Is the Snow Tire Required for ATV?

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If you want to drive your ATV with all seasoned tires in all types of terrain, it might not be possible all the time, especially when the winter hits hard. All season tires are suitable for low and moderate snow. But when you must ride on the thick layer of hard snow, you will require a dedicated snow tire for it.

If you are living in an area where icefall is thicker and frequent, you should use a snow chain or snow tire to drive your ATV in such a condition. Using the summer or all-season tire on the icy terrain might possess some hazards or the road. It is common to slide or slip the tires on the snowy terrain.

Generally, the snow tire comes with more thread than the normal tires. These threads can hold a firm grip over the snow, no matter how thick it is.

To move your ATV on the road or any terrain, it is crucial to get better traction. The speed of the spinning wheel should also come at a moderate pace so that they can perform well on the icy surface.

However, the all-seasoned tires might be suitable in braking or cornering a hefty amount of snow at times. Some tires come with extra traction, which can run quite well in both mud and ice area.

Some ATV comes with a pair of front wheels that have more threads and traction than the back wheel to get support on the snow road.

snow tire need for atv

Why is the winter tire required?

Winter tires are entirely made for all winter conditions of the road. You can drive safely with your ATV in the rain, thick ice, or mud.

To keep the tire flexible and soft in the winter season, a special type of rubber is used. The main features of these tires are biting edges, studs, sipes, and variations in shapes in the threads, and so on.

Is buying a winter tire worth it for your ATV?

It depends on the situation. The geographic condition, climate, weather, etc. are to consider whether to get snow tires or not. If you are living in a place where winter is strong and prevalent, you will need snow tires. However, you also need snow tires for snow plowing or moving. In light snow areas, regular ATV tires can work.

So, snow tires are required for ATV based on your preferences and needs.