminal wires are appropriately connected while connecting them.
  • Do not start the vehicle.
  • Switch on the ATV.
  • The car’s battery would offer enough power to recharge your ATV’s dead battery.

It is preferable to keep the car’s engine turned on while repairing the ATV’s battery. It’s a good idea to start by wearing shoes with rubber soles. Avoid touching the battery connections with extreme caution.

Here are a few video guides about dead ATV batteries –

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This article discusses various topics like how long to charge an ATV battery, charge a dead battery, etc. I hope this article will help you to understand how ATV works.

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