How to Do ATV Seat Repair in 7 Easy Way

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Your ATV seat might beat over anytime from now, do you know how to reform an ATV seat? Since it is exposed to different elements like the rider’s pressure, sun, and rain, the seat will eventually crack, fade, or wear out. You should not worry if this ever happens because ATV seat repair is never that difficult.

However, before carrying out the ATV seat repair process, you have to decide whether you want a quick fix that will take you less money and time, or you went to reupholster the seat together. This decision solely relies on you, but I find it cheaper and easier to put a seat cover and stitching it up. Reupholstering would work if the seat is cracking, fading, or has big tears.

Fixing an ATV Seat Tear

This procedure typically works for splits and tears on the seat fabric. However, if you don’t want to spend money on reupholstering, you can also use this method. You stitch the tear and find a decent seat cover to put on the seat.

If you choose a good seat cover, it will be tough to tell the seat had a tear. You can get dental floss, which will help in stitching the seat. If that sounds weird, you can use any other strong thread. Some people prefer adding duct tape on the damaged area instead of stitching it. This will also work fine, and since your aim is to fiver it up, why not?

If you find it difficult to get an ATV seat cover material, you can visit Amazon and find cheap and pretty covers. While there are replacement options out there that can work great, it would be nice to look for a specific replacement. Notably, exact replacements are more expensive than universal seat covers.

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7 Easy Steps to Do ATV Seat Repair

Your seat might be damaged beyond a quick, easy fix, and your remaining option might be reupholstering the whole seat. Besides costing you much time and money, it’s worth it since your seat will look brand new. To carry out this process, you might need several tools like:

  • Foam/cushion
  • Knife/cutting blade
  • Fabric/new seat material
  • Screwdriver/socket set
  • Pliers/needle nose pliers
  • Pencil/ marker

Stage 1 – Remove the seat from your ATV then use a socket wrench or screwdriver to remove the bolts holding the seat with the quad. Some machines won’t need either as they have a patch at the back of the seat, pulled to pop the seat off.

Stage 2 – After flipping over the seat, you will realize that staples hold the upholstery to the seat frame. On most occasions, the seat frame is made of a plastic piece that cushions the seat or holds the foam. To recover the ATV seat, remove the staples using needle-nose pliers.

Stage 3 – This is an optional stage. This decision of whether you want to remove the seat cushioning and replace it depends on you. If your seat was damaged but is still comfortable, you might not want to carry out this stage. Using a cutting blade or knife, cut the seat from the plastic seat frame. A sheet-rock razor balder would work best for this step. Since the foam might be glued to the plastic frame, this might be a little complex.

Stage 4 – Carry out this stage if you carried out the previous stage. For recovering ATV seat, cut a seat cushion or new foam piece for your seat. Placing the seat frame on the foam and tracing where you will cut with a pencil or marker makes it easy. Amazon has the standard piece of seat foam, and you might want to purchase from them.

Stage 5 – You could carry out this stage if you carried out stages 3 and 4. Use contact cent or contact glue to glue the seat foam on the plastic seat frame.

Stage 6 – After measuring, cut the new fabric piece of seat fabric you will use to reupholster the seat with. During ATV seat repair, using the seat frame with the foam to trace the fabric makes it more accessible. Alternatively, you can use the old piece of seat fabric to trace with an exact look.

Stage 7 – After wrapping the new seat cover around the foam and seat, staple the fabric to the plastic seat similarly to its original look. Finding staples to hold might be difficult, but you can use a powered staple gun to ease the process and avoid problems.

Protecting the Seat

Since you have done a cover fix and quick stitch or reupholstered your seat, what will you always do to keep your seat protected? You would not want to reupholster and stitch the seat every other time. The first option is to purchase a seat cover or seat protector, which can be easily changed. The seat protectors also give you a more comfortable ride by adding an extra cushion. Seat covers can also work if you did not repair your seat, but it would be best if you did anyway.

Using Protector for Seat

Here are some suggested video which you can watch to learn more in details –

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Repairing ATV seats leaves one with very few options like covering up jobs, reupholstering, or quick fixes. It would help if you always went for the possibility that works best for you. Reupholstering makes your seat look brand new once more. A cover job is, or quick stitch consumes less time and is cheap. Either way, go for whatever sails your boat.